Friday, May 6, 2011

Here are some things that made me happy today

hanging our gorgeous just sewn curtains in the "grown-ups" t.v. room

our new house numbers...straight and evenly spaced
don't they look good...

winning this lovely prize
violett drakt vintage postcards

from Micaela at Dolce Vita the sweet life
(thank you Micaela x)

removing the flower pictures from our bedroom wall (well nearly all of them). I liked them when they were up I just didn't love them...the room feels much bigger and brighter and I like it better without them...although this means picking up a paint brush a little sooner than I would've liked (not something that makes me happy!)

a pile of pretty cushions...I threw them on this chair while I was tidying up...a temporary riot of colour and patterns that make me smile.

What made you happy today? I'm linking this to Kel's Four happy things on Friday (even though I've got five) you can too if you like... 

And here's something I know will make Y-O-U happy! especially the Pyrex lovers among you...Flo of the very cool Atomic Betties (LOVE her blog name!) is giving away this:  

Pyrex Spring Blossom

winning this beauty would definetely put a smile on your dial! Check out her blog for more's easy.

This tea towel also makes me happy

Happy happy Friday everyone! x

p.s. "I'm a happy little Vegemite..." ha-ha!


  1. Seems like an age since i dropped by,damn chicken pox.
    This is one happy and cheerful post,certainly brightens my dull day,maybe because i'm a little bit nosey and like looking at what other people have in their houses ;)
    Hope you have a lovely Friday

  2. Lovely happy post today Kylie. What's making me smile or, should I say yelp in a mad frenzied way, is the fact that there are a whole 3 jumble sales tomorrow!! Sooooo excited. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I enjoyed the sneak peek at your home!!! Would love to see more!
    Those postcard are seriously beautiful! Happy winning! :)

    Have a great weekend Kylie!! x

  4. Hey Kylie, I've just been catching up on all of your posts for the week, what a busy week you've had! I'm loving the pink mirror, the stack of cushions and the adults tv room (what I wouldn't give for one of those)
    will hopefully have something interesting to show on sunday :)

    take care

  5. First - Thanks for mentioning my giveaway <3 Second - You're lusting after my walls!? Look at the walls in your tv room!! Is that wallpaper? I *need* it! Now I am lusting after your walls. Haha...It's an interesting relationship we're developing here, Kylie! You're new house numbers look awesome - clean, simple, monochromatic. =D

  6. I love your cushions look at all those wonderful fabric prints and colours really super. And i spy the lovely Vladimir Tretchikoff on your wall ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  7. That is one seriously sophisticated grown-ups room. I think I half expect James Bond (Roger Moore not the other James') to ease himself onto that sofa, martini in hand. Very swish. Me likey.

    I also very much like that chair with all the bright cushions and the super colourful stripey painting. Quite an arty photo.

  8. Oh I also meant to say that your new curtains are great. Is the fabric like a, oh what's the word... slub silk? Whatever, it looks like it has an interesting texture.

  9. there's a few things that pop to mind.
    i am actually truely loving the wallpaper next to the impressive curtains. and well done!
    when i saw your house number, i smiled.
    a few houses ago, we lived on 111.
    i find it an amazing number, for its repetitiveness.
    it has had more than one effect on me.
    since i see 111 popping up everywhere...
    (and i'm speaking of yonks ago we lived on 111!)
    could have something to do with my delirious mind also, of course.

    anyway. 111. way to go!
    (i'm sure the number will thrive on weather conditions!!)

  10. Love the tea towel, I off to Exmouth in October to escape CHOGM :)

  11. yay! your happy things look lovely :)

    congrats on the awesome blog win!

    kel x

  12. i was so happy it was you!!! :) let me know when they get to you?

    also, i just wanna come over! I love the colour in your life ;)