Monday, August 13, 2012

(lovely) Stuff and Nonsense

It's not all dodging vomit bags, soiled nappies (I didn't mention those did I?) and weirdo's round here. There's always some lovely, somewhere, like:

this little Italian planter

and this little

Japanese one. Atop a 'Franco Cozzo' hall console - a recent find from a Garage Sale.
Anth and I have always referred to this kind of tacky rococo furniture as "Franco Cozzo furniture" (we say it with an accent of course!) 
Franco is a Melbourne icon. A legend, no less. It was Anthony who introduced us, because I'm a Perth girl and we didn't have him here. 
Never heard of him?  Watch this, it's a classic.

Lovely is also finally, after years and years of neglect, giving this little marble topped table (from Anthony's childhood home in Singapore) and these rickety old Brentwood chairs the attention and makeover they deserve
so that we can actually use them!
(lovely also = vintage Adelaide tablecloth)
Lovely is finding someone flogging their wares on Gumtree with a sense of humour                                                                                                                                                                                            
Well I think it's funny, we're quite fond of our fart jokes in this house - obviously. 
Sixty dollars. Here's the link if you're interested...
And it's spending a night at the thee-atre with your girlies
this pic was taken before the usher shone a torch in my face and told me no camera's allowed! That ceiling in His Majesty's Theatre is a fake btw. It's all tromp l'oeil, and
I can't believe its taken me this long to notice. Maybe that usher knew I was going to spill the beans...                        
and this one was taken during my scuffle with said usher as she wrestled the camera from my hands.
Only joking! I don't know what this is...actually.                               
This house is lovely too                              
it was known as The Party House in its heyday and it's for sale at the moment. I wish we could buy a house as awesome as this one for the same price in Perth. It's in South Australia which is practically next door when you think about it...that drive across The Nullarbor each day would be a killer commute though.  More info and pics here  (that tapestry looks familiar Carmel)                                                                                                 And what's not lovely is Blogger. Typing this has been a nightmare, especially for a Virgo like me. Nothing is going where I want it to! Maybe this computer's on the blink...I'd be the last to know. Or maybe it's just me? There will be no tea towel tomorrow at this rate! Giving up now before I smash something!!!                                                                                                    


  1. Love those little planters - unusual!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. The planters are wonderful, and I think it's so nice that you are using a table from Anthony's childhood. The vintage tablecloth looks so cheerful! From now on, I'll think about Franco Cozzo every time I see a furniture commercial like that...and I'll pretend you really did scuffle with the usher. What a mental picture! :)

  3. I say leave the legs. I'm referring to your previous post about the bedside table which I seem to have missed. It looks fabulous. Just decorated our daughter's room and she will not have me embellishing her boring IKEA furniture with gorgeous vintage wallpaper. S'not fair. Love the pic of you with your bob (I had a bob too in the 80s and 90s) and Anth on your wedding day. Oh and the pic of LV & Jimmy. Loving the new header (it is new isn't it?). What else? Oh yes, I can see why Franco Cozzo is a legend. xx

  4. Oh Dear hope the computer works tommorrow for you. That room in the house looks lovely and so airy and light. I would give anything to live in a different country right now. Love your table and chairs and that yellow unit what a lovely contrast of colours. A night at the theatre sounds lovely. dee xx

  5. GOLD! I learn so much on your blog and come away feeling culturally so much richer...I can't wait to find a Franc Cosso so I can name it too.

  6. OMG! My sister and I used to impersonate Franc Cosso in that ad all the time when we lived in Melbourne, it was so funny to see that again!!! Great finds. I also try and keep my images and type one simple size in blogger because for some reason when I hit publish on a post all the writing changes and it just looks wrong :( I think there's something I need to know, mmm, anyway, have an awesome day :)

  7. Have to show that "Fart" picture to my boys, they think anything fart or burp related is so funny!

  8. Oh Franko, how I have missed you! You really like your pops of yellow don't you? So do I!!!

  9. Oh I have two words for you, embroidery and macramé together! I know amazing.........Why didn't I think of it sooner? I will keep you posted! xx

  10. So much lovely!
    Well done for giving the chairs and table their long-awaited makeover. Love you planters and console table, and who doesn't chuckle at fart jokes?
    I got told off for taking photos in our beautifully restored theatre too. What is the problem with it, do you think? I wish I had asked why it wasn't allowed but I meekly apologied and put my camera away....
    I get SO frustrated with Blogger sometimes, it doesn't space the text how I want it to and randomly changes the size of the font sometimes... I thought it was just me being hopeless! xxxx

  11. As my sister already commented (Wolves) we used to take off the ad all the time when we were younger! Migalo Migalo! I remember the great big (ugly) factory on the way out of Melbourne ... Is he still going strong I wonder? I had quite the giggle at your "near vomitus accident" ... Maylands Salvos by any chance? I've seen my fair share of dodgy there! I guess a bottle of waterless hand cleaner is a must for us thrifters hey? Have a super rest of your week :-)

  12. Words like 'Fart' are funny. End of story.

    Franco Cozzo ... was that entire ad in Greek? Or Italian?

    And did I buy the Mid-Century Polish wall-hanging equivalent of a Rugs-a-Million Rug!? What the?! Great taste though (and you've got beady eyes!).

  13. Love the little planters, they are cute.
    The table and chairs look great!

  14. Laughing at the ad and the cannisters. That house is great and being an Adelaide girl I can tell you it is a nice suburb too!

  15. This made me laugh. It's good to be back :) Blogger has been a pain my end too....I think type pad is worse though xx

  16. do-not-ever-smash.
    i did once.
    i ended up losing TONS of data.
    just a tip, you know?