Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our backyard is turning into a concrete jungle!
We found another nine pots to add to our collection at a great garage sale on Sunday (if it was up to me we would have twice as many, but two trips back and forth on a Sunday morning was enough and those suckers are heavy!)
The garage sale was at the loveliest 70's house-the wallpaper inside was amazing! (If I bought the house that wallpaper would NOT be coming down!) It was in such original condition and must have been pretty cutting-edge for it's time. The old lady told me that they'd had 41 happy years living there and you could tell.

Anyway even though there was some good stuff inside I made a bee-line for the garden because I just knew there would be some concrete pots out there and as I've already said there was! Here are pictures (very boring if you're not obsessed with concrete pots like me...)

Too boring if I show you all of them! I love the texture, the peeling paint, the patterns...I even love the old bore stains! Some people say "they'll look great with a coat of paint" but I would never paint them.

These also came home with us
five dollars! Almost impossible to find in Perth and usually expensive. We have two now. Yay!

I'll end today with something sweet...

Belmont Swap Meet.

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