Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just a couple of thrifty finds to share with you and rather appropriate ones too considering it's Sunday...


No prizes for guessing who illustrated this! One look at these chubby cheeked angelic kiddy-winks and you'll know straight away that it's the work of Eloise Wilkin.
(btw, don't you think the little girl has a touch of Miranda Kerr about her?)

Her charming illustrations are so familiar to us all because she illustrated close to one hundred books, including dozens of Little Golden Books...we have all read at least one of favourite when I was little was  The New Baby, do you remember yours?

Here's a pic of Eloise


Although she was quite old fashioned in some ways (she refused to paint a pair of trousers on a woman) Eloise was also pretty cutting edge: she marched with Martin Luther King and assisted a college student in burning his draft card...something to ponder...I don't really get the trouser thing, especially when she was so progressive in other ways...

 My other thrifty find is also a book...

and also religious

This was published in 1966, Mary Alice Jones is described as a leader in religious education... me...I'm just sucked in by the gorgeous illustrations by Pelagie (now that's a name...)

"he's got the whole world..."

It's a bit sad really because I don't think this book has ever had an owner...look

it has now though...

I bought both of these books from the little op-shop I work in...two things happened while I was there today, one nice, the other NOT. The nice thing was meeting Em, a fellow blogger which is a first for me. Check out her blog Vintage Sweet Heart, here

The definetely not-so-nice thing was falling down the stairs (you know how steep they are Em) and really hurting myself. I look like this now... 

well, If I was a doggy I would!

Thanks for reading, and thank you too for your lovely comments about my little shop...I am so excited about getting it up and running, I'll show you some more pretty things I'll be selling during the week x

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  1. Ouch!! A tumble down the stairs sounds nasty - I hope you're not too heavily bruised/sore and very glad nothing is broken!

    Tell Me About The Bible is exactly the sort of thing we passed around at Sunday school when I was little, sad that nobody has claimed it until now as the illustrations are lovely!

    Jem xXx

    P.S The little puppy is incredibly cute - is he from Tell Me About The Bible?

  2. Oh, Kylie - hope you are ok soon! Love the little books. The illustrations are so pretty.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Oh no about the steps - hope you are mended soon. I once fell out of a posh dress shop in full view of a mall full of shoppers - i think my pride was more damaged than me kneww ;o)

    Such sweet little books, glad that little lost book now has an fabulous owner.

    Scarlett x

  4. opps that should have said knee :o) Scarlett x

  5. It was so nice meeting you! Ouch about falling down those stairs I do know what you mean about them! My legs wobble when I walk down, they are quite steep! You already know what my fav little golden book is "Baby's Birthday". A book I'm currently on the hunt for!

    Em :)

  6. Love those illustrations :) Maybe Eloise was hinting at the fact that girls in dresses are at their most feminine - I don't want to upset anyone here, I live in trousers mostly, but I must admit that I feel prettiest and most womanly wearing dresses and I personally feel we should celebrate being different to men - maybe dear Eloise felt the same way?
    What a dreadful thing to happen at work you poor thing! Hugs xx

  7. ouch - poor you, hope you're on the mend. had no idea you worked at an op-shop; must be sooooo tempting to buy too much when you're there ;) x

  8. Ouch hope your not too heart I feel down some steep metal steps years ago when workng in Kmart had 2 male bosees who made me carry a heap of stuff down and I ended up going head first and undies showing and a bruised chin and ego lol funny now not then tho.
    Love those books.I bought a NEW yes new Little Golden Books ID and Price Guide book.Sure took me down memroy lane with some of the books I remember owning one of which is worth $25 today.Manay arent worth more than $2 tho.

  9. Aren't they divine? poor you, hope your get better soon.x

  10. Oooh I just adore those illustrations...such lovely books.
    Poor you taking a fall...hope it doesn't keep you out of action for too long :)


  11. Good luck with the shop. You have some great stuff here.

  12. you don't want to go tumbling down stairs, now, do you, not whilest you're offering us so much information on illustrators, et al.
    pelagie indeed, it is an old, old flemish girl's name up here!
    wishing you well. injured knee?

  13. Falling down stairs is so scary, I hope you're not in much pain. I agree with Allana regarding the trouser issue, but it seems a strange thing to fixate on,with so many other burning issues.
    My son was peeping over my shoulder when I looked at the illustrations, he was captivated and wanted to know more. A very interesting lady (Eloise) thank-you for sharing.

  14. oh nooooooooo! hope your ok! :)

  15. Those are wonderful little books - I am also so much into old kids storybooks at the moment and have my eyes scouring the charity shop shelves for them (and the boot sales too).

    Nasty thing, falling down stairs - hope it all heals quickly. x

  16. Just to let you know I have awarded you the Versitile Blogger Award on my blog. Please check it out and I hope you accept! xx

  17. i was sorting through my golden book collection yesterday and realised i have three copies of this book! haha! great minds!

    hope you are feeling better soon xx kel

  18. Collecting Eloise Wilkin books has been a hobby of mine for years. I even have some old pages framed in the small ones nursery. You can't beat that rosy cheeked innocence that she captures so beautifully - it's perfection!

  19. maybe her legs were her best feature! looking forward to the sheet store x

  20. I love your books. I grew up with the prayer book and still have it today!

  21. Those illustrations are beautiful. I remember having one illustarted by Eloise Wilkin featuring birds as a child, not sure waht it was called though. I'll have to head to the kids book section first on my next op shopping venture.x

  22. I love those Little Golden book illustrations as well- my fave is We like Kindergarten which was one of my best at age 3 and miss Liongirl now loves it as well. Also your vintage sheet collection is superb and I cannot wait to come and browse through what I know is going to be an awesome collection. My best friend had a dream last week that I had a vintage shop/cafe - how heaven would that be but yours is the next best. Fix that sore paw quickly girl, you have shelves to stock! melx

  23. Oh no Kylie, I hope you're ok now? Don't break yourself, I need your posts. I'm so out of the loop at the moment I've missed loads on everyone's blogs with all this house business - are you setting up at Etsy shop or are we talking real bricks and mortar? How exciting - I will go and catch up on what I've missed.

    Cute illustrations in your little books x

  24. Gosh - I used to have the Tell me About the Bible book - how amazing to see those pictures again!