Monday, October 22, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

of the op-shopped variety...

I know, a few days ago I make a grandiose announcement to the world (ahem!) that op-shopping and I are almost over. On the verge of breaking up. A few treasures later and we're falling in love all over again!

I reckon you'd weaken too if you found stuff like this:

You would, wouldn't you?

I think we had some of these zodiac 'teaspoons' in our cutlery drawer when I was a kiddo...

How to transform an ugly couch?

cover it with this.

Are words really necessary?

For my new desk

Anth is going to build me one when he gets home. Hopefully it'll look a bit like this (in case you're curious)

(unfortunately I can't credit this pic, I've had it saved for ages and cannot remember details. Sorry. I love your work though, whoever you are...)

EDIT: This is Kate Alexander's desk. You were right Sally, it does belong to a Kiwi - thanks for tweaking my memory.
Found via the always interesting, Studio Home. 

The lamp has a very cool label

Won't it look good on my very cool desk? (the pressure's on, Anth!)

Golden brown

We've had these handsome chaps for ages. My first West German, the one that started it all, is second on the right. Twenty cents, school fete, but I had to pay big bucks for it's newest contemporary,

this planter (ten, in fact). There was quite a bit of ummming and ahhhing involved before I bought this baby...I thought a tenner was a little bit steep, you?

The best design on a Johnson of Australia plate I've ever seen!

I'll end with

a tin
(made in Great Britain and full of old buttons which I gave to a friend)
its lid, which I love.


more tins
(Willow Australia, found this morning)

Just some of the reasons op-shops and I are on again. To be continued...



  1. Some great finds there Kylie, I love the sweet little yellow tin, I have a thing for tins at the moment. I"m glad you are back in love with op shopping. xx

  2. Love the fan love the lamp love the tins - and love your desk idea.

    Frankly fabulous finds!

    I have not done charity shopping for yonks - been tres disciplined - but you never know when my resolve will crumble.

    That vintage fabric reminds me of curtains we had in the lounge in the 70's - and the wallpaper on the wall - it was a sea of brown and mustard and gold and orange, chez nous.

  3. You find cool stuff Kylie. I think the fan is my fave...and that shell owl, wow, I haven't seen one of them for a while :)

  4. I'm glad the op-shops have started playing nice.
    The fan is a real tresure.
    And the Johnson plate, wow. that is such a pretty design. I havent seen it before. the op-shops around here havent had any Johnson in them for weeks.

  5. Brilliant! I'd say $10 is a bargain for a WG planter. And I have a fat, pot bellied WG that would match your tallest vase. I'm glad you're back on Op Shop bandwagon. Your talents in that area are close to insurmountable.

  6. Great finds! The desk is going to be fantastic. I can't wait to see what your husband creates. I love all your WG pottery, and I think $10 is a steal.

  7. I'm glad op shopping has taken the time to romance you back! With those finds, I bet your both in bed a bit ruffled smoking a cigarette! The handsome WG's have me weak at the knees! I have not found one in ages, and the fan, the lamp OMG!

  8. Those shops just have a magnetic pull!!!! Love the tins.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Love, love it all, especially the the shell owl, how could you not. I dip my toe in an out of the opshop pool, but always return for dive after while. T x

  10. Love the lamp for your soon to be made desk! And the tins are great especially the rose ones.

  11. My goodness these are the fruits of some sort of opping FRENZY, like a only an oppie deprived woman could experience. Love the fan, and all those tins and the desk idea- we are doing a similar design in our walk in pantry but with a window as the back wall. mel x

  12. Glad you made up again and were rewarded with lots of treasures. Now we're all looking forward to the desk reveal.

  13. have struck op shop gold!!!! I DREAM of finding a lamp like that, and a fan like that. I kindly allowed my thrifting bestie to take home a West German vase for $8 as I don't have the room to display it. LOVE your finds. I hope you've got your op shop mojo back! Xx

  14. Yep I think you just about killed me with that post. The fan has me a flutter. The forks I think every home if not every second home had to have some of those. The shell owl, it's just awwwww. The Johnson plate save me now. The tins my goodness full of buttons, everyone knows I love buttons.

    All of it is fab, you have such a good eye.

  15. Love the Venetian Blind effect on the little tin.. gorgeous.

  16. Wow some great finds....op shopping has that way of pulling you back in when you think all is hopeless....we had a fan like that growing up. xxx

  17. Holy Dooley! That is some opping mojo you're working right now. The lamp and fan are great and $10 for anything West German is pretty good. You know you can't fight it. Just give yourself up to the dark side!

  18. The cover for the couch is my favorite. But, honestly, there are no words to describe the owl. No. Words. I had to look up "op shop." Thank heavens for that interweb thingy.

  19. You just needed to rekindle the passion, Kylie, all the op shopping love is still there!
    You have found some treasures alright. Love the fan, the lamp, the plate and the tins. I dream of finding a gorgeous tin full of old buttons - sad, aren't I?
    I don't know what to say about Crazy Owl. He's just crazy.
    Has Anth started on that desk yet?! xxxx

  20. We all have phases of being disenchanted with op shopping and wanting to reduce clutter. But, there's no other shopping experience like it, and the passion always re-ignites, I find.

    I love the true retro look of the fan, the paint chips, quirky logo and sturdy design. The plate - so incredibly modern looking, but timeless really. Great tins, vases, planters, all in all, a jolly good bit of shopping.
    Can we have a major your of your home one day, pretty please? It.looks so well styled.

    Lucy x

  21. oh kylie, that desk project looks amazing-and the lamp and the fan-you dont half find some cool things! i've been off the oppying lately too, but the promise of finds like those is making me think i ought to go have a poke around today, just in case...

  22. I can see why you had to, Kylie. How could you say no? Well, you couldn't. I cannot wait to see your new desk. Clever Anth. No pressure.....

  23. What great treasures!! I adore the fan (and the little bottles surrounding), the red flower willow tins are stunning.
    I dig the zodiac teaspoons too. What a haul. Nice work.x

  24. Oh mein gott. That's it, I'm moving to Perth. Your finds are AMAZING and this post is making me sooo envious. There is certainly nothing that good in opshops here!

  25. Kylie, I'm glad your sanity has returned and you are at one with the opshop world again! As for that pic of the lady with her to-die-for desk, I also have seen it and lusted it (alas my hubbie is not obviously as clever or brave as yours so it shall remain a dream) and I thought that I knew where I'd seen it but my search has been vain - but do still think that she is a kiwi (fashion?) designer. Sally

  26. do not stop op shopping just yet, i'd like to say. i enjoy so much your finds. the good thing about looking at these, kylie, is that i don't have to put them away someplace, but i can look at them. and they do look good! all of 'em. that owl cracks me up most.

  27. It's no wonder you find such great treasures, your op shops are pretty amazing in comparison to those locally. I'm still kicking myself at all the vintage sheets I found.

    So glad you parted with a tenner for that piece, it goes beautifully in your home. As for the desk, it's totally gonna rock in that space.


  28. "Ohhhh" wow wow wow some fantastic scores!
    That fan is totally awesome. I don't know if I would EVER be able to totally cut thrift shopping out of my life. lol

  29. Loving the rose tins, shell owl, fan the list goes on.. vintage treasure hunting at its best!. :) Tina

  30. May I humbly say, that is quite a bit of STUFF for someone whose thrifting days were being cut back! :D Surely you know I jest. I hope so. I would have been right back at it too if I had seen that fan, the canister, and all of it!