Thursday, July 28, 2011

just a few things I've seen here and there that I like...have a look, you might like them too...

gorgeous industrial lights made from bed springs
available here

and while I was checking out the lights on etsy I found these
upcycled 50's Pyrex, Cinderella pattern in duck egg blue

 I love the way the light illuminates the pretty colour and pattern on these bowls, and I think it's such a cool (and practical) way to display your favourite piece of vintage Pyrex...if you can't bear the thought of drilling into a piece from your own collection avoid all the angst and get one here

I discovered the next gorgeously whimsical pics on the interiorist

breathtaking aren't they...

by Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran

I've seen this done with paper of's everywhere...but using leaves? and a dry old Autumnal leaf at that! Amazing!

And because we've got a stack of old crates in our shed (all picked up from the side of the road, including an old Schweppes one recently Yay!) I was looking for some inspiration and came across these

I cannot remember for the life of me where I found these pics...please let me know if you do and I will credit the proper person.
Do you like the crate "thing"? Have you ever liked it or are you over it? I still really like it and anyway, we've got to do something  with all those crates...can't leave them stacked in the shed forever! (can we Anth?)

I really like this idea for a house number too

easy-peasy and effective!

Lastly a pic of my own (as if you couldn't tell!) of a house I drove past, I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but I like it...alot

like or loathe?

Here's a pretty t.towel to say Ciao (it's another Italian)


  1. I like the crate idea, it looks very effective! The leaf is stunning!

    E :)

  2. * I love the bed spring lights.
    * I could not imagine drilling into pretty pyrex! *lol*
    * I really like the crate idea.
    * That tea towel is AWSOME!

  3. Some people!! they have amazing imaginations.I like crates dont have any now tho.
    The house?Not my taste not farmhousey enough and no acres of land lol.Dont loathe it tho.If it was given to me Id say ok.Then Id sell it quick smart for that farmhouse on acres.ha xxxx

  4. The house is not me but everything else L.O.V.E!!

  5. I love the pyrex light shades,,,,and the leaves are just beautiful.

    The house would look good painted blocks of different colour, its interesting, but I usually go for old and higgledy!
    Also love the crates xx

  6. hmmmm not a fun of flat rooves. Although could be good for sunbathing? those lights are cool with the bed springs!

  7. Adore the pyrex light shades. What a brilliant idea. I'm also loving the house number in nails. Genius. Oooh, can't wait to see what you do with your crates, you will show and tell won't you?

    Btw, love your suggestion that we should put our, oops I mean, Mr J and P's stringholders on the wall to hide the hole. Wish I'd thought of that myself!

    I'm liking the Italian tt series. Ciao bella. xx

  8. Oooh love the pyrex lights and the bedspring ones! I may be brave enough to have a go and making a pyrex one in the future :o) Scarlett x

  9. mmmmm.... lights NO
    house number...YES
    crates .... MAYBE
    TeaTowel... YES, Si, Ja, Oi !!!

  10. I absolutely love the crate shelving, it looks fantastic!! The house number too - so simple but really effective!

    Jem xXx

  11. What a bevvy of creative inspirations today! Love the house and now am imaging what the inside must look like.

  12. Just catching up on blog reading....these last 2 italian tea towels are stonkingly good. Love them!

    The crates thing is something I've seen here and there and round about and always admire - such a great idea.

    We have a pukka vintage furniture/decor shop nearby with the most amazing stock - quite expensive stuff - the kind of gorgeous quirky things that get used as movie props - and they have a cellar jam-packed with old French crates - floor to ceiling - £25 each. I am DYING to buy a bunch but that's quite pricey.

    Someone probably drove around France with a big truck and visited old farms and paid them 2 euros a crate and the French probably thought they were mad to buy such rubbish! :)

    The house looks very 1970's South African. Familiar and nostalgic.

  13. oohh, I love the light, especially the bed spring ones. The crates are a great idea too. The leaves are just incredible.

  14. i think crates and stacking them will never fall out of tune, no way. both whimsical (by design) ànd practical... it works!
    upside down china for a light always looks a stunner, i find.
    and the house number does give me an idea, since i will do away with what we've inherited on our house wall...
    i also do understand your like of the house. it would catch my attention, for its post modern, possible art deco detailing.
    anyway, hi! i hope you're fine.

  15. oh golly, those pyrex light fittings are amazing! Sometimes the ideas people come up with amaze me and make me smile from ear to ear.

  16. Oh and I *love* your 'you won't find me on FB' badge on your sidebar. I must get myself one of those. I am a non facebook-er too.

  17. Those pyrex lights are amazing. Thanks for sharing. melx

  18. You have found some brilliant things - imagine the patience of leaf man...amazing. I do like the pyrex lights, possibly more than I like them as bowls. Pyrex is nice and all, but if I'm bored of anything it's pyrex (shh, sacrilege I know!)

    I would not say no to the house, I'm openminded as long as it has a walk in wardrobe and a library. My dream house must have those somewhere within!

    I think I've missed a load of posts from you my lovely, I will catch up, just trying to limit my computer time at the moment. Blogging is beginning to feel like another child sometimes...xx

  19. Hi Kylie - I think the leaves are the most incredible things I have ever seen. So detailed and intricate - thanks for including them. I also love the lights - what great ideas! The house didn't strike me as much - then I saw the comment made by wendz and as I was also originally from SA I went back and looked at it again but I'm afraid it still didn't do much for me - sorry!

  20. The Etsy Pyrex lamp shades are so clever! :)

  21. those industrial lights are so great - definitely my style!
    Thanks for your comment btw. just a bit going on but now all ok'ish! Thanks for being mumsy! lol