Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here's some more of my most recent "acquisitions"

lots of showing (I'm going to try my best to keep a tight rein on the telling!)

How about a quick game of Bingo to get things started...
guaranteed to liven up even the dullest party... says so on the box!

An ashtray, perfect for resting your fag when it's your turn to roll the dice...
butterflies and matadors?
(if the bull doesn't get you, smoking will!)

 A cheeseboard
and all that remains of its label

Some lovely old woollen blankets

Check out their labels...
make goodnight a certainty...sweet
finding labels like these is one of the reason's I like old things so much...

and I really like the little patch of darning I found on one of the blankets

and this gorgeous yellow blanket stitch too

This would look pretty cool in your mid-century bub's bedroom
well I think it would anyway.

I've saved the pretty bits till last
I thought of Scarlett and Jem when I found this...
and this too

I think it's an old chocolate or biscuit box, although there's no label so I'm not sure...what I like most about it is the detail in the vase...I'm not crazy about cats (sorry x) but I do love that vase...

Well, I think I've been successful at "keeping it simple stupid" today, what do you think??? Just a tea towel and I'm out of here...

bye x


  1. Mmmm. Blankets are fab. I'm going charity shopping later and wool blankets are top of my list - funny I thought about it last night and here you are with thrifted blankies. :)

    Love the giraffe - very very cool indeed.

  2. Yopu must give me KISS lessons as my posts just go on and on and on and .... lol did you see my last post? Check out the teatowel its a year after yours xxx

  3. Old labels are amazing - design pieces in themselves. And I have a big thing for giraffes at the moment; even though I had a dream last week about getting nearly trampled outside the BBC by a herd (are they a herd?) of TECHNICOLOUR giraffes... x

  4. From the comments sound like there are a few psychic bloggers out there! Love colours of the blankets. No need to make your posts short - love them anyway!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I agree with Liz, I like your very informative and funny ramblings. Genius finds. The giraffe is brilliant as are those blanket labels.

  6. I dont ramble like Nelly, I dont KISS like you, I mostly forget to blog at all.... spend hours reading what everyone's doing and then its bedtime! LOL.

    love love love the blankets and their labels. That's what I love about vintage clothes too, the lovely labels!

  7. Made me smile:) beautiful teasures indeed. I bought a wool blanket the same 2 weeks ago - it's on the line but I'm so going to check out the label tomorrow! Vx Make your posts 10 pages long if you like, I'll love reading them!

  8. I believe one of the blanket labels is that of Waverley Woollen Mills based in Tasmania. The factory is a wonderful Modernist Industrial building that is still in operation today! Nice finds, a bit of history you have in your hands there!

  9. yeah what a lovely warm feeling the blankets and all that lovely old world homely stuff. I love it, glad my lovely son put me on to your site.

  10. Amazing finds! You've got such a great eye and style - I just love everything. But I really, really love that giraffe!

  11. Oh Wow we used to have that Bingo set when we were growing up LOL

  12. You are an expert bargain hunter Kylie.Only the good old stuff has the made in Australia label on it,loved those peg aprons and your funky tripod pots as well.

  13. Wow, I'm getting increasingly jealous with every blog post I see with finds like this. I want the giraffe SO much!

  14. oooh yes you know my magpie eye would love that vanity jar and the tin is fabulous too. Im with everyone else too in thinking the giraffe rocks! Scarlett x

  15. I was just on another blog adding to the general moaning about the price of Salvos and Vinnies op shops too. If you think $20 for your vase was pricey, I asked how much a teapot, jug and sugar bowl were (I know it's a set but it wasn't particularly special) at my local Salvos and is was $90. A worn, stained chennile single bedspread that could have at best be cut up for other projects was $50. Proper vintage shops that are nice to be in and have edited through the mank are cheaper over here. I'm with Daryl...

  16. I LOVE the giraffe Kylie....And the blankets with their labels are WONDERFUL....!!

    Tamarah :o)