Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fancy a kitschy trip around the world?

(well not really around the world, that would take too long! and I'm not that organised! If you like the idea I might make it a regular thing, I've got lots of kitschy stuff from all over the place and I thought this could be a fun way of showing it to you...let me know what you might like to join in and show-off some of your tacky souvenirs too. I hope so because I'd love to see them)

O.K. now it's time to get your clog-thing on, because the first country we're going to visit is
well it has to be Holland doesn't it!

home of windmills, tulips, clogs and other stuff

and although you couldn't tip-toe through the tulips in these clogs...they are sweet

china clog

wooden clogs by Babel
one is a money box that's impossible to open
the other has a brush for polishing shoes tucked inside

pin cushion clog
this little clog is made in Holland but is actually a souvenir from Cooma in NSW! Which makes me wonder, was Cooma settled/established by Dutch immigrants or did a local entrepreneur get a good deal on clogs and decide to flog them to tourists who thought they were cute? I've seen alot of touristy bits that don't really make sense like this...

 Now we're off to...
when I think of Spain I think of Gaudi, Barcelona, chorizo, flamenco and...

(and Hooray for our new ten dollar cow hide too!)

My husband found this wonderful vintage tambourine at the bottom of a pile of junk at an op-shop earlier this year...a brutal scene and a cruel sport no doubt, but there's something special about this and I do love the artist's cartoony style of painting.
I'd show you my kitschy flamenco dolls next...if I knew where I'd packed them!

As it is this has turned into another long post, so I'll end our little trip here with a quick nod to Australia: another Aussie t. towel and great pic from Life in Australia

Confusion of progress, David Potts
imagine how confused they'd be today...

As always, thanks for reading. Tot ziens, Adios, See ya x


  1. I collect the clog stuff too! :)

  2. I love, love, love your Dutch souvenirs!! Holland is such a lovely place - really keen to go back again one day, gorgeous cheeses and beers and very warm, friendly people! :-)

    Kudos to hubby on his eye - that tambourine was a really good spot!

    Jem xXx

  3. Ooo how adorable are those clogs?! My mum and I used to have matching red pairs when I was little!! Cool tambourine too!


  4. I love this theme of kitsch from around the world, really enjoyed seeing your treasures, i think we have all see or owned a little wooden clog at one time, i had a tiny pair of clogs on a pin when i was little, used to love them!

    Please do some more countries as Im sure you got a load more goodies to show! Scarlett x

  5. Kylie, love it. A lot. Yes, regular feature please. My favourite is the tambourine with its tassels.

    Tot ziens and adios to you too, lovey. xx

  6. Enjoyed the trip! Thin my Gran used to have one of those wooden clog things when I was little - it looks kinda familiar!

  7. aawww what a fun post ;-)) Looking forward to see where we go to next ;-))dee x

  8. Thanks for the trip Kylie, nice painting on the tambourine. And you never disappoint with your tea towels! :>)

  9. Hola! Love your Spanish finds, it reminds me of Barcelona, one of my fav city's. The tambourine is a great find. Bx

  10. Great post Kylie. Those bulls are very collectable, I saw some big prices for them (somewhere) You are lucky that your husband likes to forage, mine sits in the car reading a paper, acting a matyr. That is our "quality time"

  11. oh great idea, come on girls lets all show our 'souvenir ' kitch. I have a china clog with flowers like yors. I'll hunt up something today and post on my blog and link up. ♥