Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Contrary Mary

Just a few quirky, funny little bits and pieces I've found recently that I thought you might like to see. I know my husband would like to see how I've been spending our money while he's away, so this post is a catch-up for you Anth, and for anyone else out there who would like a sticky-beak...

NOTE: I am a very cheap wifey, most of the things I buy come from op-shops, or, even better, the side of the road!

Alrighty...first up this sweet little home-made dolls cradle

it came home with me because I couldn't resist the dear little nursery rhyme transfers it has been decorated with. There's...

Little Jack Horner

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

 (I've only got two children and most of the time I still "don't know what  to do"!)

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians.

I think it's sweet that one of the cradle's previous owners has painted rays on the sun with nail polish. The cradle also came with funny net curtains hanging on the sides, I was going to throw them away until I noticed how lovingly they were made...ribbons and runching. Oh. They are soaking in Napisan at the moment and when they are whiter than white I will put them back...where they belong.

I also found: this rustic little stool

for one dollar at a garage sale
I'm trying to scrape off the chipboard someone naughty has stuck to the top.

this metal chair

on the side of the road
I'm going to paint it bright yellow so it will say "look at me!" against our charcoal coloured house. And yes, I know, I need to make us some marmalade!

a lovely Italian vase and a pile of vintage Ladybirds

all bible stories though...

my favourite would have to be Animals, Birds and Plants of the Bible!

a pretty blue flowery beauty case

it's just as pretty inside too


a slightly crazy copper fish, which looks pretty good against our copperish wallpaper

And...I think I've saved the best till last...

a windmill!
but not just a windmill, it's a lamp and a music box too!

It needs "attention" (the music box sometimes quite scarily starts playing of its own accord!) but I am besotted...and I've got enough clogs anyway!

I know this is a l-o-n-g post, but because it's going to be my one and only for the week, I've tried to cram in as much as I can...believe me when I say it could easily be longer!

Before I show you today's tea towel I want to thank you for your nice comments on my "quilt" Thanks guys, you are very supportive and encouraging and I really appreciate it. And I'm also happy to see I have some new followers. Yay!

Maybe I should do one of those wordless post's next time...

Here's the tea towel


p.s. next time I'll show you the gorgeous tea towels I recently received from lovely Scarlett...she loves Elvis, doncha know...

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  1. oh wonderful finds... the windmill... well I wont say ANYTHING about that one! But the blue suitcase/hatbox..oh how divine♥♥♥ - what no Teatowel with a windmill on it? hee hee

  2. Oh Kylie you got some stuff there!! Those seats are great, Lady bird books SCORE!!I Just LOVE that beauty case wowzer well done there!and that windmill while not my thing is kinda kitschy cute especially since it plays music too.WEll done you.Hope you wont be away too long I love your posts xx

  3. Im loving all your finds, and esp the ones found for free! Makes them all the more sweeter. The windmill is very cool, although i'd be freaked had it started playing on its own (are you sure you havent got one of those spirits in it like Lakota's spirit post!). Scarlett x

  4. Little Jack Horner was one of my favourites! I love the little cradle - so many ways you could utilise it too! :D

    Completely envious of your eagle eyes for spotting side of the road gems - gorgeous chair, very elegant! Just the thing to sit on while sipping tea in teh garden :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Love your side of the road finds and other bits. The cradle is my favourite - those transfers are so evocative of stuff I remember from my childhood. The windmill is insane - in the nicest possible way of course.

  6. Love the little cradle - it is so cute!

  7. Kylie - the windmill! How fab is that? (we have a rocking snail which I had to take the batteries out of, as it would suddenly make announcements in a plummy voice during the middle of night - it would bellow "OH, this is SPLENDID!", absolutely terrifying)

    Love the chair and the sweet dolly bed too. In fact all your finds again!

    Re: the vodka, I've edited the post with some extra thoughts, but quick answer is YES to normal plums. x

  8. The cradle, the stool, the chair!!! OOOOOOOOOOO
    What a great day for you!!!

  9. Wow, what amazing finds...many of which I would have gathered up myself if I had seen them :)
    My grandparents had a very similar windmill when I was growing up that played music...like yours it had a tendency to play by itself.

    Good score!


  10. Love love love the windmill xoxoxoxo

  11. love the beauty case!!! It looks like the one that I used to have to keep my big over the head (salon style) hair dryer in ... ahh sweet memories!
    Hope you are well!
    Jen xo

  12. Heya Lovey....!

    THANKS so much for your note....I'm CHUFFED you like my space....!!

    I WISH we were closer though so I could pop over & see your Treasures in person....I too have a fondness for Ladybird books, wooden stools/benches & transfers....Oh & tea towels....**sigh**.... :o) !!!!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend & HAPPY hunting....!!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  13. The little dolly cradle and step stsool are both so cute. And the beautify case as well! Wonderful finds!