Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've been a busy girl today so I'm posting this later than I usually would and it's also going to be lighter in content too. Sorry. I'll be more organised tomorrow. Hopefully... 
Here are some snaps of the treasure my husband bought back from Melbourne. Courtesy of his Great-Uncle Mac and his Aunty Claire. It's a slightly unusual collection of stuff...

Horned vases with winged feet.
Weird but I like them...

I love this little ramekin the colour, the lid, the label underneath...

Sweet Pooch.

Chipped, cracked, glued together but still lovely.

Marc Newson Mugs.
Thankyou Qantas. These are probably the only thing by Mr Newson I'll ever own! I can't believe my husband "stole" them! He says he thought I'd like them...I do.

And here's what I found today

Western Kids. Caprice Australia.

Pretty two dollar lampshade.

Rose "coloured" glasses.

I'll end with a tea towel

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