Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My thriftiest finds for the week were all rescued from a rubbish bin! Can't get any thriftier than that, can you?

little vintage pamphlets and books

Some of these little booklets are not dated...the oldest with a publishing date of 1922 is Weaving with Paper Rope (but I'm sure some of them are older than this) and the most recent is Artificial Australia by Robin Boyd which was published in 1967...there's one for nearly every decade in-between AND for nearly every interest too.

Have a closer look at some of them...

check out that mermaid
and one of the colour plates...
Swallow-Tailed Wrasse

I'd love to put a date on this, please leave me a comment if you can help x

For those of you with a political bent there's this...

published 1954, one sixpence
(complete with mouse poo stuck to the cover btw)

(Don't you love the moustache and cigar a previous owner has added to the cover?) 

If you've got "green thumbs" you might like...

it's almost time to start pruning them, isn't it?

Planning a trip to Perth? I can help you out too

Things to see...
(this cracks me up...Perth City of Excitement?)

and places to go...

the "Big Smoke" 1956

Make do and mend

A tea towel...and I'll end

thanks for reading...sometimes I'm soooo not funny!

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  1. Wow there are some fab pictures in those little books i can't believe someone was throwing them away. Don't they know that one mans junk is another man's treasure ;-)) Enjoy them, dee x

  2. so. whos rubbish bin were you rooting through?! i think thats hilarious i'd never have the balls to do that! Nice finds though!

  3. How sad those were almost lost forever!! Well done on saving them! x

  4. Splendid finds, Kylie, and loved the pics. I'm interested to know about the weaving with paper rope mallarky. Any handy crafting ideas?!

  5. Ha must be a bin rescue week.LLs housemate moved out and he had thrown out a few books that she rescued from the bin.Told me to give to the op shop.But I may see who of my bloggers want any 1st

  6. Great wee collection you've found! They look really interesting, especially good to see how places have changed over the years!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Crikey! I wish I could find great stuff like that in our bins. Love the mouse poo book.

  8. Who would throw those goodies away!

    City of excitement ??? I wish it was!

    E :)

  9. I thought the lion was printed with the moustache and cigar!! Looked very jaunty:) Beautiful finds indeed, thanks for sharing and brightening my night, Vx

  10. Lovely collection you have there! :)

  11. Wasn't sure where to reply so I thought I would do it here. I didn't know they were open on Sundays! I could definitely be interested in that dress. ha ha

    E :)

  12. Used books have so much more character to them! :) I love your wonderful finds!

    <3 Belly B

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  14. I love all the books!

    --Bit of Butter

  15. I could look at these all day! Well rescued. Maybe if you get in touch with Steerforth at http://ageofuncertainty.blogspot.com
    he'll help with dating any books/pictures (a great blog to follow even if he can't help).

  16. These are priceless, Kylie!! I can't decide which I love the look of the most as they're all so intriguing, but I love the added tweaks of the moustache and cigar to the lion!

    Jem xXx

  17. Yayyyyyyyyy Kylie....You DUMPSTA DIVA (No....I MEANT Diva....) you....GREAT find my THRIFTY Friend....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  18. I tried commenting here lastnight but lost my lil comment in never never land. So I gave up! lol I found you through the AMAZING Nelly.
    I am always drawn to those old little books and pamphlets just something about them makes me all happy inside. Whenever I go thrifting I SCOUR the book shelves for any tatty old little books. I haven't found alot but maybe one day will hit the jackpot. Your finds are lovely and the fact you got them for free EVEN BETTER!