Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More little notes on the real Lucy Violet...

When Lucy's number one (and only) son read this post (please check it out if you haven't read's a good one, if I say so myself...) he sent me a lovely email telling me how much he loved it and that his Mum, Lucy Violet would've been thrilled to see it too. Awwww. 

He also explained the mystery of The Four Musketeers...they were four couples (I did guess that much!) The women were Lucy's workmates when she worked as a milliner in Melbourne, and they remained great friends throughout their lives until one by one they "dropped off the perch" (as Lucy would put it) She was the last one I've already mentioned, she was a week short of her ninety ninth birthday when she died and still lived in her own little weatherboard cottage in the Dandenongs. Amazing, don't you think?

He also sent me this wonderful photo

St. Kilda 1954

(there's a slight touch of The Joker about you Terry...)

it's him, all dressed up in a costume made by Lucy for the Old Buffers Parade which was held in South Melbourne.

(Any info on the Old Buffers would be greatly appreciated)

His email went on to say " Lucy was brilliant at creating and sewing...she made all of the neighbourhood dress-up costumes (no t.v. in those days), Upper Gully State School basketball uniforms, Upwey High school play costumes etc etc"

I can attest to Lucy's skill as a seamstress because, guess what? We still have that costume! Yep. And apart from a few stains, a missing button and one small tear it's in perfect condition. Look...

how special is that?

I can't quite remember how it ended up in our hands...I think Lucy gave it to us for our eldest daughter to wear for dress-ups...I do know that it's been in at least one school play since we've had it...

Fifty seven years old and still going strong!

don't you love this print?

More Lucy Violet stories to come...

A tea towel, then finito...I can say that because it's an Italian one...ha-ha



  1. What a great story! Amazing that you still have the costume - it still looks fantastic! Looking forward to finding out more about Lucy Violet!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Lucy Vi was one amazing lady - love the expression "dropped off the perch". Its also amazing that you have that costume, what a treat especially to see it in all it colour. What a treasure :o) Scarlett x

  3. Fabulous post, Kylie and how wonderful that you have the costume still.

    The tt is molto bello (er hem). xx

  4. That is amazing!! I cannot believe you still have the costume, it still looks in such good condition too. Lucy Violet sounds like an amazing person, I love the expression 'dropped off the perch' I might borrow it! if thats ok xx
    Thanks for telling a bit more of the story

  5. That's amazing you have that costume! Love finding out about Lucy Violet.

    E :)

  6. Oh Kylie I LOVED this post....It put a lump in my throat yet made me SMILE OUT LOUD at the same time....THANK YOU for sharing....!!!!!

    I ADORE that you have the costume....I wonder in 57 years time if someone ELSE will be posting about Lucy, the four musketeers & this FABULOUS piece....!!!

    I hope you're having a WONDERFUL week....!

    Cheers from Melbourne,
    Tamarah :o)

  7. This is a wonderful post. I love the fact that years later the costume she created is still raising a smile and looks as beautiful as it does after such a long time :-) Lucy Violet is fascinating to me and what a seamstress! 'Dropped off the perch' is a nice euphemism! :-)

    Whacky teatowel today!

    Jem xXx

  8. Wow! This gave me goose bumps. What a special person. And amazing at that. The fact you have the costume makes it even more amazing!

  9. <3 the black and white photo.
    What a cute costume, that big pom pom on the top of the hat is GREAT!
    I can't believe you still have the costume and it looks like it is in such good condition.

    Very neat blog entry!

  10. oh what a great story!
    and thanks for the Italian Tea Towel♥

  11. Kylie, Lucy Violet's story continues to captivate me. Someone has 'lengthened' the costume with the blue fabric also. Gosh it has had a fabulous life. If only it could talk.