Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yesterday I received my very pretty fat quarters from Kel's Vintage Sheet Swap

two bundles of vintage prettiness
These pieces of vintage sheets have come from all over Australia...some are a little worn, others are gently faded. Some are wild and crazy and others delicate and old fashioned. Here's a better look at mine

vintage sheet could you feel blue looking at these?

Of course the idea is to be creative with these f.q's not just gaze upon them what's a not very crafty person like me going to do with them?

Well here's my inspiration

this beautiful quilt has been made entirely from vintage sheets by this extremely clever lady I'm going to be a copy cat and try to make a quilt like Rebecca's (albiet a slightly wonky version) I'll keep you posted on my progress...

Rebecca also makes the most beautiful dresses (from vintage sheets!) like these

If you'd like to buy one (I know I would!) check out her blog here for more details and a whole lot more gorgeousness besides.

Here is one last pic of my lovely f.q's laid out randomly on my bed

hey they almost look like a quilt already!

I would just like to say a big thank you to would've been a massive job to organise this... to give you an idea, Kel has said that she had to make two trips in her car to post the f.q's because they wouldn't all fit in her car at once!!!

Kel's blog is called green tea and red nails and it's a gem.

Now as promised here is another great photo from "Life in Australia"

Meter-maid, Surfer's
David Beal

Just in case you don't already know, Meter Maids were introduced in 1965 to keep tourists on-side when parking meters were first installed on the tourist strip in Surfers Paradise. Their job was (and still is, I think) to feed coins into expired parking meters. 
I can't believe she has coins sewn onto her bikini! Although, where else is she going to put them?

Apologies if today's post is all over the shop. And a bit long...was it too long for you? Let me know. I'll end as usual with a tea towel


  1. Your posts will never be too long, love your blog! The meter maid is amazing, they would never get away with that these days, i like the thinking behind it, maybe traffic wardens here should be made to wear swimwear ;o) The fabric is lovely, the quilt will look amazing! Scarlett x

  2. Gorgeous - lucky you!! And those dresses are stunning!

  3. never, ever too long, too short? perhaps, but never too long. Love the fq swap, I'm sure your quilt will look amazing.

  4. Don't be daft, your posts are perfect! I really really love these old photos you're sharing with us - I still have a couple of old family ones I need to post about, none quite as random as Great Grandad George(ina), but still quite cool.

    A quilt is another thing on my long list of things I'd like to do if only I were a) more confident it'd come out ok, and b) not spending all my time on the internet! Your fabric selection is gorgeous and will make a stunning quilt. Thanks for the reminder about Kel's blog, I have visited before but am following now. Will check out Rebecca's also, it looks lovely.

    Lakota x

  5. ha ha - wonderful!!!! I can't wait to see your quilt! I started a new one last night using my fq's from the swap. So much fun!! I am thinking of maybe hosting one soon?? Bec x

  6. And to think all the years I've seen those vintage linens I thought they were just so much sheet! Love the quilt and dresses. Inspired.
    The meter maid photo and story is priceless!

    Quilting is originally a woman's art that weds whimsey, practicality, beauty, talent and productivity - as does your post! You're just quilting with words today.

  7. Your posts are never too long, they're always entertaining, well written and packed with loveliness! Adore those FQs. You made me laugh a lot about gazing lovingly at them which is exactly what I do! I really must get my ass into gear and do a patchwork picnic blanket which I began a year ago. I started cutting out squares and playing with them which I thought I would love doing but I got a little fed up with it all as they just weren't looking good together. Anyway, can't wait to see your quilt, Kylie.

    Btw, you're right, you TT Queen you, you did spy some tea towels. Can't wait to show you! I also got my very own piece of "Australiana"!

    Have a lovely day. xx

  8. I absolutely adore those dresses!!! Your quilt will look amazing! xx

  9. Wow great gift enjoy those lovely fabrics and i look forward to seeing your quilt ;-)) I love those dresses i must go and check her blog out ;-)) dee x

  10. ohhh... so lovely! i have big plans to make a quilt too! i am in the process of choosing out some of my favourites :) then i just need to find a few spare hours!

    Glad you like your FQ loot... kel xx

  11. Loved the entire post (never too long!) I am also in love with the blue and teal flower patterned fabric (the FQ in the middle bottom of the 'vintage sheet happiness' photo)!! :)

  12. I spy my sheet in your pile!

    I have a naughty shorts dress on the way. I can't wait to wear it, although it probably won't be until next summer!

  13. oooh - saw one of mine in there ! Yep i think mine will be a quilt too.

  14. Absolutely not too long. Lovely blog post. Although I haven't been reading your blog for long it has become one of my favourites so please don't go changing your posts. They seem to be the essence of you.

    Aaaah and such lovely fabrics too. If you have any left after that quilt is made (blimey lady you are brave!!) a small patchwork cushion would be charming - that's what I saw when I looked at all those little squares together - your 3rd photo.

    Really and truly retro in the very best way.

  15. Oooh ooh, I want to make one too! I have just returned from a trip to Tassie, and the one thing I didn't buy was old sheets...cos my husband would have had a conniption!! I picked up heaps though, and then regretfullyput them down. God, life is truly desperate when you are regretting the purchase of a 20 year old sheet!