Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vintage Tea Towel Tuesday, The Kindness of Strangers and a Winner

Business first. The winner of the beautiful hand-made (cough! cough!) vintage t.t. apron (selected by random.org) is...

Commiserations  Congratulations Donna, and thank you to everyone else who took the time to write a note.

It was hard to resist middle-aged Mum's lovely offer (read bribe) of a vintage Canadian t.t. but The Catholic school girl in me did the right thing, and resisited temptation. The Nun's would be so proud.

Anyway to sweeten the deal (and compensate for my dodgy stiching) Donna, who is hung up on retro (she especially digs the 70's) will also receive:


Can't get much more 70's in the kitchen than tinned pineapple, can you?

It was so hard to choose a pic to share - the recipes are all so disgustingly awesome, that in the end I went with this one

because I've got a bit of a thing for breeze blocks.


a pair of vintage Japanese stacking mugs

and my personal favourite, this

very cool wall hanging

I hope you like what I've chosen for you Donna, posting tomorrow. And don't forget to wear your apron next time you're whipping up a Sunny Island Roast, okay.

Now to the Blanch Dubois reference...

Whilst I don't depend on the kindness of strangers, I'm ever hopeful that people will be kind to each other. I think it's nice to be nice. I like nice people. Forget what you look like, dress like, how much money you've got, blah blah. If you're nice I'll like you.

And what's the point of all this soppiness? Yesterday I was the v.lucky recipient of a stranger's kindness. Her email says it all, so (with her permission) here it is:

Hi there Kylie,

I discovered your blog recently, and have really enjoyed reading your posts  :)
Thanks for the heads up on the Gayware FART canisters, I bought them!!

I thought you may be interested in some new additions to your tea towel family.
I am not sure how many unused tea towels there are at my Mum's, but at least half a dozen at first glance.
I think they are probably all from my family's circa 1975 tour to England!

My mum is 84 and moving to a residential care facility, and I have to downsize her belongings.

Would you like them?, I would love them to go to a good home!

Let me know, if you are interested and I can pop them in the post for you...

How about that eh?

To say I was surprised, thrilled, happy etc would be a massive understatement.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned an unpleasant encounter with a stranger, that's all forgotten, especially now.

And did you read the bit about the Gayware fart canisters? As chuffed as I am about the t.ts. that's almost better. Look, here they are (keeping good company with some handsome Germans) in my mysterious benefactors house.

Yep, she even sent me a pic!

You just know m.b's. nice don't you - anyone who appreciates a good fart joke's got to be. (well nearly anyone...) 
And I promise to show-off her Mum's t.ts. here when I receive them.

Long post, best end with today's tea towel

pure linen, handprinted, fast colours, made in Poland

 Thanks for reading and for being nice x


  1. What a lovely post Kylie.

    Must say, I nearly died laughing at that pic of the retro BBQ....that chap in his long white socks, black shoes, apron and short-sleeved striped shirt...well I almost inhaled a brazil nut (in my muesli).

    It's got to be a good day, with a start like this! :) Thanks - you've made my day and it's only 9am.

  2. What an ace benefactor! Good taste in handsome Germans too! Yeah for Donna our thrifting trip was pretty dismal today, so this makes up for it big time! I also can't wait for a dinner invite soon to sample from the cook book!

  3. BAM! I won! I never win anything!! Thank you so much Kylie.
    I am very excited to have won your lovely apron and the bonus prizes! I LOVE the mugs, and the wall hanging - you have my taste spot on. And there is the book too!! I promise to cook as many tropical delights as I can from it (in my apron) and send you some pics. Many thanks again xx
    PS Your letter was very nice. I love the kindness of a stranger. It's nice to be reminded that the good guys out number the bad folk of the world. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your tea towels when they arrive. xx

  4. I OWN that pineapple recipe book too. Actually it once belonged to my grandmother. It was bought as a present for her from my mother and the front page is inscribed to as naff as it is, it is a family "treasure" hmmmm. Sentimental anyway...especially for me as an ex-QLDer. Just love your posts Kylie x

  5. Well, Kylie, YOU are nice, so it's only right and proper that nice things should happen to you.
    Love your MB's pic, who doesn't appreciate a fart in the kitchen? A fart JOKE, I mean.
    Our barbecues look just like that, I am off to by the man some knee socks right away.
    1979, the year of the horse, I was 15... Now is definitely better, I was far more invisible then than I am now. Don't stress about ageing, Kylie, I doubt very much you could ever fade into the background! xxxxxxx

  6. The kindness of strangers - it restores your faith in humanity doesn't it? When someone who has no obligation to you does something nice for the sake of doing something nice :-) What a lovely email and how awesome that she also sent a picture of the canisters in residence!

    Today's teatowel HAS to be my favourite you have ever shared - absolutely love, love, love. It's the horse-lover in me! :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. That is super sweet! Wowee your home from another angle - lovely and light and bright! Love the Cannys. I also have a big thing for breeze blocks ( I call them bessa bricks - not sure of the spelling on that). I would love to find a stash of them and build a nice bbq are like that one. Happy days !!!

  8. Ahh what a wonderful letter it must have warmed your heart to read it ;-) Its good to know that are still kind warm hearted people out there. Look forward to seeing the t-towels she sends you. And well a 70's cookery book always makes you smile ;-)) dee x

  9. *Everytime I see those cannisters spelling out fart I do smile!*
    I am so immature!!! =p
    Adore the horsie tea towel.

  10. Hi Kylie - it just goes to show - what goes around comes around - I was so thrilled that you sent the Carlotta to me and now you've received a lovely surprise like this in return! No one deserves it more. I also enjoyed the BBQ pic - those socks are classic!

  11. Well, you can't blame a woman for trying! Now, how do I nobble a random generator?

    Glad it's going to a good home!

    In my travels around town today, I picked up a Bavarian TT!. complete with chaps in lederhosen and cows! 100% cotton/baumwalle.

    Never think of Germans doing TTs

  12. Speaking of kindnesses...I got my beautiful tea towel from you yesterday, and it's delightful! Now this silly Texan knows all about Australian geography. :) It was so sweet of you to send it to me after I casually mentioned to you that I didn't really know a lot about your country. I have a feeling something very yee-hawish from Texas will arrive at your door when you least expect it.

  13. I think blogland has opened up a whole world of kindness for me. For example meeting you, albeit cybernetically (word?) and discovering our mutual stomping grounds with similar interests has been a great blessing ... Thanks to you I now know of Industriart and More Than a Stick (practically in my back yard and I was oblivious!)

    Vintage Spinster is still open yes - and having a sale at the moment!

    Have a super duper week! Cant wait to see the T-towels!

  14. Hi fellow Perth girl! I just found your blog via Hello Vintage's blog. I was laughing at the FART Nally Ware and trying hard not to let my husband see the horse tea towel, he loves them (oh horses that is, not tea towels. Tea towels are my thang haha). Glad I stumbled across ya!

    Kel x

  15. Your posts always make me laugh Kylie. That BBQ is hilarious! The frocks, the weird cap, the pineapple rings and meat extract in the recipe...what the?? I love the horse tea towel.

  16. besides the fart-obviousness, do i read it as flour, a?, rice and tea? hee hee.
    probably, me guesses....