Monday, July 25, 2011

A Tale of Two Vases continued...

10/10 to Lyndel, WoolfieMs Trashsparkle, Loo and Tammi
Well done girls, you were right...this is the vase I paid $19.95 for

however, as we all know, this does not mean it's worth more than the other one (which most of you liked more btw) just that I was totally sucked-in and paid more!

The stripey jug has no markings, but it definetely has some age, is hand-painted and has a nice mid-century shape...the pricey vase (it reminds me of a tropical fish, with that fin and those spots)is signed Vlasta

Of course I've googled Vlasta, and The Rameking  has come up trumps (again!) Vlasta was a small pottery studio in South Melbourne started by Czech immigrants Josef and Vlasta Cap in the 1950's...according to the Rameking, Mr and Mrs Cap set it up to take advantage of the post-war shortage for homewares and to capitalise on the upcoming 56 Olympic Games (held in Melbourne)

p.s. the rameking's blog is definetely worth a look much info, particularly about Australian pottery...

So although I know a little more about the the vase I'm not sure this info really explains its price...I do know I like both vases and as Ms Trashsparkle pointed out, I actually got two lovely vases for $20.95, and if you do the maths, that's nothing to complain about...right?

Thank you too to everyone else who took the time to thing's certain...we all agree that prices are on the up and up in our local oppy' quick recent example from me: old (vintage?) woollen blankets just like these priced at $25.00! A couple were even thirty bucks! With holes! (I paid three dollars each for mine...from a friendly little op-shop)

Now, completely and utterly unrelated BUT... how wonderful is this desk

and the blackboard, chair, and vintage pennants are o.k. too (ha-ha)

(there's nothing hellish  about this blog, one of my faves)

I'll show you my thrifty finds's today's tea towel


EDIT: Alison is another clever cookie


  1. Now the riddle of the jug is solved yay.I have seen some nice wool blankets too and I thought $10 was too much lol I think maybe if we wait till winter is over maybe we will get some at bargain prices?Lets hope xx

  2. Hey Kylie,
    I'm baaaack! I have switched to google chrome. Yay! That teatowel looks famailiar!
    You still got a good price for the Vlasta. $26 for a similar one on ebay plus postage! Bargain!
    cheers Nick

  3. Gorgeous finds; charity shop prices here have gone through the roof too! x

  4. I seem to have missed your last post. Sounds like you had fun finding out what they were. Charity shops here in England are now very expensive to which is a bit silly really some things you can actually get cheaper in a full price shop. Enjoy your lovely finds, dee x

  5. Blimey at the blanket prices! The vase is fabulous so added together was a great buy :o) Thumbs up! Scarlett x

  6. Our oppies are ridiculous too, but there are a few bargains to be had if you looks in the right place. Thank for the purchase, I will be sending in the morning :)

  7. the Vlasta was a good find. Agree about the Op shop Prices, but.... it is fueled by the huge increases they are getting in rent, electricity, heating, rubbish removal costs, etc. One of the oldest small (not-Salvos/St.Vinnies) here in Melb. has to close because of a doubling in their rent. They are having a closing down sale now, end of lease is in August. :(