Friday, October 12, 2012

Op-Shopped Hits and a Miss (which could be yours...)

but I'll get to that later.

Although I'm not as crazy about op-shopping as I used to be (Quelle horreur!) here are some pics of my more recent hits

Little ceramic basket vase (ex ceramics class I'd say), filled with ?,* spotted and plucked furtively while taking the dog for a walk this morning. Fifty cents.

Another Hookey board. I'm going to hang this in our kitchen. Vintage tea towels will hang from its hookey hooks. Anth's childhood baseball bat to the right. Oh and I've taken to using an old Willow, fruit and veg storage bin to stash my Ladybird overflow.

Beautiful barkcloth cushion. one dollar.

Homemade pottery (love this) inscribed Karru WA. Fifty cents. Planted up with Rosary Beads/String of Pearl Plant, one dollar swap meet.

Little ceramic basket vase #2, this one made in Italy. Un dollaro.

A bundle of unused vintage cards. Ten cents each.

Isn't this a gorgeous card. It was designed by Sue Adam's (her Daisy Lane range) for The Phil Taylor Studios (one of Australia's oldest greeting card design companies - it celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year) These cards, from the 60's and 70's have been reissued. You can buy them (and check the dreamy illustrations) here. Mine's an original (just saying)

Johnson Brothers casserole. Made in England. Three dollars. I bought this because I loved its charcoal lid and because it's something we will use. There was a whole set of this in the oppy, but I resisted temptation because I knew most of it would've ended up gathering dust in the shed.

And now (and this is where you come in) a miss

I bought this Geoff Bade 80's dress for daughter #1 to wear to a fancy-schmancy work do (she is a clever cookie, who goes to uni and has an internship with a prestigious accounting firm - proud Mum talking)
When she saw it she said it was the "fugliest" dress she had ever seen! Ouch! I got that one wrong, didn't I...

I think



If you don't mind a bit of 80's ra-ra, or frocking up Cyndi Lauper style, and you think it's beautiful too, it's yours. Just send me a note. I will randomly choose a new owner if there's more than one fan. The label says size 12, but these days it would be more of a size 8 - 10.

Anyway to end, here's another hit (most of the time!)
It's Adelaide, frocked up, her way.


* if you can identify this plant, please send me a note.

UPDATE: Em tells me it's a Spurge, (what a horrible name for something so gorgeous) which is a tupe of Euphorbia. Thanks Em x


  1. For me, Adelaide's stolen the show! What a stunner! (Like her mudder.)

  2. Wow, wonderful purchases! have a happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  3. I can see where your girls get their looks from Kylie.
    Nice finds...I gasped though at knowing you left Johnson behind :)

  4. Beautiful offspring, poor lonely Johnson but I understand! Love the bark cloth too and very saucy wall paper!

  5. Great finds - using the board to display vintage tea towels is a great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Wow awesome finds. I'm smitten over the board and cards, so sweet,

  7. Your finds are gorgeous! I would stake a claim to that amazing red dress but I'm unsure if my ginormous bazoomas would fit into a vintage 12! Adelaide looks stunning regardless.

  8. Adelaide looks so beautiful (like her mama!), but she would have rocked the 80s strapless frock too, if only she had given it a try! I only wish it would go anywhere near me... yeah, I know, that's a laugh!
    Love all your gorgeous, perfectly displayed treasures, Kylie, you have such a good eye.
    Have a lovely weekend. xxxx

  9. Look at all your cool stuff Kylie, love it. Especially those cards, so are so sweet. Adelaide is stunning :)

  10. Adelaide is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I can see why you're such a proud mom! (My daughter quit wearing anything I picked out for her when she was about 12, so don't feel bad!)

    As for your finds, I don't know where to start. I love the first vase and the purloined plants. Your living room looks so good...and I love the group of pillows and the wallpaper. I also love the homemade pottery with the Rosary Beads/String of Pearls plant. I've never seen a plant like that before! The little Italian basket vase is adorable too. The casserole is lovely. I don't know how you left the rest behind. Great scores!

  11. I love the casserole dish! I think you were probably wise to leave the rest of the set(speaking from experience). And the cushion was a great score!

  12. No misses there Kylie....that dress just gave me a great flashback....mine was royal blue. Love the Johnson and the can you not be crazy about oppies after finds like that!

  13. Is that truly coral coloured taffeta, plus lace. My 16 yo self would just snaffle that up to replace the hideous ivory number with dropped waist, cowl shoulder thingy and asymmetric hemline with rosette that I wore to my formal. What was I thinking? Your daughter is a complete babe, with very good style I might add. mel x

  14. I feel a little the same way about op-shopping, used to do a lot more but now it seems all the extra exciting bits have gone since vintage became so huge! I like finding clothes, fabric etc that I can create with. Love that dress though :) Hope you are really well.

  15. The casserole dish matches my wedding china. I got two sets from totally unrelated people. It now lives with my ex husband!

  16. wow! like mom like daughter... i dunno whether she can appreciate, but there you have it. i mean, the looks, right. what do i know else... ;)))