Thursday, June 2, 2011

In the tradition of keeping it simple stoopid 
(this was frequently scribbled on my high school english lit essays btw!)
this post is going to be less about telling and more about showing...

Here are the rest of the goodies I bought at Sunday's jumble:
these were all from the twenty cent table!
the green dish is made in England

now that I am a practioner of the gentle arts...cough cough, a little sewing box like this will come in very handy...
I can keep all my notions and fripperies inside!

lovely dollar each, pricey but nicey*
top barkcloth, others Rowe Australia
*by jumble sale standards

 this mug was twenty cents
magic mushrooms

I bought vases

English, Crown Devon

ceramic class 1978

(Only a couple more gratuitous vintage sheet quilt pics to go...)

I bought trays
china tray

wicker tray, plastic tray

tin souvenir tray
and even a
folksy tray

I bought rammikens
our first oval rammikens...
don't you love those colours!

And I bought this sweet Soulet print
it will go quite nicely with our other Soulet's*
tiny wee little Soulet's
(not from the jumble but I wanted to show you anyway...)
* I'm making them sound like Rembrandts! Ha!

 And that's it I'm jumbled out. The rest of my haul didn't quite reach the dizzy heights of the T H Brown barstools but it wasn't too shabby either was it...

Just a tea towel and a post box (!) to go.

Here's the tea towel

And here's our closest post box...

for Liz

pretty old for a West Australian post box
pretty old for an Australian post box actually!

I told you I'd take a pic x

And that's all folks!


  1. Kylie, I swear you must have been born with some serious elite bargain hunter lineage about you! I'm always marvelling at how much you can get for so little when you go on an Op-Shopping mission :-D

    The ramekins are utterly fab I'd be so tempted to make mini shepherd's pies or pasta bakes in them. Or oval Creme Brulee!

    Jem xXx

  2. ooooh i love your sewing box, and all the vases!! You did well at the jumble :o) Scarlett x

  3. Kylie - thanks for taking pic - love the post box! Its great that it actually has the date on it! You certainly got lots of goodies at the weekend.

  4. Everything is so pretty! I especially love your finds from the 20 cent table. Stunning. The colorful ramekins are extra lovely as well =)

  5. I want to go to that sale! Those ramekins are great!

  6. gorgeous finds! i love finding treasures at the 'old' op shop prices!

    have an awesome weekend - Kel x

  7. Oh, oh...I have no idea which one is the best thing, but that exotic wooden nude is lovely and the Soulets is so cute!

    What a great haul!I love your vintage taste! I would go crazy visiting AU!

  8. oh Kylie, what a haul, you are truely a Jumble Junkie!! wow.
    I love the letterbox by the way, I used to know a lady who photographed them all over australia!
    Of all your finds, think the Oval Ramekins would by my fav.♥

  9. those ramikins are so godamned cute - not sure what I'd do with them as I'm allergic to cooking - but they look lovely.

  10. Love the little oval dishes! Your post box looks like a gnome house, (no, have not been in the magic mushrooms -just sayin' it's cute!)

    Come leave a link on and show it off!

  11. Great finds! Love the floral cushions. Lizzie

  12. Oh my, some great finds! I love the print! :)

  13. Cool jumble finds! Love love your print, and the sewing box is a great find. Amazing most of your finds were only 20cents- Bargain!

  14. I love the ramekins Kylie and those sweet girl prints look great together. What a loot you have. x

  15. oh to go thrifting with you!!! and to drop a letter there. charming! every bit of it!!!