Sunday, July 7, 2013

Words and Pictures

Cold Fish
We found this on the side of the road a few years ago.
I know some of you will be thinking we should've left it there(!) but I love it. Words (and probably good taste) defy how much.
I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to pop her out in the garden (apart from the fact that she's solid concrete and bl**dy heavy!) because every time she catches my eye she makes me smile.
You might think yuk, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to feel the lurve-thing for Fishy - notice how a previous owner has taken the time to pick out her fins and things in gaudy gold paint. And look at that 'lippy'! (might be time for a touch-up though...)
She's missing her bird bath, but I don't care - she makes a gorgeous pot-plant stand, and when my Winter Cactus (Schlumbergera) starts trailing down the sides of its (equally lovely old) concrete pot, she's gonna look even better. I think every garden needs a touch of concrete quirk, don't you?
Warm Trees 
These trees are on the very top end of the street in which we live. All the colours of the rainbow, plus extras.
Forgive my crappy photo,
(I feel like a bit of a dill taking photos in public, and these trees are right in front of our local. Its verandah was full of lunchtime drinkers at the time which upped the dill factor, hugely)
it was taken furtively and on-the-run.
I'm fine when it comes to a bit of friendly neighbourhood pruning (more evidence below), but it's a whole other story when it comes to taking photographs out in the open, just tattoo an 'L' on my forehead! (or maybe a "d' for Dag) A 'proper' blogger I'll never be.
Picked Locally 
Leucadendon 'Sundance', amber coloured vase (60's Japanese Whitefriars rip-off), atomic laminate. 
Pretty Girls 
That's Dot on the left (my favourite) and Snowbird on the right. Beautiful black ink silhouettes by my newest bloggy acquaintance Nelly. These would look amazing anywhere you put them (and particularly bangin (or should that be hangin?) in the boudoir! I can't believe I just said that!) but I'm picturing them in a shared girls bedroom, one above each bed. Nelly can be contacted here, and you can check more of her work on her blog retro revolver.
Cute Pup 
It's all an illusion. He's waiting to pounce on the next passer-by. He's our Pit Bull in Chihuahua's clothing.
(don't worry, he can't get out - he just scares the you-know-what out of them as they walk past)
Colour Swatch 
My Murobond paint samples for our kitchen cabinets (as recommended by Abigail Ahern, see here) finally arrived from N.S.W. (I couldn't get them here in little old Perth).
So which colour do you think I've chosen?
The Society Inc by Sibella Court's Farrier on the left?
Mr Jason Grant's  Dark Night on the right?
I wonder if you'll get it right? I'll let you know next time...




  1. Kylie you are the queen of concrete planters and that fish is awesome! Love the yarnbombed trees in rainbow formation, my boy would be very impressed. As for the paints I love the look of Dark night as it looks a very dark grey olive colour whilst the other looks more like a straight black. Would look smashing with your marble benches. mel x

  2. Oh your dog is so cute! I LOVE a bit of side of the road shopping. I would have taken the fish as it is very quirky and interesting! Dot and Snowbird are very pretty! xxx

  3. That fish is so funny! Love it - glad you rescued him!

  4. I think Society's Ink. It does not stink. But would look better if paired with a little pink.

  5. I'm going with Dark Night.
    I love the fish but I think I would have to revert it back to all over white or that 50's green or blue but I would still have the lippy.
    SNAP! I have the same leucadendon in my vase at the moment with green button chrysanthemums! I USED to have that atomic laminate in my kitchen and I wanted to replace it with the same or similar when I did the reno but everyone poo-pooed the idea. It was a tiny bit before the retro-revival....isn't it always the ahead of my time, *sigh

  6. Love the fish and laughed at the thought of you furtively taking pictures in public. I think you're going with Dark Night, because it has more of a velvety charcoal look, and the one on the left looks more black.

  7. Love the fish, picturing you trying to lift it into the boot of the car is giving me more smiles though lol. Great yarn bombed trees, I wonder if the girls had fun installing it in front of the local, or whether they did it in the dead of night. Your little dog is very cute xx.

  8. G'day! Love the fish, true!
    Love the subtle messages from your photos that came through!
    Cheers! Joanne
    What's On The List

  9. *eeeeep* I would have snatched that FISHY in seconds. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!!
    *Jealous of your lime*
    warm trees are so pretty
    And the poochie is just way too adorable!

  10. We're currently trying to choose a kitchen for our upcoming renovations - it's doing my head in. I want some kind of battleship grey/olive drab but it seems the fashion is for gloss white at the moment (unless you have heaps of money to spend). Good luck with yours!

  11. The fish is just that bit of fun we need sometimes. To see the trees just yet, is funny because I take pics of knitted trees in Soest yesterday to post them. So it is a worldwide trend...
    I´m going with the societys ink. I´ll be waiting for your decision!
    x, Ria

  12. I'm with you Kylie, I think its great!

    hehe, Jedster would get along brilliantly with Tinkie :)

    I'm thinking Dark Night on the right?? Can't wait to see what you pick and the big reveal :)

  13. Dark night I think. Can't wait to see the transformation. I really love those dramatic dark interiors and I know you will style it beautifully. Exciting!
    Yarnbombing is such a glorious, generous thing to do, and that avenue of rainbow trees really works. Have you yarnbombed the pooch? He does look cute looking back at you :)
    Haha! Love the kissy kissy fish! xxx

  14. ooh, i like the dark black one on the left bestest. and that dog got even cuter x

  15. I cant decide so am going with society ink?. I love your fish...I really want a concrete mermaid...if you ever see one on your travels??....yep Nelly`s work is "Bangin"...hey your words not mine!!! x

  16. Ha, that fish with the lippy is hilarious! I don't know if it's meant to be, but it is!
    Love the trees in their colourful jumpers, though I am not sure the Jedster appreciates his... Perhaps that's why he barks, out of embarrassment?
    Those girly silhouettes are beautiful. Did you say bangin? Did you? You hipster, Kylie!
    Whatever your choice of paint, I know your kitchen will look as incredible and as stylish as the rest of your house! xxx

  17. That fish would make me smile too. I dare you to touch up her lippy. And you chose Farrier...I think... xx

  18. Loving the fish, its rather funny! Also trees in woollies, wow, pretty cool. As usual the neighbourhood collection(s) are rather lovely too. Your dog made me giggle as our jack Russell does much the same, I always think people must think he is so scary, but actually it all more about barks worse than bite and all that. Now for the paint, I am going with No.1, not sure why! xoxo

  19. STOP THE PRESS!! Ahem ... can i use some expletives?? No. Ok... I'll pull myself together. So much to catch up on and I stumble upon your post regarding the fabulous Abigail... I read on and I swoon.... seriously this is fairytale stuff - especially for us bloggers who adore the whole interior design thang!! I don't actually know whether to say Congratulatons or ... "Can I come over for a cuppa when it's done??" Soooo cool. Glued to the lap-top for updates. ♥♥♥

  20. I think you'll go for the colour on the left, is it slightly darker? Love the cute little doggie!

  21. You and your concrete. But I like it, like it, yes I do (hark at me quoting Rolling Stones lyrics). I know what you mean about furtive photos. I usually get Jim or Isabel to take mine. xx

  22. Once saw similar fish as a lamp on a flea market- have regretted not buying ever since.

    Am EXACTLY the same when taking photos with an audience.

    noodleBubble X

  23. A post full of character! Oh the stories Miss fish could tell but she looks very happy to be at your place with someone who appreciates he beauty so. Also feel self conscious when taking public photos but learning to be more brave as there is so much beauty and interest to capture! Lurve the ink silhouettes and go the Dark Knight!!! :)

  24. WOAH. I'm just picking up the pieces of my blown mind. I only have access to blogspot blogs at work, so the ones I can get to, I read throroughly.. I stumbled across yours, and then it got eerie! I have a post about these trees and live in that suburb also! AND warm trees is exactly what I thought of when thinking of a name. Haha, far out! Too weird!!

    Anyway, such a great blog, you have a knack for writing, it's a shame you aren't doing it as often anymore! :)