Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If you want to have a sticky beak at my most recent thrifty finds you've come to the right place (funny that) I think I've found something for everyone...I've got pretty and pretty "ugly" too. Have a look and see if anything tickles your fancy...


a little birdy told me...

that you can't see the rest of this lovely silk painting because a clumsy clot (that'll be me!) stood on it and broke the glass...and it's going to cost way more than the two dollars I paid for it to have the glass replaced. Ouch.

More German pottery for le collection
I haven't had the time, or to be truthful, the inclination to research the mark on this yet...but I'm quite sure it was made in the 80's, it has that look and feel about it.
I have also recently learnt that brown is not the new black as far as German pottery is concerned...the vibrant reds, purples, oranges etc are all the go...which should come as no surprise really...

A couple of creepy hands
memories of "thing" and The Addams Family (click click)

I've temporarily hung Frida above our bed...just to keep an eye on things...I bought her from a beautifully curated vintage shop in the hills of Perth called Vintage Spinster (well worth a visit if you live in Perth, even if it's just to check out its interior which is lovely)

p.s. my husband hates this, he reckons she's watching him...and I do have to say it really does look like she's giving him/us/me the "evils"

He likes this though
this pup is huge btw, much bigger than the usual garden gnome variety of china poodles. Don't you think he looks like he's wearing a wig?

and he doesn't mind this either

and speaking of kitschy souvenirs, how about
and it's actually made in Australia too...those were the days!

I also found a couple of old games, this one's my favourite (and the closest I'll ever get to being a Bond girl)
there's even a secret 007 notebook inside!

I'm thinking Martinis, hors d' oeuvres, and a game of Thunderball might be a fun way to spend Friday night...

we'll look a little something like this...yeah right!

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  1. Your Friday night sounds like it'll draw crowds!

    And that poodle has something of the Barrister about him! Maybe he's on his way to court.

  2. Wow what a haul!! I adore the little blue birds, they are very cute indeed :)


  3. Oh Oh Oh such lovely finds.
    - Love the blue birds.
    - That picture is so sweet.
    - The pottery very cool.
    - Hand... sorta creepy (I agree with the Adams family!!) lol
    - I agree with your Husband I would be scared to have her watching me as I sleep.
    - Poodle is super cute.
    - Hula girl I OF COURSE love!! I have 2 of my own sort of like that. And being obsessed with Hawaiian stuff it just seems fitting.
    - The pen holder is magnificent. Gotta love how a pen needs such a eleborate place to sit.
    - That game looks like it could be rather interesting and fun.

  4. We must of gone to the same garage sale because I left those blue birds behind! That hand is slightly creepy haha. I love the poodle!

    E :)

  5. I'm LOVIN' your finds as ALWAYS Kylie but I must say....That MADE IN AUSTRALIA souvenir is FREAKINAWESOME....**sigh**....YES....Those WERE the days my Friend....Why did they EVER end....We should have SANG & DANCED for ever & a day....

    Hope you're having a GREAT week....!

    Tamarah :o)

  6. Oh my - I adore those bluebirds! They are just the sweetest things ever!

    I love the Frida but I don't think I would want her hanging above my bed either - I am with your husband on that one.

  7. Oh that is such a sweet silk painting! My grandmother used to paint on silk lots and we've got some of her paintings hanging in my mum's clinic back in singapore.

    That painting of the lady freaks me out a little!! And I have yet to decide if I like the hand or not...

    P.S. Feel like inviting me over for a game of Thunderball?!

    x Aliya

  8. i have to say, that poodle's the judge! huge as in bigger than a gnome? what are you gonna do with 'im/'er?
    the kitschy australian souvenir plaque does draw my eye... 's making me dream.

  9. Oops just got side-tracked reading SVJ's comment and singing along to "Those were the days....". I love that song!

    Anyway, never mind that. Love the bluebirds, the German pottery, the hand and the Australia plaque. Fabulous finds. Frieda does look very scarey, I agree.

  10. oh my....does Frida have a slight Moustache there!!!?

  11. Great German pottery. I think they have peaked though, so maybe some bargains will start filtering through as people offload them. Any German pottery is good by me.
    My husband said if I hung a pic of Frieda over a bed would be like him hanging a picture of Greg Inglis. (rugby league player) I currently have a calendar of her on the wall, and he hates it.

  12. Those blue birds are so sweet.
    I dont't have Outlook so I'm unable to send my details through your profile. My email is
    zara-117@hotmail.com or what is your email ad?

  13. Hmm ... the hand is a bit ... strange! Love the little blue birds, though!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  14. My fav is the blue birds love love love them.Frida and Things hands not so much lol.

  15. Blue birds are my fave too. Frida would frankly just be a constant reminder that I too need to bleach my moustache but also I am very thankful to not have a monobrow. Hula girl is cute too.x

  16. Loooooove those little, sweet blue birds! I really like the new additions to your growing pottery collection. You've got such a great eye. If you have a Thunderball game night you've got to take some pics to share with us! What a find.

  17. Hahaha, sounds like the sort of thing I would do - turning a thrifty find into an expensive repair by stepping on it. I lie. I probably wouldn't bother fixing it, if I'm honest...

  18. great finds!

    Have emailed my address to you twice... not sure if you are getting it! Let me know if you still havent received it :)

    Kel xx

  19. Hi Kylie... just emailed you again! this is so bizarre! maybe it has gone into your trash... i dunno! let me know if you still havent received anything! eek!

    kel x

  20. oooooh you had me at the birdies and then comes the fabulous poodle and hula girl - im in love! I used to have a dash board hula girl in my car but she got broken, was gutted as I actually bought her in Hawaii. Scarlett x