Monday, June 6, 2011

I hope you're all having the loveliest Sunday...we have just got back from a drive in the country, we ate what we consider to be the best pies in Western Australia for lunch. They were from a tiny little "town" quite appropriately called Bakers Hill, only an hour or so from where we don't have to go too far before you hit the bush in Perth!

The pies alone are worth the drive, but there are lots of little towns to explore close-by, including York which is the oldest inland town in Western Australia (1831) I bought five sweet vintage paintings from a little second-hand/junk/antique shop in York, I'll show you them when I've had time to take a snap.

We ate our pies beside this little home-made memorial (it is Foundation Day in Western Australia today btw, but we always eat our Bakers Hill pies here... just a lucky coincidence today) 

it was built by local school children in 1929 to celebrate the centennary of Western Australia
it has a sweet naivete which I think is really special

Now, as far as other treasures are concerned, I've only one thing to show and tell today. Yep you read that right. One thing! I just haven't had alot of time to poke around in op-shops this week. Sniff. It's a beauty though and a really special addition to my collection of Religionalia...

it's almost a Valentine to Jesus!
 Jesus is plastic, but I'm wondering if he's a newer addition because the rest of it is much older and I can just make out a faint outline where something else may have been embroided...look at those delicate and very fragile little flowers
it is missing its glass but I'm off to the picture framers tomorrow to have it replaced.


and as I said to the lady at Vinnies, I think he was waiting for me!

And that's "all" I've got today, apart from t.towel and a couple of fab pics from Life in Australia...

Evening drink, John Witzig
look at this bloke's wonderful hands...

Beer garden, Surfer's Paradise
David Beal

Today's tea towel just happens to be from York

how did I manage that???

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention something very important:

Blogger is NOT letting me comment!

I'll be in touch again as soon as I can xxx

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  1. no commenting no fair!! You must send me a message after you read my giveaway post so I can add you to the draw coz I know you would comment if you could.Oh and am doing a new post and it has a teatowel you will love it!!

  2. Jesus was so waiting for your to find him (it'll be that Mary again! lol) Your day out sounds perfect! Grr to blogger, i had the same but it let me comment once i unticked the 'stay signed in' box - might be worth giving that a try if you havent already. Scarlett x

  3. I've had a similar fallout with Blogger, I reset my browser and now all seems to be peachy.

    It's so lovely that the monument was made by children, it's a gorgeous setting too. xXx

  4. Happy Foundation Day!
    So it seems you are "recycling" someething that someone previously recycled. Very nice.

  5. Nice...I love those delicate old samplers! And you're right -- that bloke does have great hands!

  6. Love today's tea towel! I'm really enjoying the pics from "Life in Australia" - thanks so much for continuing to share them!

  7. That is a nifty bit of kitsch, and I love the bits about Australia in this post. I'm dying to visit! Any recommendations for this eventual Floridian tourist? :)

  8. oh blogger is SO frustrating lately! GRR!

    looks like a fun day :)

    kel x

  9. O, Wow! I love it! You were so right-it is fabulous! Good find, Kylie! (Lots of exclamation points mean I am so really excited about your lovely Religionalia treasure, LOL)

  10. Sounds like a great weekend! Would love seeing more photos of your end of the continent!!
    Have a happy new week Kylie!!

  11. oh looks like you had a good day out. Love the Memorial built by the school kids.. York TT is good too♥

  12. Hi! love your blog, new follower! I had that problem with comments until someone told me to uncheck the keep signed in box. now i'm on a roll haha x

  13. So I've just started following you after reading your comment on a Thrifty Treasure post.
    1st reason is cos you buy vintage crap, and I LOVE that.
    2nd is cos we have the same name. Yay for us!

  14. OH MY JESUS!!! I LOVEEEE THAT FRAME!!! oh my goodness, it's perfection!!!! <3333 i have to remember to link to this cos i love it so ;)