Saturday, July 27, 2013

Teak + Copper = Gold!

That's what a friend of mine said when she saw my most recent splurge, this gorgeous

70's hall table.
I think she's on the money, do you?
Teak, plus those lovely, Brutalist copper inlay panels on the drawers, definitely equals gold in my opinion, but I know it sat in the shop for at least a year (because I've had my eye on it for that long!) so maybe I'm the only one who thinks so...
Apart from:

my friend who came up with the whole teak, copper, gold equation - obviously!

Anthony who says he likes it too,

and its newest fans, that's you guys! Right?!) 
I bought it from Revival Hill, a shop in Perth that offers a good selection of mid century vintage furniture and homewares. If you're hunting for a vintage Danish sideboard here in the West, this is definitely the place to go to (although it can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many nice ones to choose from).
Like my little teak apple? I picked it up a few days later from Industriart - actually it was a freebie from Veronica who runs the show there - but I did buy the adonised planter you can see in the pic below
I know it's not the best pic, but I'll take another one when I pop some plants in it.
Btw, my favourite thing in Industriart at the moment is a beautiful Noblett 60's teak tea trolley (I'm mentioning this just in case you're on the hunt for one - I keep thinking about it, so pop in and buy it before my resolve not to, wavers)
My flowers (last week's splurge) are still looking good - admittedly I've had to pluck out a few droopy looking tulips, and ditch most of the freesias and roses, but the lillies have just opened and their perfume is heavenly.









  1. I like your style Kylie, it always makes me look at things differently. I will stay tuned for the knobs post :)

  2. I've only recently started following your blog but love having a nose at what's going on and in fact have been inspired to start my own.
    Some of your followers might find it of interest as I do yours.

  3. We are sooo far from the 'knob stage' I can't tell you. We're still at the 'shifting 20 tons of rubble out through the garage into the back lane' stage. Took your advice re Ikea kitchen and going for something that will hopefully complement the existing Victorians twiddly bits and my taste for a bit of brutalist modern. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. Oh my, Kylie, your new piece of furniture looks absolutely stunning!!! I love it so much, gorgeous!! That copper inlay gives it just that right amount of bling without being too much. What an amazing shop that must be. And the "condiments" on top of it, wow, love it all, the teak , the pottery!! The grey curtains behind it look very beautiful with the teak.
    I'm looking forward to you next post, I'm in the nob- market myself. Or rather nob/ hook. I still haven't found any to hang my kitchen towels. I'm looking for black ones, preferably wood ones. I loved the ones you showed that turned out to be really expensive, they remind me of the ones by Muuto, have you seen them? They're quite large. I've never checked the price, but wouldn't be surprised if they're really expensive... Looking forward to some nob inspiration! xx

  5. That teak! That copper! The table is truly beautiful. I love a good brutalist texture with some tasteful sheen, and that totally fills the bill. I went the very inexpensive knob route, so I can't wait to see what you came up with.

  6. Looks just perfect! Your display is spot on...looks like the hall table is right at home at your place. Meant to be. I usually think *overthink* about purchases far too long. Better to be sure though, I think.

  7. you left it in a shop for a year!!...not sure I should admire you or slap you!....shes a is the planter. bring on the knobarama! x

  8. Knobs is it now Kylie? You'll be attracting a whole new readership ;)

    Lilies are just heavenly, I love the scent and the long stalks and big heads, they make such a statement.

    Finally, your teak+copper=gold piece. What a find! In your house it is perfection. Everywhere you look in your house is just lovely. Once you've finished you could run house tours or use it as a location shot house it is so good looking! Either that or I suppose you could just live in it... xxxx

  9. Oh she is a beauty.........and waited so patiently to be yours.......yes yes yes we love it to.
    The planter looks wonderful in the hall.
    I shall not be a snob and will comment on the knobs...promise. Snigger.
    Arrrrhhh lilies.......beautiful.
    Love v

  10. Love a teak hall table, and perfect with that little splash of shiny.

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  12. Dear Kylie your table looks fab. I love the copper inlay! Xx, Ria

  13. I do agree, teak and copper inlay does indeed look fabulous! You have such a good eye, Kylie, your house looks amazing.
    PS. Is it really childish that I am chuckling over Tove's omission of the all-important "k"? It is, isn't it? "In the nob market", "I'm looking for black ones... quite large" and "looking forward to some nob inspiration" is making me laugh out loud. But then I do like Carry On saucy seaside postcard humour! xxx

  14. Your home is looking gorgeous Kylie - the new table is lovely, but its how you have put everything together that makes it look so special. You really have such a flair when it comes to decorating!

  15. Hello teak table of coppery goodness ... yes, I'm talking to you, not the blog author who's decided to call it quits. Tell her that she owes us a knob post.

  16. I think you probably beat someone else who has been saving up for that beauty too. Love the copper inlays, it just glows.

  17. Awesome Images! I love all the teak made furniture....Teak and copper combination makes the furniture tough and Stylish. Really your blog is impressive..teak furniture