Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here's a pic of the pretty little pictures I bought in York yesterday

they remind me a little of old fashioned seed packets
I think Pear and Cherries is my favourite

the label on the back says: This 'n' that which is a bit like today's post... 

And here's a pic of my newest pillowcases

I know, I'm a machine!
my little tribute to the Beastie Boys...
these are so much fun to make
any suggestions for the next ones?
what about?

"laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone"  Anthony Burgess

I'm talking to you Anthony! My Anthony btw not Mr Burgess!

I bought myself So Frenchy So Chic on the weekend (or as my husband cheekily calls it So Frenchy So Sh_ _!)
I'm loving it all, but I keep playing one song over and over...Be My Man by Asa. Her voice is amazing. I have to share it with you...please, please, PLEASE listen and crank up the volume!

Did you love it too? I bet you couldn't help getting out of your chair and dancing, could you?

I'll end quietly with a tea towel

a favourite of mine...
how cool is the Narrows Bridge?
I'd actually never noticed what an interesting strucure it is till now... and I've driven over it all my life!

I'm off to listen to Asa A-G-A-I-N!!! x



  1. They remind me of the tiles from my childhood kitchen! Gorgeous.

  2. I love your pillow cases, being married to a snore monster totally agree with the quote!

    I remember seeing some very cheeky printed pillow cases for couples, on one side they said 'Yes please' and on the other 'Not tonight' ;o)

    Scarlett x

  3. laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone" love it

    Did I tell you I started school way back when in Perth Belmay primary Sis was born in Perth. Dad and 2 half bros still there.

  4. Kylie, I think your monkey needs a wee.
    The pictures remind me of Greece for some reason?!?
    My pillows if embroidered would say something like "if your serious about me getting up, bring me coffee". Not very fancy but it wouldsave my breath when I'm very tired!

  5. ps STUNNING teatowel I can see why its a fave x

  6. oh they are lovely pics, a bit like the Royal Worcester pattern Evesham which I love. surprised we didnt get a 'fruity' teatowel!
    as you have guessed I ♥ your TT

  7. I was thinking about the Charlotte Bronte quote 'A ruffle mind makes a restless pillow' and thinking it would make a lovely embroidery on a set of pillowcases :-)

    I love the new pillowcases!

    Jem xXx

  8. those pillowcases are gorgeous. keep 'em coming! asa sounds cute...i am loving adele at the moment...she's blaring from the house, car and ipod. have a great wednesday lovely lady. x

  9. Sweet fruit pictures - how nice to have a set of 4!

  10. Thankyou! Asa is fabulous, will be adding her to my music wishlist! Love the little prints :)
    Great pillowcases again, our house that is for sale is in Brooklyn Tas, and we are not getting any sleep till it sells! lol.

  11. Did you embroider those? Fanfreakintastic idea! And the Beastie Boys, heck yeah! I think I'm going to have to do a pair, great way to marry mismatched.

  12. Kylie, I'm loving this song! Her voice is so beautiful. I expected the song to be something slower and romantic after that tea towel so I was super surprised when I hit play. Thanks for sharing! Also, that Beastie Boys inspired pillow case set is my absolute fave so far!

  13. Goodness, i can't get enough of this song!!! you're right, my sleepy feeling from work went away and i just wanted to do a dance right here in my living room ;)

    i LOVE your eye for vintage goodies and the pillow cases! really, when are you opening your own etsy shop? ;) I LOVEEEE mine and i can't wait to get them in my hands after they went "sight-seeing" in seattle ;) ha! kisses!!!

    how about... he dreams of her, she dreams of him.

    call me a romantic ;) haha

  14. What a gorgeous bog you have here. Just dicovered you via High Maintenance Hippy.

  15. End quietly with a tea towel! Ha - love it! Brilliant bits and pieces post, thanks for the music tip. Nice.

  16. love the narrows teatowel...
    how about " spoon me" and the other "me spoon"


  17. i thought so.... no sleep till brooklyn.
    now, these are pillows that sure keep awake and jumpy, no? ha ha ha.... lovely, lovely.