Friday, August 19, 2011

love makes the world go round...


today's post is all about sharing the love...

a little while ago now I bought this globe for my husband's birthday (remember our collection...) from Tamara's lovely little etsy shop A Treasured Past. Just look at the thoughtful way Tamara wrapped it...

she knew it was for Anthony's birthday so she tied it up with a groovy orange tie. I thought it was such a lovely gesture and how Tamara knew that orange is a favourite colour in this house I'll never know! Little things like this make all the difference to me and I was really touched by her thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Unfortunately Anthony got to the posty before me Tamara, so my surprise was ruined, he does really like the globe though...

There are lots of interesting things for sale in Tamara's shop, like this gorgeously beaten up green tray

love it!

and the good news is that Tamara is having a little sale at the moment so now might be a good time to check it out, I know you will be a happy customer if you decide to buy something. Tamara also has a lovely blog too, if you didn't already know...find it here

Next up, I want to introduce you to the very sweet Miss Aliya. Aliya is from Perth just like me (and us Perth girls have to stick together!) Aliya is going to be a Musicologist when she "grows up", how cool is that...and apart from writing a very pretty blog called Papermoons and Macarons she has also just opened an etsy shop which sells the nicest vintage clothes...I am going to buy this dress

isn't it lovely...

 Aliya sources a lot of her clothes from Singapore so her little shop silver tabby vintage (what a cute name for a shop!) is the place to go if you're looking for something unique and this

My last Friday shout out is even closer to home...just look at these gorgeous summer p.j's my very own Annabel made in her sewing class at school. And she made them from a vintage sheet too.

and yep, I've already put an order in!
(for sewing lessons AND a pair of p.j's!)

have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading x


  1. Thank you Kylie for the lovely mention of my etsy store and the link to my blog. I truly appreciate it. I am off to check out Aliya's blog and store too, thanks for the link. The dress is cute.

    Annabels pj's are super cute, what a great idea to use a vintage sheet.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Tam x

  2. I have never managed to successfully pull off a birthday surprise for my husband yet...and I try every year.
    Thanks for the links, will check them out.

    p.s. Your Annabel is super talented.

  3. Love that globe and the tie idea and little daughter is ever soi pretty and tell her what a great job she did Maybe she can start a little business?

  4. I love both of those blogs and your right us Perth girls do need to stick together haha!

    I want some of those pj's too there adorable!

    E :)

  5. What a lovely post, will be checking out both these blogs and that dress is just fabulous. I also think those are amazing pj's, im a pj girl so i appreciate a good pair when i see them :o) Scarlett x

  6. Annabel's pyjamas are utterly fab - she's clearly showing a creative flair early on! :-) Will also pop along to check out the blogs/sellers you mentioned. Gorgeous picks :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Jem xXx

  7. All the things in this post are lovely - real eye candy.
    And included in that is all that fab bedding behind Annabel - blankets, quilt, bedspread...great stuff. The PJ's remind me of some I had when I was about that age too. I wouldn't wear them now though - heavens I'd scare everyone if I flashed my legs. :)

  8. Oh Kylie, you're a sweetheart! Thanks so much for the mention!! I already have my eye on a couple of things in Tamara's shop! And Annabel's pyjamas are absolutely amazing!! She's so pretty and is obviously very talented!

    P.S. I can't wait to have a look at your store! :)

  9. Annabel is gorgeous and so clever - obviously takes after her mum xx

  10. I missed this post while I was away, Wow what a beautiful girl you have there, and pleased to hear she's using fab sheets for Sewing at school. Well done. (like her ugly doll soft toy too! LJ collects them too)♥