Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kitchen Bitchen (continued)

Jase didn't call it Dark Night for nothing!

Speaking of Jason Grant, I see on his website he loves to paint.  Well if that's the case Jase, you're welcome to do some painting in our kitchen - especially if you know how to get a nice sharp line when you're painting with a dark colour against a snow white, extremely wonky pressed tin ceiling, that doesn't have a cornice - so no straight line to guide you -  ANYtime!

And if anyone else knows how to do this please share, because I am not going to be able to sleep tonight until I get this perfect (sadly, not joking) or at least have a plan of attack in mind. 
these snaps were taken just before I knocked my open tin of paint off the kitchen bench all over the floor! Thank God it was only a litre! Clumsy* = my middle name (Anth will laugh and nod when he reads this)
*probably why I have issues with the above.
Now close your eyes (only joking) and try to imagine the cabinet doors back on and painted the same colour...and a Dark Night floor to ceiling pantry next to the oven...and (if I get my way?) at least one of those horrible track lighting fittings replaced with something - if not blingier, definitely snazzier...and a nice rug covering those hideous apricot floor tiles in front of the stove... I know I'm asking a lot, but is it working for you?
Two more questions/requests for advice:
1. I am thinking of applying wallpaper to this wall
the window wall (stating the obvious!)

Here's my little moodboard thingy
Vintage 70's wallpaper - still in packaging when I found it. Originally from K-Mart of all places! 

What do you think? Yay or nay? No need to be nice okay, feel free to tell me if you think it's the dumbest idea ever. If you think it'll look crap(py), tell me. I can take it. I suppose I should mention that Abigail recommended I paint the window frame dark, of which I am 99% sure I will. Oh, and if the wall's not papered it (the wall) will remain white.
and 2. Do you think it's absolutely necessary to paint the Tasmanian Oak trim/frame? This is what you see when the cabinet doors are on...
so I'm wondering if:
a) painting them would be a waste of time, and
b) I could live with myself if I left them...(I know ,it's a sickness!)
Thanking you in anticipation, Kylie x


  1. I'd paint the trim/frame. the overall impact will be worth it.
    as for a rug to cover the tiled area have you looked into the outdoor/recycled plastic rugs. they come in so many patterns and designs and you can hose them off if needed.

  2. I'm all for wall paper - the colours are magnificent in that pure vintage way. And I'm always for painting....everything...always...

  3. Oooh - I'd love a pressed tin ceiling. It's going to be fab!

  4. Hi Kylie, wow its looking great! The trim should be quick and easy to do, and may drive you nuts when you open the doors, but if they need heaps of prep to stop the paint from chipping then it may be worth leaving them wood. I know...not much help.

    I kinda like the wall paper, it breaks up the dark paint and adds a retro feel. I say go for it! T x

  5. Kylie Helloooo.....Ok to business

    Yes defo to that wall paper (so gorgeous), and yes to paint the trims....We did something similar and one trim in our kitchen is not painted really really ANNOYS me everyday and life is too short to be annoyed by a trim...get painting i say

    love to you D xxxx

  6. I think the wallpaper will work, but leave it until last and then pin a length up to see if you like it. I think it would look good with wooden trims, again try it and see, easier to take time now and see than wish you hadn't done some thing... The colour looks amazing but you might be glad of a white wall when all done. X

  7. I love the wall paper and think you should go for it but agree with Max and think you should do it last. As for the trim I'd leave it and then when the room is finished see how you like it. If it looks wrong you can still paint it. No tips for cutting in against a pressed tin ceiling apart from masking tape which you should remove before the paint is dry to prevent flaking.

  8. A big YES to the wallpaper. (:

  9. I like the idea of timber trims, white interiors and dark cupboards!

    Guess you will have to work out whether it is the right colour timber. Wouldn't want you to feel like it looked unfinished.

    Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  10. Right then I'm going to put my two bits fwd as well. While I love the wallpaper I say no to using it here. I think the white wall will be perfect and a contrast to the black and you can always add a pop of something on the wall if required as in a plate or picture or hanging something or other... I would defo paint the trims too. I think with your perfectionist tendancies you will go nuts. Pressed ceiling is divine. No tips on how to paint neatly tho. Sorry. It's going to be great! Can't wait to see the big reveal.

  11. Well Kylie, I had a similar problem with straight lines when painting one wall dark pink in our dining room (and the other walls were left white). I put masking tape all around the wall I was painting so the pink wall has a thin white frame all around it. Do you get my drift? Perhaps you could put masking tape on the boxing in and paint up to the masking tape which would leave a thin white strip at the top which nobody would ever notice. Am I making sense? It worked for me anyway (I can show you a photo if what I am saying isn't clear). Mmmmmmm, looking back at your photo I see that you may have already painted to the ceiling though.....

    Yes to the wallpaper. It's yellow too which is very good in my book. I'd paint the trimming too. xx

  12. Yes to wallpaper and paint - go for it! Can't wait to see it finished!

  13. It's lovely to be asked :)

    I would say yes to painting the trims and no to the wallpaper. However if you are veering towards adding the wallpaper, I agree it is a really good idea to do the decorating first then try it out visually before committing.

    It's so much fun to see the project in progress. The bulkhead looks great painted dark and that wooden floor is beautiful. xxx

  14. Exciting plans! Wallpaper scares me as a home project. I feel I would hang it lopsided.

  15. Hi Kylie here's my 10 cents - while I love the wallpaper, I think it might be a bit full on, and also being above your sink it will get splashed, or do you have tiles along there, I couldn't tell. On your moodboard thingy what is the black, white, grey fabric for? I love that and if it was wallpaper I'd have said yes! S:)

  16. That's a yes to the wallpaper. That's its purpose! Free it! HAve you thought of chipping-up the tiles and replacing them with new ones? The kitchen is looking great. I didn't understand the cupboard trim question, so won't answer that one.

  17. I say yes to painting all the oak. I think I'd even paint the back of the open section behind the canisters white and the sides Dark Night. As for the wallpaper, I think it might be too big a pattern for the short height of the window wall. With the window extending up into that area too, I think it might take a big hunk out of the pattern, and you'd lose the whole trellis effect altogether. How big is the wall where the plates are hanging? Do you have enough wallpaper to put it there? And what about painting the window wall above the white tile the darkest yellow in the wallpaper to tie it all together?

    1. genius!!...a dark yellow wall....oooh that would look good x....yep paint all oak!!...oak be gone!!. and go the extra mile and smash up them tiles and replace....they will annoy you till the ends of the earth! ( I love spending other peoples money!) xx

    2. how about painting the tiles?? x

  18. Hi its me! Thanks for asking. No on wallpaper. The problem is, I don't like wallpaper. You know what my aesthetic is... so this is a predictable answer from me. Maybe work the vintage in with accessories. YES to painting all the oak. That paint is ... dark. GOOD luck!!! That looks ridiculously hard. Thanks for sharing progress pics!

  19. Hi Kylie, yes to paint the whole trim! I like wallpapers but not in the kitchen, because it becomes greasy. We found wallpapers in our house in the kitchen and it was a horrible mess...
    Maybe you could frame a big peace of it and hang it at the wall above your table?!
    Good luck and thanks for sharing your kitchen bitchen ;-))
    xx, Ria

  20. Oh Kylie what these dilemmas do to us, right? Not envying you right now. I really loathe making these final decisions and its hard so lets hope answers will help. Yikes for spilling paint, not good! Now, I really love the wallpaper, but not sure it is a good idea for the kitchen, steam, moisture and all that?! Love the yellow colours with the black though and maybe doing a little stencilling with the same pattern would look FAB! I would definitely paint the whole trim, I reckon it will look really weird if you don't. The other option for using the wallpaper is maybe to get some cheap lampshades and covering them in the wallpaper? Anyways, that's it from me dear, hope you manage to make these decisions. Sending buckets of courage your way! xoxo

  21. Oh sweet you are right in boots and all......I am lucky my dads a painter and decorator......Warrens is really good with a paint brush in his hands too.
    EEeekkkk you poor thing dropping the paint pot.
    The wallpaper is great but I would leave it till last I think and then pin a strip up to see the effect.
    It's going to look great when you finish.
    Love V

  22. Goodness where to start after all these wonderful comments. Firstly, tipping entire tins of paint off ladders is completely my forte too! Now as for the trim, would definitely paint or you make a whole lot of tasmanian oak feature rectangles (which could also look quite interesting if intended that way). Secondly love your ceilings but can see how totally suckful it would be to paint up to them, perhaps try a teeny tiny kids art paintbrush instead to give you more control. Thirdly I too love that wallpaper but just wonder if having such a small area above the tiles and the cutout of the window is not the best spot for it. What about on the end wall of your new pantry as a long linear feature instead? Looking forward to seeing what you create, it is going to be beautiful, love the colours in your mood board thingy too. mel x

  23. Can't wait to see what you do!
    re the wallpaper, I would have a little group of say 5 -7 different sized frames, round, oval, whatever, on that window wall all around the window, as a feature, with the wall paper IN them, maybe with the frames painted the dark shade.... they could be mixed up with the black and white plates moved over from the other wall. Keep the background wall white.

  24. Yay to the wallpaper, it's gorgeous. Wish I had a pic of the kitchen wallpaper I grew up with, it was green and blue, loud and over every wall in the kitchen. Probably helped disguise kid splatter. Sorry can't help with tips on painting along the ceiling, lucky you to have it though. Eating takeaway?

  25. Hi Kylie - it was lovely having a visit from you again - I've been so erratic about anything blog related recently - and I'm still on a borrowed pc as my broken one is not yet replaced! I keep thinking I'm lucky I managed to complete your retro corner linky - I just finished it before my laptop woes! Looks like you have quite a big project on the go there. I'm going to go against the advice of the majority and say 'step away from the wallpaper!' - seriously I think it will be too much and overwhelm the clean lines you have now. As for the painting - I'll leave that one up to you but I think I'd be tempted to paint myself! x

  26. I'm with Lea and Mel on the wallpaper, keep the wall simple and white. Definitely paint the whole cupboard as I think all the rectangles will look too busy. Loving your little plate wall on the side there and you know my love for pressed tin ceilings, gorgeous. Can't wait to see the big reveal. Maybe a big oak pendant will look better than the lighting you have many choices but lots of fun....x

  27. I'm with Dana, love the wall paper but also unsure if the scale of pattern will wok? The wall paper is the perfect colour palette to go with 'dark night''s looking so good lady! xx