Tuesday, July 5, 2011

via Confetti Garden

how true.
I've nothing more to say at the mo...
found this little scribble, liked it , decided to share...
take care x


  1. this sums up how i'm feeling just perfectly. thank you for sharing. i do hope all is well with you. have missed you around these parts. have a great week lovely lady. XX

  2. we miss you, but know you will be back as soon as you want to be♥

  3. You're right. 100%.

    It's a little like that old saying : "A change is as good as a holiday." (Which isn't quite true but almost. Nothing beats a real, going-away holiday to far-off places.)

    Have a good break.


  4. Missing you, Kylie, but yes a break from blogging is good. At least you can get things done and, as Lakota says, enjoy the real world. Just a note about MORRISSEY. He, of course, is a legend and he was brilliant on Sat night. Can't understand why people think he's moany and whingey. Not so. I did remember to ask Jimbo (Mr J and P) to take a photo but I fear it wasn't a good one at all as by that stage in the procedings we were not feeling exactly compos mentis. But I did think of you, Kylie. Iggy and the Stooges, btw, were phenomenonal.


  5. So true, im amazed at how much ive got done in the house since my laptop break down! Am missing the daily tea towel though ;o) Scarlett x