Sunday, August 14, 2011

Want some contemporary art to adorn your walls?
Budget more beer than champagne?
Nothing tickle your fancy in the oppy/thrift/charity shop?
Don't like Ikea?
Even your stick people suck?

yep yep yep yep yep ?
(me too. you should see my stick people!)

well Papirmasse just might be the answer to your prayers...I checked it out after reading this post on bohemian hellhole and I thought you might be interested too...

Papirmasse is all about affordable art, and I like that word. Affordable. Very Much. It's also quite exciting because every month, for only ten bucks you receive a
print in the mail (only a fiver if you live in the States) How exciting is that? Or is it just me getting totally carried away by this concept? I already subscribe to magazines, but art? Papirmasse is an art subscription, pretty cool idea don't you think?

And that ten (or five) dollars includes all postage costs...and the prints are sent by air mail too...Even better.

Personally I think a Papirmasse subscription would make the most wonderful present, especially for someone who lives overseas or is tricky to buy for...


it might be a nice way to treat yourself each month?

Anyway, you can find out more here if you'd like too...

Does anyone know of an Australian art subscription like this? I'd really like to support Australian artists, and would check out this option first if it was available...

Please let me know what you think about this idea...I'd love to know what you think...

Enjoy the last little bit of your weekend x


  1. Hope there are aussie ones for you That last pic is sooooo grosss lol or I am just not artisticly refined.

  2. The bubble coming out of the TV in the first picture is similar to how I imagine books - a whole world of possibles each time you open something new.

    Hope you've had a brilliant weekend yourself hun,

    Jem xXx

  3. Such a great idea! Hope you've had a fabulous weekend. Scarlett x

  4. This is such a fabulous idea. I love it. Thanks for sharing, old girl! You enjoy the rest of your w/end too. xx

  5. This is a very cool idea. It's quite similar to another company I discovered recently who will send you a present every month for as long as you subscribe with them - though significantly less expensive I imagine! Did you see A Thrifty Mrs' recent post about 'my free crappy portrait'?

    I checked their site and it made me laugh - it's pointless and terrible, but fun.

  6. now THAT is a great girft idea, especially for a friend overseas, thanks for the heads up.
    Glad you feeling better too, I'm hoping to follow suit real soon.