Monday, May 2, 2011

I have been stuck on a three metre platform for most of the weekend...painting the exterior of our house. While this is not my idea of fun it's great to finally cross off another job on our "to do" list.

view from platform into our handkerchief-sized front courtyard

Luckily the op-shop Gods were smiling on me last Wednesday
and I've got some treasures to show you from then.

O.K. first up, did you ever feel like running away from home when you were little? Maybe you still have the urge from time to time? Well how's this for the perfect little case to take with you

 Isn't it sweet? and there's just enough room for all your running away essentials...

I also found this teeny tiny little shoe

I have never seen anything like this before, have you? It's made of felt and decorated very prettily with shells. And look at the gorgeous Liberty print fabric it's lined with. Here it is next to a USB so you can get a better idea of its size

tiny dancer...

The sole of this little shoe is covered with...


Although I would not usually buy something like this I am completely besotted with this little "fairy" shoe. It intrigues me and I would love to know more about it...

A small statue of Jesus also came home with me

"Jesus Wants Me for his Sunbeam..."

(p.s. don't you love the cool wasps nest I found in our garden)

I pounced on this sweet birdy spice rack pretty quickly when I found it under a pile of old linen (I wonder if someone had hidden it there? I'm sorry if it was you...)

"rockin robbin tweet tweet"
(I've just noticed this little co-incidence btw...)

One more thing to show...until tomorrow or the next's slightly left field (but then all the best things are don't you think...)

German Shepherd on Black Velvet

(this is for my friend Shani who LOVES German Shepherds. As much as I love my Chihuahua! And that's saying something!)

Now might be a good time to share this Dorothy Draper quote with you:

"isn't it a good thing that we don't all have the same taste?"

Go Dorothy!

And now, another tea towel

it's a doggy Rodriquez!



  1. Hopped over from Thrift Find Monday and so happy I did! LOVE your find - that shoe! The statue of Jesus! The painting! Oh and those spice jars! You have a knack for finding special treasures. Am going to follow you NOW. Come say hello sometime.

  2. oh wow! everything is lovely but the SPICE RACK ! o m g!♥

  3. Aw, cute finds! I really love that suitcase, adorable! Warmed my heart and made me want to run away. I think this weekend I'll pack a vintage suitcase and do just that.

    Also love the tea towel and the vintage spice rack! Good luck keeping up with the to-do list, from the sliver you've shown, your backyard is beautiful!

  4. Hello Kylie I just got your message and yes I did get you thanks and you are welcome I hope others started following you from it I love how turbans look on some people dont think its so good on me tho lol
    I am loving your finds especially the port and the birds.My finds have been pretty sad compared

  5. LOVE your wee little courtyard! it looks to be a perfect size, actually!

    be still my heart, that red suitcase with the stickers...*swooooon*

  6. Your birdy spice rack is so up my street it's unreal!! What a gorgeous find, I'm also in love with the little vintage case :-)

    Jem xXx

  7. O, you found great things! I love the spice rack, the tiny shoe, the case and the Jesus! I would love to tag along to your op-shops!

  8. That platform looks quite high up - don't think I could have stood on it! Love the little spice rack - cute!

  9. I'm going to be singing Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam for hours now and probably a whole host of other Sunday School songs (Joy Joy Joy is shouting to be heard)'ve taken me right back to 1973 and that hideous pink and turquoise tartan suit I had to wear with an itchy ruffled white blouse.

    And I had a white suitcase like that and I did run away too - when I was 8. Packed two Enid Blyton books, my teddy, a jumper, a bottle of homemade ginger beer (with soggy raisins in it for some reason) and a huge roll of pink bubblebum. Got to the corner of our street before my Mum caught me and hauled me home - and gave me a hiding with a hairbrush.

  10. Amazing finds, I've decided you have the best op shops. I love the shoe and the spice rack!

  11. Lovely finds. I adore that little shoe what a huge amount of detail and different materials that have gone into making it, its a real little treasure i would love to know the story behind it also. I also love those spice jars so sweet, dee x

  12. I love that little case! And yes, it does make me want to run away somewhere.

    I hope your painting went well, I am glad it was you and not me, I hate heights.

  13. Your courtyard is lovely! Also, today's tea towel is awesome. It's cute and sad and happy and funny - it kind of hits all emotions! That's pretty hard to do with a tea towel. Great finds!

  14. The spice rack is absolutely GORJUS!! And i love the littlest hobo suitcase.

  15. the running away suitcase would suit my dorothy wayward mind just fine. if i needed to run away. it evokes all sorts of feelings. always nice when an object does that.
    the spice rack is just too dreamy!

  16. Awe, that spice rack is wonderful. I love it.

  17. the more i see, the more i likey likey! Esp that case!
    Where do you OP in Perth - so far my fave is Sisters of Charity(?)in Mount Hawthorn on Oxford St.....