Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chez Oramski and a Vintage T (because I forgot yesterday)

A few things around our house that make me happy...


I'm beginning to wonder if our tiny hallway is starting to look a bit cluttered...

Rogues Gallery #1

#2 I bought these brass horses for a friend, but when I got them home I found I couldn't part with them.

#3 that's little Tommy next to Mary (Lucy Violet's husband)

Annabel's vintage curtains which I've just had made into Roman blinds. Very pleased with how they turned out.

I've used this Frankie S quote on my blog before, but it's true, "orange (really) is the happiest colour"

Here's more proof.

This baby has come to live at our house. It's a beautiful modern dream catcher, handmade by Pippa, who even named it after moi! If that's not special I don't know what is! You can read all about it here. Just gotta paint our bedroom walls, and then it's sweet dreams every night.

frock still up for grabs btw

I like blue too. This op-shopped doily has made me want to dye all my doilies, then I might actually use them...

Look, babies! I'm sure they weren't there a couple of days ago, I'm so excited about this! Does anyone know if you can grow these (Rosary Bead Plant) from cuttings?

Finally hanging our Cornish painting, (this thing's huge! bigger than me! bigger than Texas, Dana) has made me really happy. I call this Madonna and Child, I don't know it's real name. It was painted by West Australian artist Campbell Frederick Cornish in 1972. My Mum, who used to work at the Art Gallery of WA, won it from him in a bet. She gave it to us a few years ago, but it hasn't had a proper place till now. Would you find it disconcerting to have this on the wall while you're eating?

The Art Gallery of WA has several Cornish pieces, and we think know we are very lucky to have one too.


The cactus in the black pot is a newby, bought from an old Italian man at a garage sale. Do you know what it's called?

My Mum was going to ditch the little Buddha, so I brought him home to live with us.

Lime green bottle brush on our verge, the only one, the rest are red. Very nice of the local council to co-ordinate their planting so perfectly with our house!

Freshly planted garden bed, flamingos enjoying a frolic under the sprinklers.
(Frangipani just about to burst into leaf, excited about that too. We've just planted three. I wish they were bigger, but gosh those things are expensive!)

Bored yet?

Here's the t.t



  1. Your home is beautiful Kylie. It could never look 'too cluttered' because you have such neat lines and are obviously a clean and tidy person who doesn't pile mail, hair paraphernalia, receipts and other detritus up on top of your shelves to gather thick layers of dust (like I do!).

    The light looks stunning on the outdoor shots,
    and the plants look to be positively lapping it up.
    That tea towel is pretty depressing, not sure why!

    Do you have 'Ned the Lonely Donkey' in your Ladybird range? I cannot find it anywhere.

    Lucy x

  2. Oh Kylie, you know how much I'd like to snoop round your home. I love your hallway and it doesn't look at all cluttered to me but very orderly and neat. I like the way you've popped your photos on those ledges. I like those ledges. I have one which I haven't put up yet but I'm now thinking that two may be in order.

    Your Madonna and Child is beautiful and the roman blind you made is gorgeous - you talented thing you. xx

  3. Kylie, I love all the glimpses of your home whenever they pop up on the blog but your hallway has to be my favourite so far - I adore your shelf gallery of family photos! It looks beautiful, also super keen on those colour coded ladybirds - who couldn't love those!? :-)

    Definitely not too cluttered! :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. I saw those brass figures and thought they were lovely little llamas. But even though they're horses they are still fantastic. Oh that sounds like i don't like horses - which is not the case at all - I just happen to love llamas.

    And I'm planning to get some mini cactus plants - been thinking about it for a while and seeing yours looking so spiffy has decided the matter.

    I'm envying you your frangipane trees - oh and the fact that's spring chez toi.

  5. How could we get bored! Love the glimpses of your home. The only name of a cactus I know is pincushion but I think those are more spiky. Frangipani are my favourites - they are such a childhood memory for me - but of course I could never have one where I live now.

  6. I love the rogues gallery, beautifully framed and put together. And the Cornish picture is gorgeous, I really love it!

  7. What a great idea to die doilies. I like that idea as well.
    I wouldn't find it disconcerting having the painting in the dining room, not at all.
    The tea towel is great. He looks a bit like my dad, but my dad's not a fisherman.

  8. Love your wall gallery.
    All the little glimpses of your home are lovely.

  9. I hope I have a home like yours when I grow up :)

  10. Hi Kylie, your hall doesn't look cluttered to me it looks perfect!

    Love the flamingos, I am waiting for mine to arrive :)

  11. With the rosary bead plant try just snipping a bit off and plonking in a glass of water. You never know it might start shooting out roots after a couple of weeks. I try this method with all my cuttings, you win some you lose some :-)

  12. Everyone needs Mary Buddha flamingos and a frangipani!!.gorgeous home you have the Cornish!
    Allison x

  13. Your garden looks good. I got confused for a second then remembered you are down under. Right, or am I confused? Is that a Plumeria stuck in the middle of your garden? Also on the big giant picture...I love big giant pictures, the more colorful the better. I think the madonna is a little glarey but not intimidating. Last comment. The hall. Yes. Much. Stuff.

  14. I love your picture rails and the entire "rogue's gallery." I would have kept the brass horses too! I can't wait to see Pippa's macrame when it's hung in your bedroom. It's so beautiful. As always, I love seeing your plants and your yard. You have such an amazing green thumb. And I think the huge painting is freakin' awesome. I love the colors and don't find it the least bit disconcerting. It's fabulous, and you're very lucky to have it...and where art is concerned, it can never be too big or too bold for me. (You know I laughed at the "bigger than Texas" comment!) The t.t. is funny like every fisherman I've ever known.

  15. Oh yay! You shared more of your gorgeous home! Im always up for a sticky beak hehe :)
    I think your hallway looks fab, not cluttered at all just full of warmth and love :)
    I LOVE your painting and would be more than happy to have it share our table - lucky you! LOVE your dream catcher too! xxx

  16. Those pearl necklace succulents go nuts! So cutting away! As soon as the shoot is established, pop into the soil and admire your handy work! :)
    The Kylie is Kylie! xx

  17. Love the "rogue's gallery"! I've always been meaning to do that in my hallway but haven't got around to it yet. Love the photo of Tommy in the beautiful frame!

  18. I looooove looking around your place! Tres cool! That dream catcher is simply stunning. Hopefully we get to see some pics of your room once it's up? My mum has grown the pearl succulent from a cutting - not a cutting that someone gave her mind you .... she's a bit of a plant thief my mum is!

  19. lovely to be back, and looking thru some of your blogs gives me inspiration and hope that my new home will be more ''me'' soon too.

  20. So nice to see some more of your digs, completely enjoyable. i had been hoping for ages you would do this, any chance of poking around a little more for all us stickybeaks? How about I reveal some of Betsy's ornate ceilings and you ferret something out in return? mel x

  21. Loved the little tour of your house....loving your plants especially.
    have a lovely weekend. xx

  22. So much to see that is delicious here. I'm loving your tripod pot in the garden, your rosary beads, your wavy green West German friend, the colors in the Cornish and what looks like a very tidy hallway to me. It's hard not to get a bit of clutter when you love ephemera. You seem to have struck a nice balance. I loved visiting your house!

  23. Oh I love the snippets of your home and what makes you happy. I am a bit of a stickybeak when it comes to these things. I am very jel of your painting. So lucky. I would love to know a little bit more about the bet! see told you I was nosey;)
    I have no issue whatsoever eating next to such a stunning piece after all the little one is contemplating dinner himself I think!
    PS Thank you for your lovely gift. Absolutely unnecessary, totally thoughtful and much appreciated. Leax

  24. Your hallway looks lovely, noticed the old skirting boards. Love Annabel's curtains! The flamingos look very happy and was that a sprig of euphorbia I spied? P.s no to your question(just read too many gardening books)though no help in naming the new cactus. ps. I bought something retro orange this week.

  25. i gather those flamingoes.... are, erm, {not} real?
    splash, i've loved this tour!