Monday, March 9, 2015


(Obviously) I haven't been here for quite a while, but if I try to explain the reasons behind my absence (all of them as boring as bat sh** anyway) I'll give up before I get started.
So I'm just going to...get started!
If I come up with a half-way decent post of (almost) any description I'll be happy and if I don't...well, you'll never ever know, will you? That's the beauty of this gig. Ha!

You wouldn't believe how many times I've begun this post!
Deciding to take my blog out of the too hard basket was easy. Finding the words and actually doing it? Harder than it looks.

Didn't I just say I was going to get started?


Here goes... 


Prepare to be underwhelmed.

After that sucky intro please forgive me if I just bung a few photos up. These were taken on the Labour Day long weekend (last weekend here in the West cause we like to do things differently here!) in Bunbury (home of the awesome Marlston Hill Lookout Tower.  Remember?). 

We stayed at the Lighthouse Inn, built in 1976.
Although parts of it have been renovated we stayed in an original - apart from a lick of paint and a few new tacky prints hanging on the walls, retro-ish room. The bathroom had a feature tile which I got very excited about 
the other tiles aren't too shabby either. 
(my best friend at the time had these in purple in her bathroom)

I was 14 in 1979! That year we all wore 150th Anniversary pins (stylised swans) on the lapels of our blazers to school. We thought we were pretty bloody special which is completely lame, but quite sweet too when I (you?) think about it.

1979, such a long time ago, but it feels like yesterday really...

Granite feature walls are a big deal at the Lighthouse Inn. I think they are gorgeous.
Speaking of granite walls, check out this baby!

These steps lead up to a completely under-utilised viewing deck
it would be a spectacular place to sip a drinky-poo or two! That's the direction I'd be heading in if I was the owner...
More granite just outside our hotel room.
(and me posing losering. Same big dag I was in '79 - back when I thought lapel pins were the shizz)

This was the view from our room
Honestly, open the sliding glass door, cross that little road and you're there! In heaven (again).

Lighthouse Inn even has it's very own, mini lighthouse!
Cute eh?

And now for something completely different architecture-wise

(this is just one of many awesome buildings in Bunbury that had us oohing and ahhing. Click this link to St Boniface Cathedral - it had us (me) drooling too)

This is the entrance to Darkroom Concept.

Located in the former Lyric Theatre on Victoria Street, Darkroom Concept is a shop that (to quote their website) doesn't sell anything "lame or wanky"!
Nothing for me then! 

The Lyric Theatre was built in 1905 but remodelled in 1937 - which accounts for its beautiful art deco facade.

I was a bit iffy about going inside because I knew it was going to be one of those places where I'd feel just like I did at fourteen (awkward, uncomfortable and here's that word again, daggy!).
I'm so glad I manned up, got over myself and went inside because it was amazing. 
Anth reckons these signs aren't original (I was too much of a chicken to ask!) but even if they're not, I still think they're lovely.
It was very hard not too. Loiter.
Another really bad photo of me to add to the archives to end. Sour puss? More like "quick Anth, take a photo before they see!" (they were very nice actually)

Fin until next time. If there is a next time...and thanks for reading. I know the photos aren't the best and the writing is lousy. I aim to improve as I go along.  x

p.s. do you like my Oroton handbag? I found it on the side of the road during our council verge collection last year! The beautiful things people throw away! Crazy!



  1. Well hello there Kylie. SO bloody good to see you back. Where do I start on this post, so much good stuff! Love the anniversary you think by any chance there was a dunny roll holder on that wall that left those holes behind?

    The ocean view from your room, it doesn't get any better.

    But, those old concrete stairs and those chalky colours are the bomb (or however young people say that thing) Imagine having that as an entrance to a super cool converted probably impractical house?

    That bag, instant Oroton envy. By the way, you look fab x

  2. Hello Kylie,

    Long time no see but good to have you back in Blogland.

    Never worry about what to write since snippets from an altogether different part of the world are always of interest. We gave never been to Australia and know little about it so what may seem commonplace to you is far from it to us.

    The Lighthouse Inn looks to have been a wonderful place to get away from it all. Your sea view room must have been the perfect antidote to hectic daily life. Lovely!

    And, what a retro time you had, bringing back all those memories from what to yours solong ago and for us seems like yesterday. How the years fly by!

  3. Anth must love being your sidekick ... you bein' so cute an' all. 1979 was the Year of the Child. It was my favourite year because, being a Child, I thought it was all about me. And remember the song "Care for Kids"? Fav. song from 1979. I'm going to do a blog post now inspired by your blog post after so long ... So long.

  4. Its lovely to see and read a post from you. I haven't been in blogland again for a while and I decided to write a quick post this morning to. I feel a bit like you with it really. I was 8 years old in 1979 :-) don't remember much about the 70's but I do adore the designs from it now. The lighthouse inn looks beautiful and such a lovely location to relax and unwind in. You are still looking gorgeous. dee xx

  5. Hi Kylie
    Enjoyed your Bunbury snaps but puhleeze.. no more photos of your fabulous pins, it's just too depressing to be reminded that mine are hideous!

  6. Cool little do have a way to sniff out the fun things to do and see. Xx

  7. The thing to do when you don't know how to start a blog post is - just START! You don't have to fret about it, we'll always be here reading! I love the photo of you posing against the patchwork granite wall, and as Fiona says, you've got a fine pair of legs, love - you can show 'em off as much as you like, I would!
    The blue sea and sky, the baby lighthouse, the cool signs, lovely lovely lovely! xxx

  8. Nina says;
    "Is that Kylie? She looks cool and chilled, I like her style. You [ie. me] would never wear anything that short, but Kylie's got nice legs."
    Out of the mouth of babes... xxx

  9. That looks like such a great place to stay, and the view of the water from your room is beautiful. So blue!!! I love the rock walls. As usual, you look beautiful too. What did you buy in the cool store?

  10. Yay! You're back! I'm sure that cool gang of people were in awe of your "so daggy your cool" attitude.Those legs! That handbag! Could be in the pages of vogue. love those faded 50's pastels in the old theatre too. Very Havana don't you think? And as for your lapel pin - where is it? I love a sesquicentenary!

  11. Hot legs girl! Will take 'nothing lame or wanky' as my mantra for this week xxx

  12. Hi Kylie! Nice to back blogging alongside you! Xx

  13. All those beautiful layers of paint peeling to reveal then colours before it.. wowweee.
    Yes love the Oroton handbag, and you're doing a beautiful job modelling it. x

  14. Wow, totally old school seaside - just the best. I really want a gingham lighthouse now. Then I think about the steps. So many steps. Then I need to lie down.

  15. Love this, The Mr and I stayed in a Lighthouse Hotel in Scotland when we got married, we only stayed 2 nights as it was really posh and expensive and I'd booked the biggest room as a surprise so that was all we could afford. It was fab :) Oh and I love your hat :)

  16. We had those tiles in our downstairs loo, in green. They were so popular. You know, it's fascinating seeing the world through your eyes. The shots of the stairs towards the end remind me of the car park at Wilkos, a bargain hardware store. I pass through VERY quickly. I might need to reevaluate and see if I can find some beauty in them. I love the shots of you in your shorts and hat. So cute!! Xxxx

  17. I like this post. I like seeing what's around the traps in your neck of the woods. I would love to visit WA sadly I think I'll go to NZ before I get to WA tho. Those tiles were in my childhood home in grey -obviously not the anniversary tile. Lots of lovely in this post and especially lovely to see you-rockin the cut offs and all!

  18. Kylie! Just been to Bunbury and also ended up at the Lighthouse, I was scratching my head thinking, this place seems familiar... and then remembered you had written a blog about it. Sadly the cheesy suites are now all being 'refurbed'. Bet the lose the in-room-corner-spas... shame.