Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh deers!
more about this sweet sticky tape later...

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you've got something nice lined up to celebrate the beginning of the weekend... just remember nice doesn't have to be fancy (although fancy is good) it's wet and cold here in Perth at the moment so nice for me will be staying warm, watching The Block (can't help myself) and Escape to the Country  on telly while drinking a gass of wine or two...B-O-R-I-N-G I know, but I quite like boring sometimes...

Now here's a little story for you...I'm calling it The Tale of Two Vases...

There's been a bit of discussion on this blog about over-pricing in op-shops (thrift stores/charity shops). Yep things in most op-shops are definetely getting pricier...have you noticed this too? Usually I put things straight back on the shelf I picked them up from if I think they're too pricey...

(remember Daryl Kerrigan's quote in the movie The Castle? "tell him he's dreaming" well that's me)

(just in case you're not from Australia and might like to check out the movie...)

But a few days ago my resolve wasn't as strong as it usually is...I "fell in love" (slight exaggertion) with a vase that I couldn't resist and I paid top dollar...$19.95 for it. A few days earlier I bought another vase which I like almost as much, but this one cost just $1.00

Here are the vases...
(in no particular order)

I thought it would be interesting to see which vase you think is the pricey one and also, the one you like the most...please leave a comment and I'll do a big reveal in the next day or so. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on this...

Do you stick to a budget when you're op-shopping? Or not?

I am definetely not doing a good job of K.I.S.S today but before I finish I want to show you the very lovely pressie sweet Micaela (that's where the pretty sticky tape comes from) sent me all the way from Texas

Check out her card

AND the most beautiful tea towel

not only all the way from Texas, but all the way from 1959
sorry. this pic is bigger than Texas!

thank you Micaela x

and thank you too, for reading Lucy Vi Scarlett's nickname for my little blog (which I like very much btw Scarlett)



  1. I do love the coloured jar more so tell me which one is worth more?Crazy overpriced some oppys are and most like the same ones everwhere one is Salvos other is Endos both crazy prices on most things.That teatowel is my hubbys age lol how cool to get one that old.I shall go check out Michalas blog now xxx

  2. bright colours $1
    yellow spots and interior on blue-grey $19

    1959 tea towel.... priceless♥
    have a happy weekend

  3. I'm guessing the stripy jug is the dearer one. I too have been guilty of letting my resolve to not pay top dollar crumble when I "fall in love" with an item.
    I was just thinking about this price hike the other day. Tablecloths which were $1 a few months ago, now $10 and cookbooks for $10. Who pays this? In our town they are trying to catch the passing buy tourist trade. Love your US pressie xo

  4. I think the second jug is the more expensive, I think it's my favourite of the two, although they're both nice! Here in England charity shops are sooo expensive now and all the true vintage things get shipped of somewhere else, or are really pricey, I never find any thing much these days. I love Auctions, and car boots.
    Enjoy your weekend vino and tele sounds just fine!
    Sophie xx

  5. Hi Kylie, don't get me started on overpriced charity shops - it's my favourite subject - one which I like to bore Mr J and P with almost daily. Don't have a budget as such. I, like you, just put the item straight back down if I think it's too pricey. I want to know who is paying top draw for the overpriced stuff because the stuff goes, you know. Anyway, I'll stop rambling on.

    I think the top vase is the more expensive one.

    There's nowt wrong with good telly and copious amounts of wine in my book. That is what I'll be doing tonight hopefully. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  6. Am going to say top one = top dollar; like the shape of the 2nd one but not the stripes so much. $20.95 divided into 2 = not so expensive, well thats my maths anyway ;)

    Fab teatowel! x

  7. I love the stripy jug - looks very mid-century. And I'd say it's the pricier one too.

    I think I have a very strict limit on charity shopping - nothing I've really thought about before, but I rarely spend more than £5 on one item.

    One of our charity shops in town has been trying to sell a collection of ceramic toast racks for a couple of months - thing is, each rack is £20. They are very sweet and lovely and have good pottery marks, I'd happily pay between £5 and £8 - but 20? Nope. And I think most people agree because they just sit on the shelves. Unsold. But I think some crazy muppet down from London on their summer hols will probably snap it up.

    Btw - I love Escape to the Country - and any home decor show. Watch them all.

  8. Prefer the one with colours - but hey, that's just me! But you are so right about over pricing - its the same here in Scotland, can't believe how much they are charging in charity shops!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they were both prices at $19.95, here at least...hmm, maybe the stripey one is the more expensive?

  10. I love the colourful's shape is gorgeous...was that the cheaper of the two?

    Love, love, love your teatowel :)


  11. hi kelly

    staying in, having a glass of two and relax in front of telly, boring? never!!

    well, true, i'm not from australia... thanks for thinking of me. i did enjoy the scene you added here... tee-hee.

    i think the top vase is the pricey one. and budget op-shopping, you're saying? for sure! i am often laughing my head off when i see overpriced items. i just go, no-ho, thanks and shove it back up the shelf. the good thing about op-shopping i find is, you don't need the stuff anyway. so it makes it easier to turn round and muse on the fact you've been filling your head with lots of lovely things to gaze at, not necessarily having to buy them.
    come to think of it? it's been a while since i've last been inside a thrift shop! i feel good too! (but i'm sure i'll be pushing open one or other thrift shop door soon enough).

    to answer your question. yes! we're fine! i've been stripping off wall paper off the hall way walls for five days on end. all steamed out, lady...

    by the way!
    i want that tape!
    (oops, al i really that pushy? well, if deer are concerned? yes!)
    so. i suppose i can contact micaela to get hold of some tape?

  12. i'm thinking the stripy one was the expensive one??

    Love that tea towel!

    E :)

  13. There is definitely some overpricing going on here too in recent months. The most reasonable charity shop of our local half dozen is still acceptable but the Salvation Army prices must have shot up by almost half. Cancer Research prices here seem to have crept up too - they are charging £3.00 for some paperback books which seems bonkers when you can often get a brand, spanking new copy on Amazon for £3-£5.

    What a stunning tea towel!!

    Jem xXx

    P.S Hope you have had a wonderful weekend, hun!

  14. What a special gift you received with that tea towel.

    Now I think vase #2 was $1, but I would have paid more for it, it's lovely.

    Also re: Op Shop prices - there's one near me that used to be nice and cheap, but they have now tried to give it a "Vintage" look and the prices are no cheaper than your average shop. Humph!!

  15. I see we have been talking about the same stuff!!! I am so pleased someone else feels my thrifting pain!! I wonder if there is something we can do about it because unfortunately in my area we only have the big chains (vinnies, salvos etc)and no little independent stores to find that true bargain. I am still angry about today...lost for words!! (well not quite...ha ha)

  16. Total overpricing here too, ive put down many an item recently, and im now finding the stuff is hanging around the shelves a lot longer too, bit depressing when i go and see the same overpriced tat.

    Love your jugs ;o) and the tt :o). Im off to check out your latest post to see which is more expensive...

    Scarlett x

  17. UGH....I won't even GO THERE re Op-Shop prices....Yes INDEED....Daryl would laugh his head off I reckon....!!

    Don't you just LOVE those Texas gals....Your Micaela Treasures are GORGEOUS....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  18. <3 ADOREEEE you!!! really, i think i got the better end of a little gift giving ;) i still smile and think of you when i see my gorgeous pillow cases!

    i was so happy when i saw the tea towel-- had your name written all over it <3 going thrifting with you would be a dream come true!xo