Monday, July 18, 2011

Norwegian...Mid-Century...Pewter...Salad Anyone?

I'll be it serving with these

pewter servers
invented by (that's how the Norwegians describe it)
Guttorm Gagnes

Guttorm Gagnes was a designer for the David Andersen gold and silversmithing company (established in Norway in 1876) from 1906-1964. This is his Old Norse pattern. These are lovely and chunky and I think, a wonderful example of 20th Century Scandinavian design. They conjur up images of Vikings sitting down to eat at an enormous medieval table, don't you think?

I found them at a local op-shop AND they came with a friend too...

I have been unable to discover very much about this piece...please help if you can...

(did you see the Ikea horsey?)

I do know that this is a 20th century mark belonging to Jacob Tostrup (founded in Oslo in 1832)

I've found lots of treasures at the oppys recently...I've had a lot of luck and so much fun...those op-shop Gods have definetely been smiling...I'll show you the rest of my haul over the course of the week so please check back to see some of the other wierd, wonderful and lovely things I was lucky enough to find.

There will also be more on the real Lucy Violet, thanks for your lovely comments on that post btw x

Just a couple of quick things before today's t.t.
Kel's vintage sheet swap is definetely a go-er. She has limited it to 40 participants this time so DON'T miss out!
Click here for more info.

And. If you'd like to win this fab poster

you can by visiting Aliya's lovely blog, Papermoons and Macarons here x

Today's t.towel is neither vintage or mine. It belongs to the little op-shop where I volunteer on Sunday mornings (more about that another time...and no, I haven't unearthed any real treasure. yet...) I bought it home to wash and took a pic because I thought you might like to see it

for the record, I am somewhere between Horrors and Hormones...

 linking to Sophie's

p.s. I have been asked how big the Norwegian pewter "cutlery" is...
the servers are 25cm long and the spoon is 18cm so we're not talking teaspoons!


  1. I love those utensils how cool are they?Im hoping I get some goodies this week too.Cant wait to see more of Violet.
    I am in between double HHs too but 2nd time around oh woe is me lol

  2. Kylie, the gods are definately on your side! That is some fabulous stuff, beautifully designed. The teatowel is a classic, so so true!

  3. thats it, I'm on my way, booking tickets and buying a container. WA definitely has THE BEST STUFF EVER!
    I can't believe those salad servers, incredible.

  4. Brilliant servers and I LOVE the spoon - it's hard to gauge the size, is it a serving type spoon or little like a caddy spoon? Anyway, it is lovely.

    I did laugh at the teatowel - I totally had the horses phase (would like to still be in it) and am well ensconced with the horrors! I will have to show it to my mum, she's done hormones now I think and whilst she has always embraced horticulture, these days she virtually lives at her allotment!

  5. Hehe at TT, I missed the Horsey stage growing up so maybe I'll be a granny horse rider in my golden years! Ooh cant wait to find out about your op shop working - very cool (although i'd never let anything get on the shelves!).

    Love your servers - very cool.

    Scarlett x

  6. Great tea towel - so true! Love the pewter things - interesting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I'm past the Hormones but not into Horticulture.. no way!! yuck, dirty soil!!!
    Love your pewter, years ago I found some similar pieces which I sold on eBay... tried finding my old photos but I think they died on last computer :(

  8. those servers are fun! i can definitely imagine the vikings sitting 'round and having a grand feast!

  9. Gosh they are cool - could be from a museum! :)

  10. Your pewter servers are really unusual, I have never seen such detailed items before- great oppy find. I had a good look at the fab FQ vintage swap and I was just about to sign up when I read the T&C and saw it was only open to Australian residents- boo hoo! Never mind, maybe one day I will do one in the UK. Bx

  11. Being a Dane myself I'm totally in love with your servers! Excellent find:) My face pretty much looked like the hormone lady this morning, first day nack at school and all:) Vx