Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yesterday my daughter and I went to visit my Mum who lives in one of the more Northern suburbs of Perth. The op-shops in the area are ALWAYS worth checking out,cheap and full of treasure! They rarely disappoint and yesterday was no exception. This is what we found (and for very little cash)...

Trio of vases. Which one do you think cost twenty cents? 

Pretty rosy tea towel.

Love this plate and how it looks on both backgrounds.

Lucky for me Vinnies were having a clean-out. I love these-
my husband says they're creepy but in a cool way...

Sweet pillowcase.

Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes. Never worn. Two dollars fifty! My daughter considers these the find of the day. Unfortunately too small for her but they fit her little sister perfectly.

Made in Italy.

More German Pottery.

We also came home with a pretty German sationary set-the envelopes are lined with the loveliest green tissue paper,a Betsy Clark candle-stick and two bags of clothes- I may show you these another time...

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