Friday, February 18, 2011

I collect vintage tea towels. I have hundereds of them!  When I go op-shopping tea towels are the first thing I look for-it's probably not a pretty sight to see me rummaging my way through the piles of "small assorted linen" but I can't help myself! I'm also a bit selfish when it comes to tea towels-I rarely leave any behind for the next person. Sorry.

Australiana tea towels are my most favourite and when I find these I always think about the people who bought them and the lovely holidays they were (hopefully) having. Most of them are in pristine unused condition, some still with original price tags stuck on. Too special to use?

Anyway I thought I'd share my collection with you...the graphics and colours are too lovely for me not to. I'm going to post a pic a day in random order. I'm quite excited about this actually (even though I'm sure others have done this before me) because I will be able to rediscover all of the wonderful tea towels I've forgotten about. I'd love to hear about your tea towels too.

O.K. tea towel number one...

Very hippy-trippy! Gorgeous colours. The artist's name is Pat Chambers-can't find any info about her...if you have any please let me know. Check out your star sign I'm a Virgo and it sounds just like me...

Some recent op-shop finds later and that terrarium I was meant to show you on Monday.

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  1. I have two TMaru prints , were my grandmothers . Very innocent but dark feel as well .