Friday, June 17, 2011

Yesterday I splashed out and bought myself (and our couch) this wonderful cushion
iconic plastic cushion

Nylex building, Nylex clock atop and MCG in the background

pic and cushion from make me iconic
the Nylex sign is errected atop the No.2 Cremorne Silos
love that orange!

Although I was born and bred in Perth, my husband is a Melbourne boy and grew up driving past this wonderful building and its fabulous neon clock. I suppose you could say it's part of his childhood...we lived in Melbourne for a while when we were first married and I grew to love the Nylex building/clock too. It may not be considered a beautiful building by many but it certainly demands to be noticed and we both think it's lovely (although my husband would not use that word to describe it!)

Here it is in the flesh

pic August 2009

The sign was built in 1961 and is listed as a being of "state significance" on the Victorian Heritage Register and by the National Trust. 

There are lots of fantastic things for sale at make me iconic including some rather special tea towels!
You know I bought one(!) and here "she" is
it's Little Audrey...another iconic neon sign in Melbourne

Everyone who lives in Melbourne would know and love Little Audrey...she has been lighting up the Melbourne skyline for more than 70 years as the "mascot" for Skipping Girl brand vinegar. You can read more about Little Audrey here

Here are some pics of Little Audrey, in situ at Victoria street Abbotsford...

pic from (and more info too) here

this is the original Little Audrey

and I love this pic by Paul Harris
through the fence

 As you can see, although I don't always buy vintage it nearly always has a kitschy edge! I can't wait to get my hot little hands on these...I'll show you them in their new home down the track, in the meantime check out make me iconic...Natasha who I spoke to on the phone was just lovely and postage is free (if you spend more than one hundred buckeroos)

p.s this is NOT an ad...I'm just sharing the love x

Better end with a tea towel

what could be more iconic than this?


p.p.s. Little Audrey will not be used to dry dishes, she's getting framed and I'm going to hang her in my new kitchen!


  1. Something very appealing about the skipping girl signage, no wonder its endured. Is the kitchen getting a makeover? Hopeful it's Aussie themed if the TT is going on the wall. Have a great weekend Kylie x

  2. Little Audrey is such a great image - I bet it looks great seeing the flashing skipping rope moving! I really like your cushion too - so nice that it has such a personal meaning to yourself and hubby :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. Loving your new additions, the cushion is amazing and i think the tt will look perfect framed. Scarlett x

  4. I'm loving Little Audrey, would like to see her in the neon flesh one day! She makes a very groovy tea-towel too x

  5. awwww... I 'adopted' Melbourne as my home town in 1981. Lovely items you have there Kylie♥ ... and I was born and grew up in Sydney. thanks for Sydney Icons too.

  6. Mmmmm Kylie I love your taste. So stylish. That cushion is utterly delectable - and Little Audrey is pretty fine too. I'm quite digging all your Australiana - who;d have thought it - Australia was always just Vegemite and Sheilas to me.

    Oh my no wait there was on really other divine Aussie thing.... I once fell madly in love with a chap from Melbourne - he was in South Africa on a business visa for a few years - (about oh let me think now.....9 years ago I reckon) and darn if he didn't completely break my heart. Utterly. I wonder if he went back to Melbourne - his visa renewal was refused, last time I heard. Not sure if I loved his accent or his car (a bright red Alpha GTV) more.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. nylon clocks and skipping girls galore... i just love it. these iconic memories... too good. makes
    me long for places i don't know! so glad you show this...

  8. Little Audrey is very cute - will look great framed.

  9. Such strong images, very worthy of taking pride of place on the couch and wall. Love the cushion.

  10. Fab buys! Glad the 60s sign is listed - and buying for the kitchen ALREADY; how many tt's will end up on the walls??;) x

  11. That cushion is amazing. I can't wait to see it on your couch. I love Little Audrey too. I really hope to visit Australia someday and experience some of these places in person. Just as an interesting side note, Mr. Modtomic posted some really great photos of signs on his blog today. Here's a link if you want to see 'em!

  12. I wasn't aware of either of these signs (!) but now I totally understand the name of a band triple j are always playing- 'Skipping Girl Vinegar'... duh!