Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm not sure if Kel is posting "four things that made me happy on Friday" this week? but I like her idea so I am going to continue doing it...even though it's no longer Friday...blame Blogger for my tardiness. I won't go on about THAT now, needless to say Blogger is not included in my in happy list!

O.K. enough said. Here are the things that made me happy on Friday (and Saturday too)...

this laundry makes me happy 

pic from here

door (oh how I adore that door! ha-ha)...tick
lime green knobs and taps...tick

and for 1.6 million it could be mine!

if you've got time to kill have a look at the rest of the pics...while its exterior isn't quite my style it is very cool inside. Check out the bar. And the mermaid in the bathroom. I have lots of Lotto dreams and this house is now one of them.

this online magazine

check it out here I KNOW you will L-O-V-E it!

that pink telephone...want one!
 that pink chenille it!
those lamps...what can I say?

this issue pays homage to the vintage style of the 1940's and 50's. The glamorous lady on the bed is called Moira, her home is amazing. Let me know what you think...

making Brownies made me happy

and eating them even more so!

icky sticky yumminess

recipe here (a lovely blog too btw)

These would've been better with an extra five minutes in the oven...they were more like chocolate mousse with a cakey top than Brownies...on second thoughts...who am I kidding? they are perfect!

my lovely friend Ailsa is marrying her true love today, that makes me happy.... unfortunately (for me) they are getting married in Scotland, that makes me sad because I can't be there

lovely Ailsa

but we'll crack open the fizz when they get home!

These little vintage pillowcase dresses make me happy too

find out how here  pic from here

when I finish my vintage sheet quilt I am going to make some of these sweet dresses. Or a pretty top for me...dresses for little girls, tops for big ones. Yay! You could make one too...

Before I sign-off for the weekend here are a couple of pics from Life in Australia

Shop front, Sydney
Helmet Gritscher

General store, Melbourne
Helmet Gritscher

there wouldn't be many little shops like this left in Melbourne. We live in an old corner shop in case you didn't know...more like the Sydney pic.

Thank you very much for your company this week and your lovely comments that make me smile.

A tea towel to end

p.s. enjoy the rest of your weekend x


  1. oooh thanks for introducing me to Covet Garden, thats totally on my to read list now love it! I also like the happy friday theme, will give this a go too. Have a fabulous weekend Scarlett x

  2. see, there's all the reasons why i'd LOVE to stop by and have a cuppa with you, on your tiny porch and just, you know, sit and chit chat, and ooh and aah... i don't know, you are so welcoming...

    i will check out the online mag and will report back. i totally dig your approval of the laundry; i simply love the corner shop photos. and thèn you live in one???!!!...

    i hope you are passing a splendid weekend and pass the brownies. i do not mind they moussy! they are best that adorable, gooh-y way...! ;))

  3. Yeah. Boo to Blogger!

    You up watching Eurovision? Naah - Aussies must surely have more sense than that - unlike us, settled in for 3 hours of ear-assaulting hilarity.

    Anyway...why am I not surprised you live in a shop? Because I'm not. Where else would a person as quirkily lovely live?

    By the way, is that your sitting room in your blog header picture? I am going to confess something here - sometimes I come and have a sneaky peek just because I like that room so much. (I haven't told you that before have I? I might have but my memory sucks. If so, oops and sorry.)

    Happy Sunday Kylie.

  4. I agree with woolf, it is very warm and welcoming round here! I LOVE those pillowcase dresses. I might have a go at that 5 things happy friday thing too, hope I can keep it to five!

  5. that house is fabulous! I just spent ages looking at pics, dreaming it was mine and how I would transform it.
    Thanks for the mag link too. It will be afternoon read with a cup of tea.

  6. Yay for Covet Garden. Ilove it! I would love to have that kind of commitment to a style, but alas, I am all over the place. Mid-century, industrial, shabby, kitsch, country, and i can't remember when I actually slathered on the lippy. Good on these style committed folk.