Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Things

1. Look what I spotted during a spot of real estate stalking/tea drinking/time wasting this arvo

back yard

It's another mid century beauty across the border in Bellevue Heights, South Australia. Anth said we could buy it and move there (and he was only half joking!)

front yard

I wish.

Don't get me wrong, Perth's a lovely place, but you could never buy a house as terrific as this one and in a similar location, for so little $$$. Houses here (in my humble opinion) are waaaay overpriced. And I'm not exactly sure what we're paying the extra bucks for??? 

Just look at this light-filled living room, and that view!

Here's the link for any of you South Australian folks house hunting at the moment.
(and the rest of you? you can look at the pretty pics like me and dream...)

2. Check my new cushion, beautifully hand-made by Zara from a vintage tea towel, sheet and zip.


Lovely or what?
And yes, that is the chair I picked up from the verge collection last year...the chair I was going to paint yellow, and still will. Eventually.
(although with Zara's cushion atop it, I don't think a paint job's necessary)
Thank you Zara, it's perfect.

3. Now, I know I haven't re-invented the wheel(!) but I'm going to show you this

can you pick the embroidery I did? Ha! 

anyway, because I am so pleased with myself. Inordinately so. This is a great way to use those vintage doilies you can't resist buying from the oppy (even though you know they will never grace a surface in your home!) A bit of wonky stitching* (back stitch I think?), a blank card from the two dollar shop, and Bob's Your Uncle!

I hope Claire doesn't mind a bit of wonk, and likes it.

* some may say the wonky stitching gives it a certain Je ne sais quoi!

4. At last enough violets to fill a vase

A teeny-tiny one.

I love this little blue vase. From someone's ceramic class I think. Her name is written underneath. NAN. I like to think a Nanna made it. For a while I did, and then the penny dropped and I realised it was probably made by someone called Nancy. She could've been a Nanna though...Nanna Nancy. Yep, I like that.

5And finally, this movie has hit town.
(I wrote about it here way back in January!)

Advance screenings here this weekend. Annabel and I are sooo going! Sorry Anth, can't wait (any longer!)

That's it, better take the dog for a walk before it gets too dark. Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend x


  1. Oh, she's a beauty. I hate how the agent keeps suggesting she needs 'fixing up'. Zara's pretty clever, no? When are you joining Instagram? We need you there!!!

  2. Great house and view. Go on dash over there for a long weekend and snap it up. The cushion is wonderful, she is a clever duck isn't she. Well done for completing something that involves embroidery, you are a better woman than I. melx

  3. The house does look lovely. Are you wistfully longing to move in?
    No, you definitely don't need to rush with the paint job on the chair when its decorated with such a pretty cushion and a yellow blanket! I'll have a cup of tea with you, thanks!
    A bit of wonk is ALWAYS a good thing. Looks good to me, anyway. xxxxxx

  4. You'll just have to move Kylie,very cute stitchery and cushion. Can't believe I missed your last post, how lovely. Enjoy that star studded movie.

  5. That house is so lovely and so reasonable compared to Brisbane prices. I also cant wait to see Moonrise Kingdom the previews look great and your embroidery is gorgeous, Claire will love it.

  6. Ooo that house is my ideal. Ry's sister and her boyfriend just bought similar house in Northam actually. Not quite on the same level - it is much smaller but has those lovely balustrades, windows and floors.

    Nice stitching too lady!

  7. Yes I checked out the're right nothing like that here in Perth....for that price anyway....

    Love the cushion too. xx

  8. Moonrise Kingdom!! Ohhh I loved it!! Loved it so much!! I'm a Wes Anderson watcher and it has to be one of his best :-) You're going to have a ball :-)

    I personally think a bit of wonk is beautiful, it gives thinks personality!

    Jem xXx

  9. thinks?! It gives THINGS personality even. Bah!

    Jem xXx

  10. That house is amazing...grab it! I love the combination of fabrics on your new cushion, and I happen to like your wonky embroidery too. Your violets are coming along nicely...a whole bouquet already. :)

  11. I want to see Moonrise Kingdom too...but I rarely go to the cinema (hate them) so will wait for it on DVD. It looks magical.

    That cushion is wonderful - especially the back. I love those bottlebrush flowers - My Mum had them in the garden in South Africa and we've tried growing one here but it's a very sad little specimen.

    Oh and your card? Fabulous - great embroidery! Claire will love it. :)

  12. Wow that house looks amazing and so full of light. Its nice to have dreams ;-) Love your cushion and the little card is so lovely and personnal your friend will love it. Have a great weekend, dee x

  13. I want that house! And the view is amazing too from that lovely light filled living room. Love the cushion. Very clever. And I love the seat as it is - gives it character etc. Enjoy the film.x

  14. Love that house and it's in my town! have you seen this site:
    A beautiful cushion. Is the bottle brush print a tea towl too?

  15. The cushion looks right at home on that pretty little seat. I'm glad you like it.
    And love the card- as I'm sure the lucky recipient will too.

  16. What a great house - love the windows and views!

  17. A bit of embroidery is good for the soul! Love it! That house is my new holiday home, we could meet there half way?

  18. i appreciate your style, and your love for architectural beauties and quirks. i understand your longing. a room with a view is the subject of many my day dreams, and i have come to accept these will be day dreams forever. that said, i don't feel sad. i'm just glad someone is pointing out the sights for me, i'm not courageous enough...

  19. I love your posts and must try harder to call in more often. What a great house and view! The violets in Nanna Nancy's vase are beautiful as is your embroidery.

  20. You never fail to amaze with with your creations the charm of handmade every time.
    That cushion sure looks at home there on that chair. I am lucky enough to have one of Zara's cushions adorning our bed :)
    How groovy is that house? The price of homes here does my head in!