Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I haven't had time to snap any more pics of the jumbley goodness I bought at Sunday's sale. Sorry. I'll try my best to have them ready to show you tomorrow.

As for my little story, let's just say it involves the local "paparazzi" and a pic of me.

(note: I hate having my photo taken at the best of times...I avoid it whenever I can, and this definetely wasn't one of my good days!)

It's going to be published in the local paper, with the caption: "A Happy Shopper" I was a very happy shopper but I could have done without the photo. I'm just hoping I had my sunnies on!

Anyway I just want to show you my newest pillowcases

I should have used darker thread, but I'm learning as I go and I'll get it right next time....in a way I quite like that you have to squint to read them (ha-ha) They say:

 Say "nightie night" and kiss me

from "Dream a Little Dream of Me" by The Mamas and the Papas. I'm sending them off to Texas tomorrow...I hope their new owner likes them. What do you think? I'm hoping for wonky/nana but in a good way.

Here are a couple of pics from Life In Australia...

Board transport
David Moore
Helmut Gritscher

Sticking with surfing, how about this for a giggle?

My husband told me about this blog and it's well worth checking out if you are into nostalgic, retro, vintage etc design images.

Now, here's two tea towels because I copped so much flack for not showing you one yesterday!
I hope I'm forgiven x


  1. love those pillowcases. wonky nanna is da bomb..that's right..they're cool enough to say 'da bomb!' those fabrics make me oh so happy.

  2. Love the pillow cases. Will you still blog when you are famous? ha ha

  3. The pillow cases are lovely! Do you do the stitched writing free hand on a machine? It looks so great (but tricky for me to try!). How funny about the photo being taken, you'll have then all putting up the prices when they see you in the op shop! Scarlett x

  4. Oh those pillowcases are FAB!

    Great use of the doilies - hugely granny chic, I'd say. (I found a BIG pile of doilies at a boot sale on Sunday - for pennies! Must try to make something out of them.)

    I had a look at that website (Martin Klasch) and love it. Wonderful images. Thanks for sharing. But oh dear....another place to lose myself in. The internet is overwhelming. :)

  5. Aw you were papped :) Awesome!
    Loving those pillow cases - do you end up with interesting imprints on your face? hee hee

  6. oh my those pillowcases are fantastic, how cute!
    and ((Big Hug)) not only 2 tea towels, but one's got a crochet edge♥ -- well done, and I hope you know my 'flack' is all in good fun. I love your teatowels and your pictures of Australia, the first could have been me in the 60s. fiance had a Morris Minor like that one when I met him.

  7. Oh shoot :( I missed your comment and didn't add you to the draw - therefore I diddled you out of the chance of winning. I have something I'd like to send you - can I? If so - email me your address and I'll put something in the post to you that you may like! polstarphotography@gmail.com xx

  8. Kylie your pillowcases are utterly fabulous! I think the darker thread would have given the letters more pop but in truth I actually like the way the embroidery comes across as a subtle embelishment with the colour you've used! :-) It looks pretty and distinctive yet doesn't argue with the pattern!

    I love the kangaroo teatowel and now I can't help my internal jukebox playing 'Tie me kangaroo down'!

    Jem xXx

  9. where's the pic of you in the sunnies, miss? i want to see it now, you will of course scan it in due course, won't you...?
    as for those heavenly pillow cases... since they're travelin' all the way to texas (i just needed to add that phrase, i find it sounds uncannily awesome), someone in texas will be over the (texas) moon. i am convinced.

  10. I love your pillowcases! The subtle colour is really dreamy!

  11. i love you! i am just going to go right out and say it ;) kylie you are the bees knees!!! they are GORGEOUS!!! and i can't wait to have them in my most grateful and SPOILED hands. how i was lucky to find you (i should thank my husband actually...!) i will always be thankful.

    GORGEOUS. sentiment, fun... and from you-- even more darling. I think woolf is right, i will be OVER THE TEXAS MOOON! :)