Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sooooo, what made me happy yesterday? Receiving a lovely parcel in the post from Max that's what made me happy. Actually happy doesn't quite hit the mark...try ecstatic, thrilled, over the moon...that's more like it.

What's not to love about:
a) receiving proper mail?
b) receiving a parcel wrapped up in a giant map of Australia?
the ladies in the Post Office loved your wrapping too Max

Max kept the Aussie flag flying proudly inside my lovely parcel too (not bad for a Yorkshire girl living in New Zealand!)

And when I thought the smile on my face couldn't get any bigger...look what I found inside

yep, even Kiwi lollies for my girls! ( if I decide to share ha-ha)

hiding under those lollies...look

(this is when I started squealing Max)

the wonderful, lovely, kitschy Australiana kept coming...

Florenz Australia S&P shakers

and nestled inside this

tiny little box

(you can see why I was so excited can't you...just look at the lovely thoughtful way Max has put this together!)


the sweetest, tiniest pair of kangaroo earings!

Lovely Max even included a gorgeous book about that I'm a bone fide quilter! Ha! AND a novel based on the blog that first got her interested in blogging...

Am I a lucky girl or what?

Let's just say that if you scored Max as your partner in Lakota's swap you are going to be one happy camper!
And if you haven't had the pleasure of Max's company check out her blog HERE

I'd like to end with a tea towel from New Zealand or Yorkshire, and although I'm sure I have some somewhere in  that third drawer down of mine (!) I don't have pics so this will have to do...

thanks for reading and thank YOU Max x


  1. Hey Kylie...:)

    Just got back from my trip to France and am catching up on blog reading now. Have 5 posts of yours to look forward to but just wanted to drop a line here quickly.

    Petite Anglaise was the reason I started blogging too, way back at the beginning of 2005 - shortly after I moved from South Africa to France, and was feeling lost and homesick and missing friends and family....and blogging seemed such a great way to share all my French adventures with my family and friends at home.

    I remember reading through all of Catherine's (Petite Anglaise) adventures over a period of two days, killing myself laughing at her stories of an expat life in France, (which I SO identified with) and then I set up my very first blog. (I have had about 15 blogs since then.)

    Anyway you'll enjoy the book.

    Now off to make a cuppa and settle down to serious blog reading.

  2. I'm loving the map-wrap! I've got a thing for atlases and have been making envelopes out of them - clearly great minds think alike! :-D

    Those salt and pepper shakers are the business and the kangaroo earrings are adorable! :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S Love today's tea towel!

  3. oh what beautiful presents, I'm currently putting mine together for my Swap, via Lakota's blog too.
    Love the Koala teatowel. I'll blog on the weekend about my teatowel finds this week..wink wink.

  4. You are a very lucky duck indeed, Kylie. Love the map wrap too. We've got loads of maps at J and P Towers (we've got loads of everything at J and P Towers) and I have thought of using them creatively but I don't think Mr J and P would be very happy if I started cutting them up or his prized Times Atlases. It's terribly hard being a hoarder.....

    Love the tt.

    Still gazing lovingly at the tablecloths btw. The blue one looks magnifique in our kitchen. xx

  5. Oh how cool was that parcel gives me more ideas for my swap as well.I shall have to look out for that book you are all raving about now then we can exchange laughter xx

  6. What an amazing parcel, love the map wrapping, so need to find an atlas that i can take apart to do this. Scarlett x

  7. aww what a lovely parcel to receive,love the tea towel.
    hope you are well

  8. Yay! Well done Max and lucky you - fab things. This is the first post I've read about a received swap - I'm so glad it was a good'un!


  9. That is a bundle of joy! I especially love the little lolly dish and the lollies. I miss NZ lollies- give me a pineapple lump any day! X

  10. Your welcome, so glad it made you happy x

  11. love those kangaroo earrings and that wrapping paper nice.....

  12. Sorry Kylie, I have been trying lots of ways to comment. Yesterday I nearly had it...but lost it. I have now deleted my history. RRR. Let's see if it works. Great gift pack!

  13. Duh, sorry see it wasn't THE swap, but a great extra - lucky you!

  14. the day i will see a live koala (and not behind bars, i mean), i will most certainly faint...
    hey ho for max, she knows hhow to make happy!