Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I watched this movie on Sunday afternoon

It's one of my favourite films. Have you seen it? Have a look at the trailer, you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Sandra Dee. A rather wooden Troy Donahue (I can forgive him for this as it was his first movie role). Melodrama. Scandal. Adultery. Spectacular scenery. Glorious technicolour. That wonderful theme song by Percy Faith and his orchestra. Beautiful wooden sailing boats etc etc

But apart from all of that one of the highlights of the film for me is the beautiful modernist beach house featured towards the end of the film (it's where the adulterous parents retreat to live-well they are actually married at this point!) Here it is...

I have just discovered that this house is a Frank Lloyd Wright house! No wonder I love it so much! It was built in 1951 and is on the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel Beach.
I have watched A Summer Place so many times and I NEVER knew this!!! 

One more photo. Look at that copper roof...

Sorry. Can't remember where I found this photo. If you do, please let me know so that I can credit it.

I just wish more movies like this were on t.v. and more often...

Now for today's tea towel...

And lastly remember the little shelf I painted a while ago? Well here it is in my daughters room looking the way she wants it to look!
Yes we are all treasure hunters in this family!

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