Thursday, January 15, 2015

Love and Other Catastrophes

These photos (and coincidentally the stills on our telly) tell a story, so I'll let them do (most of) the talking.

p.s. it's a little bit sad - keep your tissues handy ;)
All is good in my little world. The house is clean and sparkling (I'm a Virgo - I love clean and sparkling) Annie (Betty Hutton) and Frank (Howard Keel)* are in love. I'm happy.
Storm clouds gathering...
An omen of dastardly things to come???
Oh Annie! I'm about to feel your pain! 

If I knew this was going to be our last few minutes together, I would've held you closer and said goodbye properly...
Bye bye Bitossi. Sob! Bye bye blue rimini! Sniff!
A memento of carefree, happier days


We had ten good years together. I loved you!

* Annie Get Your Gun 1950


  1. Ohhhhh what happened Kylie?? :(

  2. I was so shocked by these images that I tried to comment immediately on my iphone at the bus stop. Fellow commuters heard my very audible GASP!! I'd be devastated. You must be. How the hell did it happen?! I'm intrigued by the white ceramic innards though.

  3. Oh Nooooo I am so sorry your poor vase :-( But on the plus side you have a gorgeous home :-) and you were luckier than me lovely I lost the contents of my whole cabinet. So think happy thoughts. Hugs, dee xx

  4. Oh no that beautiful vase.
    There's been a couple of breakages here of Johnson ware and Pyrex and I grimace just thinking about it.

  5. I'm sniffing into my tissue as we speak. Whenever I break a vintage piece, I feel guilty about being the one who ended it's decades-long life!!! After making you feel so much better with that comment, I will tell you that incorporating the action on the TV with your sad tale was brilliant! I hope you find the perfect replacement for pennies in the next thrift store you visit.

  6. ummm. \Ooooops! In better news, I got the recipe! Thank you!! I am definitely going to have a go at it, will let you know how it goes! :)

  7. Hot damn, why did that have to go and happen? Was it the pooch? I mean it looks pretty stable in those first pictures. It's usually other people that break or ruin all my treasures. I'm a Sagg, but I like clean and sparkling too. Your house looks LOVELY. I don't think I've seen Annie Get Your Gun... Xxxx

  8. Oh bugger, how did that happen? Isn't it sad when something beloved gets broken? One of my cats knocked a glass genie bottle off the mantlepiece, and I may have had to hold back a tear or two... xxx

  9. Aarrggh! This reminds of the TERRIBLE time a possum came down the chimney and ran around the room hurling things off hither and thither. That moment when you wrap up your beloved object for burial... *sniff*...

  10. Dear lord say it isn't so.

  11. OH NO! just hate when that happens, one of my deer ornaments perished the other day, I feel your pain xx

  12. Oh no! Reminds me of when I smashed a Bambi!

  13. SOB!
    I've been hoarding my broken china - of course I will do something with them someday - not a doubt in my mind.