Saturday, January 24, 2015

Holiday Snaps

Here are some pics from our recent Summer hols holiday in Albany.

a bit like an old-fashioned slideshow at the rellies - and probably just as boring. You've been warned.

Albany is a 4.5 hour drive South of Perth. 416 "clicks" to be precise. It is the oldest permanently settled town in Western Australia and my idea of heaven. It ticks all my holiday boxes (and my non-holiday boxes too). There's only one bad thing about a holiday in Albany and that's knowing it's a holiday and not a more permanent arrangement.

I could go on and on (and on!) about why I love Albany so much, but this is meant to be a slideshow not a word fest so I'll shut-up and get on with it.

Here I am in heaven on Middleton Beach,
(showing a bit too much leg, me thinks...)

and here's Anth in heaven on Middleton Beach
(wearing a pair of boardies I made from an old barkcloth curtain).

Here I am with a new doggy friend I.H.O.M.B.(!)
(sadly our own little pooch, the Jedster, isn't quite up to the 6 km return walk from Middleton Beach to Emu Point these days. His heart is willing but those little old legs of his just aren't up to it anymore. Sniff!)

Here is the house we stayed in while we were there
a 60's brick veneer - pity about the render, but it had a cool front door
and drawers full of vintage board games, including Anthony's childhood fave
(needless to say I whipped his sorry board-game-playing arse!)

Grand old buildings (practically ancient by Australian standards) are everywhere in Albany, like the Courthouse (1895-96) - check out its arched doorway
isn't it magnificent?! Imagine the hard yakka that went into its construction...and there are two of them! One slightly smaller than the other, both constructed of Albany granite.

and St John's Anglican Church 
consecrated in 1848 (the oldest consecrated church in Western Australia), just to give you a couple of examples, but as much as I respect these beautiful old buildings (and I do, I really do) you know what really get's me going architecture-wise don't you???

Yep! Buildings like this one
Modernist beach shack  - a few doors down from 'our' place.

There are heaps of them in Albany! From humble fibro beach shacks to places you'd need to part with serious dollars to own - Albany is chokkas with Modernist architecture! Breeze blocks, skillion roofs, flat roofs, wrought iron screen doors and house names, concrete swans aplenty! Every time we're there we find new houses to covet/lust over. Do I need to continue? 
(did I mention I was in heaven already?)

Feast your eyes on these beauties!

(just a smidge of what I could've taken - my photo taking got a bit ridic actually - my demands to "stop the car!" started to wear thin pretty quickly. 'They' wanted to stop the car and throw me out of it! A ten minute walk to the beach took 45 - you know what I mean...
My photos are not that crash-hot either - this year I need to get a proper camera and...learn how to use it!)
I love the concrete structure that supports the front stairs.
And this one,
this one is for sale!
Here's a photo from it's real estate listing
which you should definitely check out. The views, et al!
...and while you're there, you must (please, I insist!) check out this listing too.

Okay well I think it's (high!) time I called a halt to the proceedings - it's been a very long post.
You'll be relieved to know I'm saving the awesome John. A. Barnsbey Brutalist Lookout Tower for another time ;)
(actually it deserves a post of its own - you know how I feel about Brutalist lookout towers, don't you?!)

Thanks so much for reading
I really appreciate it x

p.s. here are a couple of links you might find interesting/useful:
This is where we stayed. Clean, comfy and pet friendly! Not easy to find here in W.A. I'm talking pet friendly here - not clean and comfy ;)



  1. Hello Kylie,

    What a wonderful time you sound to have enjoyed in Albany. And, what is not to like with that fabulous stretch of azure blue sea to look at every day. Yes, a piece of Paradise.

    The modernist architecture is most intriguing. We know very little about this area of Australia and you have now kindled our interest to find out more. One can imagine sitting in a Drawing a Room on a raised floor and looking out to, that really would be special. However, we understand that Australian house prices are rocketing so affording this heavenly view might be something of a problem, we imagine.

  2. Too funny! Did I mention I love your style and your eye for these things Kylie? Wheelie bins and have opened my eyes to modernist architecture! You look fab and check out those pins of yours.

    I will stay tuned for the Brutalist Lookout Tower!

  3. I love real estate ads so jumped straight over to check out those 70s avocado coloured kitchen cupboards - like really fine vintage Tupperware colour. Wow. *Aussie roadtrip holiday lust* now too...

  4. I am sitting in our tent at Denmark looking at your great photos....we spent the day in Albany today and made all the same observations....haven't been to Albany since I was a kid....made mine stand next to dog rock today for a pic...they were not that impressed......loved Shelley Beach on the way back and a quick visit to the blowholes....we must come back and stay in Albany some time and take in all the sights. Xxxxx

  5. The beach looks stunning and it's great to see all those houses. Have a great weekend!

  6. Gorgeous beach and house pics!!! I'm ready to visit!

  7. Wow, that beach looks utterly wonderful, as do the blue skies, and you showing plenty of leg, woo hoo! Albany looks delightful, with plenty of the architecture you love, and even some older buildings for me to admire - that stone arch and doorway are fabulous.
    PS. Nina's wearing your frock today and loving it, must remember to take a photo! xxx

  8. I LOVEDAlbany when I was there in '98. And now I live in Albany Rd and we refer to our house as Albany Acres (the previous one was Thompson Towers). Lets all club together and buy a fibro beach shack there..... xxx

  9. I was not such a fan of modernist architecture that long ago but I'm warming to it. The breeze blocks, stone feature walls and wrought iron are winning me over now though, as are your beaut photos.
    Albany looks like such a stunning place. x

  10. Albany is amazing! I can see why you love it so much. The architecture, both the very old and the Modernist, is spectacular, and the views are gorgeous. Love seeing photos of you and Anth too.

  11. Sounds as if you were in your element in Albany Kylie. What spectacular skies and lovely light ....something I am missing so much at the moment. Albany seems to have a lot to offer holidaymakers. Great to see you and the mister too and not too much leg. Dad now in Perth....gawd, hope he's OK, eagerly awaiting email.

  12. Loooks fab! (and you're legs look pretty good too!! haha!)

  13. Hee hee, I remember those slide shows! Muuuuum, can we go home yet?! I hate it when I miss a good photo because I've used up all the stop-the-car-goodwill. Here in freezing England, a beach holiday in January sounds the most wonderful thing, and Albany looks like the most perfect place. It's lovely to see you enjoying yourselves so much. Glad you whooped Anth on the board games, I like to do that and then GLOAT a lot. Definitely not too much leg, you always look so stylish and lovely. That green and cream kitchen is great isn't it? Xxx

  14. oohhh Im soaking up that thick clear blue sky and warmth I can feel coming from your photo's. Its very cold here in England and I long for the warmer weather not that I want to wish the year away. Albany looks like a beautiful place to live and that beach is nearly deserted just the way I like it :-) dee xx

  15. WA is so amazing. Must go back sometime. Looks like you had a great holiday. And you've kept up the sewing. Good on you! Happy Australia Day

  16. Looks like a beautiful place, we never made it to Western Australia unfortunately but there are so many places there I would love to see.

  17. I just realised I read your blog post in an Aussie accent! Love those beachy homes so different from anything we have here, the weather looks pretty awesome too!

  18. Always smile my way through your posts Miss. So much fabby stuff here but it's a three way tie for the arched doorway, Anths shorts!!! how good are you! and would be remiss of me not to mention those legs!

  19. I love going south but have never been to Albany believe it or not. My partner grew up there. I must go. So many awesome houses! Our new back door is along the lines of that timber one, but the wood is vertical! Looks like you had a lovely time :)

  20. Looks like it was an amazing time indeed!!

  21. My dear, if you want to join my handmade dress swap, the sign up is on my blog! Hope your well. Xx