Wednesday, August 1, 2012

"Put Your Dukes Up!"

I found this little boxer doll (complete with black eye) while I was rummaging in our shed for forgotten treasures. I bought it years ago from a country Field Day (a bit like a show but a proper rural one) A lady was selling all the dollies that she used to exhibit in her dolls museum. Sniff. I think it's pretty obvious why I bought him. I'm sure you would've too.

The old wooden days-of-the-week board is a more recent purchase. I saw it and had to have it. A touch of quirk that sits quite nicely with my Ladybirds. It's from an infant school in the U.K. after all - a perfect match. When I'm old and dotty I'll use it to remind me what day it is. I'll sort out all my pills first (in one of those little plastic container thingo's) and then I'll swap the days around. Bingo! I won't be forgetting any senior citz meetings!

I bought this old metal planter

from the same shop (More Than a Stick in Midland) It's for Annabel. She's come over all ouchflower and needs somewhere nice to keep her "babies" (they all have names!) I'm planning to give it a quick coat of spray paint tomorrow.

While we're talking makeovers, this

little cupboard is currently getting one.

(and look, Annabel made her bed!)

"My main thrill in life is makeovers. They give me a sense of control in a world of chaos" Cher Horowitz, Clueless.

Anth bought it from a garage sale ages ago. For less than a fiver. It's those chunky splayed legs that suck me in. And its knobs (a nice knob makes all the difference I've found, and I DON'T mean that in a rude way!)

While it's quite nice as is, it deserves a fresh coat of paint and I've got something special in mind to hide the ply which is in horrible nick, atop it.

I am going to do this

image: projects I'll never get round to - Erika Stolzer (via Pinterest)

with this

What do you think? As much as I love vintage paint-by-numbers, we've got a few, and I know they'll never make the cut as far as getting hung (not enough wall space, gotta be picky). I reckon it's better to use it than to leave it gathering cobwebs, don't you?

I plan to have it all done and dusted this weekend - I'll show it off (or not if it's a flop) on Monday.

I haven't been op-shopping in quite a while and my sojourn on the weekend was just to fill in time between appointments (the girls, not mine), but I think abscence makes the op-shopping heart grow fonder because not only did I find this very pretty dress

which will definetely need a



(look away from your screen Pippa!)

I also

West German Amsterdam vases by Scheurich

(I know, I couldn't believe my beady little eyes either!)

Thanks for reading, you guys are awesome and I loved your hilariously funny comments on Woobinda. So much funnier than mine. x 

p.s. extremely handsome Germans here  if you're that way inclined... 


  1. Hi Kylie...I love the boxer doll and the days of the week board, they fit so nicely together! Old school...literally. I have an Annabelle too and she loves gardening which made me smile when you visited my place on the inter web this morning :)

  2. I'm so excited about your cupboard makeover. I cannot wait to see it complete. I know what you mean about knobs. I'm a little obsessed with them truth be told (ooh er...). Love the dress and the day thingymebob. Most impressed that Annabel made her bed. Well done her! xx

  3. Oh Kylie, Kylie, knob jokes? And I thought you were such a lady... Ha! Love that little cabinet, can't wait to see the makeover. Show us, even if it doesn't meet your own high standards, please! I can guarantee I will be impressed anyway.
    That little baby boxer doll is such a cutie, never seen one like that before. And I love the school/dementia care day of the week board. I could do with one of those now, never mind in years to come.
    Great frock - hmm, yes a petticoat might be an idea for the more modest amongst us!
    Have I mentioned that I am really pleased you decided to make a return to blogging? Well I am! xxxx

  4. That Day of the Week board brought an instant flashback to my first year at school and my scary teacher, Mrs Jacoby. So scary was she I wee'd in my knickers rather than ask to go to the loo - can still see the puddle under my chair. Oh the shame!

    Look forward to your cupboard makeover - we have two 60's bedside cabinets, covered in chippy white gloss paint, which I haven't done anything to as I like them as is - but you might persuade me. Bet it looks amazing with that painting on it.

    Your dress is lovely - like a ghost dress - bet it looks totally magical on you, even with a slip. It's just beautiful. as is the plant stand. Fantastic.

  5. Wow - the ladybird books, the ceramics, the table, I want it all!

    And the dress is fab!

  6. That dress is perfection, I love it and your boxing doll is just so cute.

  7. A paint by number atop that sweet little cupboard, it'll look fantastic.

  8. We don't even call them knobs in Texas, but I snickered like a 10-year-old anyway. All your finds were great, but I felt myself turn a little green with envy when I scrolled down to the Scheurich vases. You lucky thing!

  9. Hi Kylie, I don't know where to start, your comments are just soo funny, its great to see your collections will come to good use as you grow older..haha. Love the education board its a beauty as my dad would say.

    I love the idea re. the little cupboard, it will be awesome! Wow, that dress is shear, it would give the guys a thrill for sure! The jugs are a gorgeous colour, though not my style.

    Enjoy the weekend, T x

    The doll is fab, haven't seen a boxer before,

  10. Lol! can't wait to see how the makeover works out,love the planter and all you goodies in the first pic,darn petticoats.My aunt picked up a piece of wg pottery recently and asked if $5 was a good price!

  11. Yet again you inform my very UNinformed brain about the whereabouts of a thrift store I have not thrifted in!! I will be checking that out soon! Love your dress - petticoat definitely.
    And the make over plan sounds perfect for such a cute number. Also the "tablecloth" on my post that you commented on.... actually a scarf from Tree of Life (Carousel, Midland Gate) On of the less "indian" looking items that they sell. I'm pretty sure they still have a few left.

  12. OMG!!!! Two? A fiver each? In the words of MMMC, "I'm dying here". Well now we are WG pot sisters, we now share a pair the same! Tell Annabel, cool owner of an Orla duvet! That planter wise, it's the bomb and I humbly suggest yellow or turquoise!

  13. What great finds! Absolutely love the dress. Love the idea for the top of the little cabinet & all your thrifted wares! It's win, win all round man.x

  14. Unreal finds...your shed must be a haven for the interesting xxx

  15. I absolutely LOVE the days of the week thingy! :)

  16. Ahh love the boxing doll i can see why he came home ;-) And that days of the weeks board is brilliant and brings back memories its lovely to think its worked its way to the other side of the world for some reason that always amazes me ;-)) Your dress is lovely and so are those vases and i can't wait to see what yoou do with the little cupboard. dee xx

  17. OKAY! That wooden days of the week sign is freaking fantastic. How have I survived without one?!
    The boxer doll is cute.
    Those vases are gorgeous. (nice find)

  18. I have bought you something reeeeeally small. Bear with me, just want to find one other thing and will then post out to you. Just not sure about the thing I have bought you.......x x x x

  19. Oooh is this going to be a ta-dah? It's going to be fab, love the idea. Hurrah for the new frock and vases. The days of the week thing is lovely, I think Zac FINALLY has it now - we had months of Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday...I swear he was doing it on purpose to wind us up.

  20. That little cupboard is gorgeous and I love the plans you have in stall for it.
    How cute is that little boxer doll?

  21. The onion vases! Five bucks! What. The. Whoah!!!!

  22. I might faint if I saw those German babies in the oppy AND five bucks.. They are gorgeous!!!