Monday, February 21, 2011

I went to the Belmont swap meet yesterday, it was a very quick trip as I only had 25 minutes to spare between dropping one daughter off at the airport and picking the other up from a sleep-over. Not necessarily a bad thing though as this swap meet is not as good as it once was (too much rubbish imported from Asia these days) which is a shame because I used to find some real treasure there. On occasion I still do like...

I was thrilled to find this tablecloth and paid only two dollars fifty for it. It's special and not just for obvious reasons but also because this wonderful stadium (where I went to Little Athletics for years and where my school athletic carnivals were also held!) has been demolished.
Here it is in 1962 in all it's modernist glory and here it is in a terrible state of disrepair before it was demolished
Perry Lakes Stadium

Sadly it is now a residential site so to me the little old tablecloth is definetely treasure!
Note:the pics of Perry lakes Stadium are from a great Perth architecture blog

As far as tablecloths are concerned I also bought this

and this

Then as I was racing around I spotted  this

Look inside

And here it is all laid out neatly

Amongst all this prettiness, at the very bottom I found this

Real treasure!
(or maybe not...)

Can I be boring and show you the label inside the old beauty case? It's just so lovely

From the same lady I also bought...


The little birds are inside old Fowlers preserving jars. Not really my style but for two dollars how could I leave them behind?

Lastly, here's today's tea towel

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  1. I love the blue cat! I collect those too, have red and black ones so far!
    And thanks for your comment on my blog :)