Monday, February 7, 2011

Garage Sales were a bit thin on the ground this weekend (well they were for me anyway...)Despite this there was still treasure to be found and eight dollars later here are pics of the goodies I brought home...

Orange loveliness and handy too.

For the hunter and gatherer in me.

To add to my daughter's collection.

Old copper.

Afternoon tea tray. Willow Australia.

Caddy's for the tea.

And my favourite treasure of the day...

All the cool girl's are reading this!

Apart from fascinating articles including "Fresh Ideas for Party Drinks"(anyone care for a glass of hot tomato flip?),
"Acquiring A Cat" and "Plants in Pots", and riviting short stories like "The Tale of a Lame Pigeon" (called Stumpy of course!) the best and most lovely thing about the Modern Girls Annual are its coloured plates...

My favourite.

If anyone would like the recipe for hot tomato flip let me know, after all "this drink is appreciated by the sophisticated over-sixteens, and is good for serving at the end of the party"

And lastly for today,thank you to Laura for being my very first follower. Hooray!

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