Monday, June 13, 2011

You know that quote: "from the sublime to the ridiculous"?
well that sums up my thrifty finds for the week quite nicely...let's start with the sublime

(because I'm a little bit nervous about showing you the ridiculous...)

precious metal

and a closer look
beautiful old biscuit tin
on the back it reads:

W. Dunmore & Sons Ltd Biscuit Manufacturers South Wigston

but the real surprise is inside
it has its own very pretty lift out tray!
probably so that it can be re-used as a trinket box (that word Jem) when all the biscuits have been gobbled up.

and while the Oxo tin is not quite as pretty, it is no less fact I just might like it more...
I'm not sure how old this is and I haven't had time to check...please tell me if you do
anyone care for a nourishing beef drink?
this is all that remains of the paper label stuck to the sides of the tin...I'm glad some of it is still there because it's really special don't you think?

And I won't have any problems seeing the action from the cheap seats with my "new" opera glasses
at least I think they're opera glasses?

Now for the ridiculous, but be warned it's slightly



So if you'd rather not see kitschy naked women stop looking now! 

trash from the tip shop

we found these among all the other flotsam and jetsam (rubbish and junk) and strangely couldn't leave them behind...they will probably never see the light of day after their exposure on this blog so have a good perve while you can...
I call this one Dolly (she's coming to Perth soon btw)
Let "them" Swing
and "they" really do jiggle around!
fine china!

I hope I haven't offended anyone because I would really hate to do that...but I do love a bit of tacky kitsch...I hope you don't mind and that you don't take it too seriously x

Having said that I'm sticking with a theme because the last thrifty find I have to show is this twenty cent treasure

by Philip Gotlop 1952

Mr Gotlop says his photography shows:

the human form as a beautiful thing to behold

it is full of beautiful photos and technical instructions on how to achieve them, and nearly every photo has its own anatomical drawing too. Have a look at a few and see what you think...

There are 48 photographs all up and I think they would look stunning in simple black frames hanging in a bathroom or bedroom. What do you think?

Before I show you today's tea towel I'd like to thank Scarlett , Lakota and Ava for the lovely awards they have given my blog recently. I have been a bit slack in acknowledging them and I promise to do this properly soon girls...and if you haven't already, please check out their lovely, lovely blogs x

nothing controversial about this tt...

GOSH! Thanks for reading all of this x




  1. I'm in fits of giggles at your naughty ladies!! Or as my Mum would call them 'Scarlet women' (no relation to our own lovely Scarlett!). I can't quite decide which one is naughtier! Possibly the 'let them swing' one :-D Nothing like a bit of pervy kitsch to brighten an evening!

    Ahhh the trinket box/biscuit tin! It's just gorgeous Kylie and all the more so for being a little weathered and worn - now imagining all the treasures that could have been stored in it over the years; love letters, brooches, buttons . . . !

    Jem xXx

  2. Those naked lady mugs are amazing, got to love a bit of kitsch nakedness. And hell if anyone is offended by your naked ladies wait till they read my last post! mwahaha!

    Those figure photos are fabulous, what a great find!

    Scarlett x

  3. Oh and forgot to say - I have an oxo tin the same as this one! Scarlett x

  4. Nothing like a bit of retro kitsch to put a smile on my face! I can't believe they actually wobble when you shake them! Very cool present for a lucky man out there! I love the biscuit tin with the second layer, it's very pretty inside. Bx

  5. Love the tins! The mugs are very ... unusual, but fun!

  6. Nice tins and the figure photography is interesting. I would do some research on it to see if it is of value.

  7. Oh goodness! Those little x-rated beauties are hilarious! The mini sipper is slightly disturbing though. I can't imagine who would want to drink out of that one!
    I love this post - you haven't offended me at all, you just brought a nice giggle to my morning.

  8. I'm a fan of vintage pin ups/naughty kitsch too so am loving your finds! As a photographer I also appreciate the book you found-- it's unusual that they also included the anatomical drawings.

    My apartment is bursting with vintage tins, I have so many I had to stop buying them about a year ago. I would have broken my ban though if I'd come across the two you found!

  9. That bikkie tin is beautiful! What a find.
    Those nudey mugs made me giggle. So, so tacky. But so, so funny. Dare you to make a cuppa for your friends with them.

  10. I'm lovin' the OXO tin. It is funny, I saw some of those buxom beauties recently, and I must say I was not tempted to pick one up! Funnily, (or creepily) I have also seen alot of those clown pillowcases that you showed us a while back, lately. Oooh, they freak me out.
    I love the photos, they remind me of Leni Riefenstahl's, paricularly Herr Fraulin in the first pic. I can imagine a classic thirties bathroom, with subway tiles and chrome...

  11. You and Scarlett are getting the nudies on today lol
    And that book is wonderful

  12. OMG - is that a Booby sippy cup?! Urk. The nudey ladies are great though. It's all about tits n' arse in blogland and the moment - what's going on?!

    Love your tins - I would guess 40s/early 50s for the OXO one?

  13. Love the book Kylie, definately would look great husband has asked why we haven't got any of those mugs ?

  14. oh my! I once had salt and pepper shakers similar to your mugs.. the 'model' was laying down on a beachtowl.. and yes you guessed the S & P were 'wobblie ones'..

    Love your biscuit tin, and photo book too... totaly inappropriate to finish with the Boy Scouts tho!!!!!!!! Surely you have a 'beach beauty' teatowel? wink wink

  15. I've encountered the boob cup, but never the exposed brunette and blonde cup ladies- love them! You found so many cool and quirky vintage finds this time!

  16. Kylie, these are some amazing finds! I love that you've got wonderful, tacky booby mugs in the same post as some really beautiful human form photos. Kind of puts everything into perspective, right? Amazing finds, you do have a gift!

  17. ha ha ha ha ha ooohhh bless you i couldn't wait to see what your naughty finds where well i am laughing my head off. Its not something i would buy but hey they make you smile ;-)) Love the tins and the photo book. dee ;-)) x

  18. Oooh er missus, those mugs are hilarious. On a similar note, we've got some ancient naked ladies playing cards which I hid away from our daughter ages ago only she discovered them and was totally appalled (and probably traumatised for life). Ooops!

    Love the tts (of course). xx

  19. Hi Kylie - what a brilliant old biscuit tin. I just loved finding your blog last weekend. It is full of such wonderful and quirky treasures! Thanks for leaving such great comments on my blog as well. We definitely share the same enthusiasms! Sharon