Friday, February 25, 2011

A present from Skegness.

Today I hit op-shop pay dirt! My husband had a medical appointment in Rockingham, a suburb of Perth we never go to. It's quite a long way from where we live so we decided to make a day of it and check out as many op-shops as we could before his appointment. And there are heaps of them! We came home with our car full of treasure, so much great stuff, that it's going to take me days to show it all to you!
Here's a sample...

New cat on the block. Love his tie.

 These say Good Health!, Mud in Your Eye!(my favourite), A Votre Sante!, and Here's Luck! 

Langley. Made in England.

Too sweet to blow your nose on...
I wonder what happened to Monday, Thursday and Friday?

My daughter has two others in her bedroom. I like the little space for her name.

Pyrex. Snowflake.

I love the story that I heard from the old lady in the op-shop about this Pyrex pattern... she received the whole dinner set for her twenty first birthday. Over fourty years ago! And gave it to her own daughter on her twenty first. How lovely is that. Little stories like this are very special to me.

Well that's all (for now) folks.
Just today's tea towel to go, and out of them all it's probably the one I like least. I nearly didn't include it but here it is...

Just a quick reminder that the Vintage Life Market is on this Sunday if you live in Perth

Now, nighty night...

Sweet dreams.


  1. Hi, Just found your blog! You are just like me and my love of charity shopping! Check out my blog some time as I think you'll see how similar we are :o) Scarlett x

  2. Hey Kylie - my mum has that Langley plate knocking around somewhere! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your stuff x

  3. The cannisters are super,
    And the Skegness item is ace too!
    I used to go on holiday there when I was a child!