Friday, January 9, 2015

"Mum, is that a maternity dress?"

(Annabel, 17 years)

I'm on holidays until early Feb and while I haven't made any proper resolutions for the new year, one of the things I want to do in 2015 is to sew more clothes for myself. 

Here is my first frock for the year. Fresh off my little old Janome 360
146 photos later!!!
(I am a shocker in front of the camera! Honestly, you've got to see 'em to believe 'em! It's I'm scary!)

And no Annabel, it is not a maternity dress! Nor is it a sack. Or a toga. Anthony! 

It is a lovely, simple (and yes, okay) voluminous dress, reminiscent of those gorgeous smocky frocks you see in Japanese sewing books. Well IMO it is anyway. And best of all, no translation required ;)

Here it is without me in it
looking even more Japanesy hanging off our ply wardrobe.

Here's a close-up of its thread loop closing
I am very proud of that little crocheted loop!

Here's the back
"box pleated, loosely draping", nice and cool for Summer.

It has a bow (it threads through openings in the side seams)
(no baby here!)

and great big pockets to stick your hands in.

It also has that whole mullet thing going on - you know, "all business in the front, party at the rear" (except the other way around), but the less said about that, the better!

What do you reckon?
Maternity smock? House dress? Or is it the muumuu for you you?
(Mc Call's M6553 if it is)


p.s. these girls are sewing pretty frocks too and so is this one.



  1. It's gorgeous! Well done. I don't have the patience for sewing anything that requires a pattern. I love your ply wardrobe - was that custom made? Looks great.

  2. It, and you, are adorable. Cheeky kids xo

  3. ah I love it and I love the bow detail! PS, I've never heard of the lemonade scone recipe so will be looking forward to receiving it :)x

  4. It's a fab frock and you look gorgeous in it, Kylie! I suspect that shape works better on a teeny tiny frame like yours - I might look a bit like a sack of potatoes in it - but that's the skill of choosing the right pattern for your figure. Lovely - make more dresses! xxx

  5. I think it's an adorable dress, and you look great in it. I agree with Curtise that it's perfect for your body type (which many of us would kill for, you know). Your sewing skills are getting amazingly good, especially since you haven't been at it for all that long. I used to know how to make a loop like that, but I bet I couldn't now if my life depended on it. Good job, you!

  6. Happy New Year!

    It's adorable, as are you! :)

  7. Well I love it! Love the pale grey polka dots! The tie/bow thing is perfect. Yay! Xx

  8. Gosh.. maternity dress I don't think so.
    It's a lovely dress Kylie and you look great in it.
    I do like the high/low hem and I'm planning on doing the same type on a dress I have just cut out. x

  9. I like it Kylie...and you wear it so well! I like the mullet analogy! The back is gorgeous, it looks so cool and comfortable. Given that I can barely sew a button on, I think you are very clever. Your house looks cool as ever too x

  10. chic and cool, so right for summer, You have great legs so show 'em off

  11. I wish I'd learned to sew something sensible like clothes in school Home Ec rather than all the nonsense that was served up (like drink the water the veges were boiled in as that's where all the nutrients went... seriously...). You are brilliant! I love that bow to death.

  12. You look super cute and the dress is hella fresh!

  13. Wow I think its fabulous your sewing skills are great love the fabric and I think it looks beautiful and fresh on you, dee x

  14. get you I love it, especially the wide sash belt and the loop of course!
    what a gorgeous creature you are!
    Daizeeee x

  15. Well done on another gorgeous frock! I think the super special feature is the tie at the front & the flowy back. It suits you, but that ain't hard when you have supermodel looks! ;-) I re-fashioned an old house dress today by cutting the sides off & adding darts & sewing it back up. I was pretty pleased that it's gone from a complete cotton sack to something resembling a frock. I honestly can't believe I'm enjoying sewing so much. Who would have thought??? Xx

  16. Cute, cute, cute. I've just bought myself an expensive pair of german trousers that are reminscent of a 1980's sofa (fabric not cut) xxx

  17. It's fabulous! It's the kind of dress I'd make if I were sewing. The main thing is that you love it. You look great in it, and it looks so comfortable, so I hope you love it. I love seeing photos of the house and the ply wardrobe. I think you did get it custom made, didn't you? I'd be keen to know how you went about it. I'm wanting some plywood shelves made which would wrap around into a plywood study 'nook' (hate 'nook') and think I may need to source a full-blown cabinet maker.

  18. Fresh as a daisy and cute to boot!! 😘🌼

  19. it....and you look terrific in of my goals is to get hold of one of those Japanese pattern books and make myself a couple of lovely boxy dresses......I'll keep my eye on you sewing. Xxxxx

  20. You look beautiful! Very clever too. I love the bow and the femininity of this piece. I really suits you and I agree with the others that it best on a tiny one like you. Ps you are doing great on the blog front too.

  21. You are so gorgeous you'd look fabulous in anything. I love it! It's really unusual with the flowing back and the tie through bow, definitely reminds me of all those amazing Japanese designers back in the 80s and 90s who came out with such great shapes. I want to see more Kylie dresses! As to taking that many photos, I get through a fair few myself before there is anything fit for human consumption. As always, I love looking at your beautiful home. Look at those wardrobes! So so stylish. Xxx

  22. Clicked over in the hope you might have been blogging.... YES!! Very happy to see! And - I don't think there's anything maternity about this dress at all. It looks fabulous and you look stunning.

  23. It's stunning! And it doesn't look like a maternity dress at all. (Your home is beautiful by the way!)

    Colleen x