Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vintage Tea Towel Tuesday


Made in Ireland. All Linen. Lamont.

about this one!

I know, lame as.
(it's late, I'm tired and I, I want to go to bed...)
What more can I say about The Big Banana?

It was built by John Landi, in 1964 to encourage people to stop for a perve at his banana plantation. Gotta hand (get it?) it to him, he knew it would have a-peel (sorry!) How could anyone in their right mind (or with kids in the back seat) drive past the Big Banana? Impossible!

On our tortuous family trip accross the Nullabour a few years ago we stopped for pics in front of The Big Camera, The Big Ram (Western Australia), The Big Lobster, The Big Galah (South Australia), and The Big Koala (Victoria) Not to mention the stops we made when Anthony threatened to dump the girls on the side-of-the-road if they didn't stop fighting (too many of those to count!)
I don't think a road trip to Coffs Harbour is on the cards (there'd be no survivers!) until we're old and grey and we've ditched the kids, but at least I've got a tea towel(s )

This guy likes Bananas

this guy is bananas!
image, and more if you're curious, here

And Woody Allen knew a thing or two about (big) bananas

here he is as Miles Munroe in Sleeper (1973)

 Sleep(er), Bananas, Good night x

(Bananas are meant to help you sleep btw - they contain melatonin and seratonin, chemicals important for sleep)


Edit: I forgot to add this

you can buy one here


  1. aahh this did make me smile ;-)) Sweet dreams, dee x

  2. Fantastic colours! I think the colours are often the most enjoyable thing in tea towels,. Just behind the artist's sense of humour

  3. I love this one. There's just something about bananas that is inherently funny. I also had to laugh about threatening to put the girls out on the roadside. My grandsons are quickly reaching that age. My SIL called me today from the car and kept interrupting our conversation to say, "Don't throw food on your brother" or "Don't take his toy away from him." :)

  4. Lovely bright colours Kylie. Banana's are such happy, sunny fruit - they always make me think of summer! (I originally came from banana country so I grew up with banana bread, banana custard, banana fritters, mashed banana with sugar on sarnies, banana split (with ice cream), fried bananas for breakfast ..... the list goes on!)

  5. Happy cheerful tea towel who doesn't like a banana I ask you.

  6. I have my photo taken with so many big things it's ridiculous I adore that type of thing. Such a sweet teatowel so bright and fun.

  7. This tt is perfect. Love the colors and the big banana ..well what an Aussie icon. You got me with the crazy banana guy. I had to click over and check out the link. Have a great week. I always enjoy your posts Kylie.

  8. Well hello! This is my first visit and I seem to have posted a vintage tea towel tuesday as well. Is this a regular thing. I was getting a whole stash of vintage linens off my chest from a particularly good hall. Funny that the banana tea towel is from Ireland! See you again.

  9. Whoops. I just followed you and went back thro your posts to realize I've benn here before and we have lots of mutual blog buddies. I blame the keeno. X

  10. Oh tee hee!!!! That is a fabulous bananna tea towell.
    Sleep well!!!!
    Love v

  11. Love the banana tea towel, very cool!

  12. This post was funny. You're funny.

    I stop the car by the side of the road when I'm just driving to the next suburb's supermarket and threaten to dump the kids on the side of the road. I used to feel bad about that. Now it seems everyone does it!

    Keep blogging. You do make me laugh.

  13. Pretty tea towel and sooo Australian.We do go a bit overboard on the BIG stuff don't we. At least your road trip only had two girls fighting,we had 4 kids,2 rats and 1 half drugged psycho cat for more than 4 hours every 10 weeks to escape the hee-ha hell hole we did time in.Love being home!

  14. I'm giggling... and i'll giggle secretly for the rest of the day. Xx

  15. Hi Kylie - I'm back to let you know I'm shining my little sunbeam on you again this month. I know you were a previous recipient but then you only had a week to bask. This time its the longer version. x

  16. kylie!
    first of all: thank you for turning the angle on your banner!!! i am having a ball imagining you all in there, in your sweet little vintage corner of the world!

    so thanks as well on the subject of bananas. you bring a smile on my face. woody allen of course, i remember him fondly in said movies, in fact i could do with a review pretty soon. the banana guy in the picture... man, whenever i am feeling blue again (...), i just want to have a peek at his looney face in his looney surroundings to remind me of the relativity of what we're living, whilest we're living it...

    cheers, i'm now reading further down (your) line, because i've missed you, woman!

  17. and i forgot to say, in turn... the slut-prude is too funny....
    my, bananas. ...
    they have a lot to answer for. in fact looking pretty stupid as they are anyway, they are just about the most convenient humor trick....

  18. Lovely post! I was smiling before I got to the end - but the edit made me laugh out loud! I also love all the names, especially 'the big Galah'!

  19. *Smiles*

    Love the first tea towel..