Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flower Power

On Friday I bought myself a bunch of flowers from a proper florist (not a supermarket or a petrol station!) This self indulgent, extravagant behaviour is unheard of round here. I love flowers - I just don't buy them for me.

The flowers I plonk in a vase are usually picked locally, or cobbled together from bits and pieces in our own garden. (I've been known to stick pretty weeds in a jar when the pickings are slim) 

Our house looks like a bomb's hit it at the moment.
(here comes a long-winded justification for my floral splurge.
Splurge because that's 45 bucks worth of flowers in that vase!) 
Enamel paint
(hideous stuff, but I couldn't avoid using it. I tried to convince myself water-based would be fine, but in my heart I'd knew I'd regret taking the easy way out down the track. The 'good angel' won that battle)
takes ages to dry. The bits I'm painting will have four coats by the time I'm finished. 24 hours between coats, that's a lot of me screaming like a banshee at anyone brave/stupid enough to venture into the kitchen!
(even the dog, and he usually gets away with murder because he's so cute)
While I paint and wait (and repeat the process over and over and over again!), the contents of the cupboards that I dumped in piles on every available surface, are tottering dangerously. No-one can find anything. We've been eating cr**. I've been drinking instant coffee. Etc. If you've renovated before, you know what it's like, but no-one put a gun to my head to do this, so I'll stop whinging now. 
Anyway back to those flowers. What I've been trying not so eloquently to say is this: as soon as I got home and popped them in a vase I felt happy. Four days have passed and they're still making me happy. I said it with flowers to myself, and it feels good (and I will probably do it again)  

Irish Bells - I love them.
(does anyone know if you can get seeds for these here?)

I found this little fellow in an op-shop across the road from the paint shop (I'm always in the paint shop these days, hardly ever in an op-shop). I used to hate stuff like this. In the olden days, I used to think it was (whisper) tacky. I think my taste has matured. Ha-ha!

In Chinese culture cranes represent happiness and a soaring spirit, an appropriate find: I've smashed that tricky cutting-in (thanks Loo), mastered enamel (not a brush stroke in sight!), found some lovely new knobs (thanks Sue), happy days and soaring spirits are just around the corner! 

lovely new knob here .






  1. Kylie when can we see it!!!!

    waiting impatiently....Daisy x

  2. I grew some Irish Bells in my old garden years ago. I know I had the seeds hanging around for ages, so I know we can get them here. Send me your address and I will send you some seeds. I see you have freesias, roses and lilies too - it must smell heavenly. Flowers always make me happy.

    It's a torturous process. Kitchens are the worst because you always have to eat. I know the frustration you describe and it makes me ratty too. It will be worth it and I can't wait for the great unveiling. Your little crane is really sweet and I love the symbolism. Keep going Kylie!! xxxx

  3. The new knob is fantastic. Is it bamboo? Are you planning some super cool big wooden pendant over the table? I bet you have some amazing ideas that you're holding out on us. :)

    I'm glad you bought flowers for yourself. Renovation can be so stressful, and you have to be good to yourself or you'll go nuts!

    Trust me, I remember how it drove me crazy to have things piled up all over the house, but it will be over soon, and you'll have a gorgeous new kitchen to love.

  4. Beautiful flowers - always good to treat yourself!

    Looking forward to seeing the renovation. :)

  5. Oh Kylie, I know excactly what you're going through right now!!! Renovating the kitchen while living in the house is pure chaos, it's so hard to compensate that room! But the good thing is, once you have that gorgeous new kitchen of yours it will immediately be forgotten and everything is pure joy:-)
    It's looking so promising, Kylie, those knobs are to die for- I love them! It's a good thing you treated yourself to some flowers, they are stunning:-) Good luck, can't wait to see!xxx

  6. $45 for some self love and happy vibes. def money well spent. do I spy jonquils?...or is it something bigger?. the irish bells are fab. and love the new knobs....cant wait for the reveal...oh and please treat yourself to a real coffee!! Al x

  7. Your knob is smashing. Your flowers are divine. I never buy them either, and they're rarely bought for me unless I completely lose it! I have to agree with our pal Tove ... once that kitchen is done, you'll look back and laugh! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  8. OH i love these flowers! even the vase is very beautiful! http://www.studyart.com.au

  9. Lovely to get back to your blog .... renovations >.< Worth it x

  10. Oh I think going to a florist and buying a beautiful bunch of flowers is one very special thing to do for yourself.................it truly makes your heart sing.
    I am like you sweet I will hunt out anything most weeks just to pop it into a vase.
    Perfect timing to have something so pretty in a vase when you have a crazy mess in the kitchen.........a place to stop smell the flowers and breathe.
    All this hard work will be amazing when it's all done..........when it is you must go and get a very very large of flowers to celebrate.
    Love V

  11. Nice one Kylie. I used to be against birds like that too. Seemed kind of nana-ery /Copperart-esque but I am looking at them more too. Especially cranes and flamingos. Can be quite elegant. I love the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper & fabric designs especially.

  12. Nothing quite like splurging in expensive but beautuful fleurs, it's guilt ridden but oh so naughty and nice! Nothing quite hits the spot like some beautuful flowers in the house, I know for me it certainly lifts the spirit. Not sure it provides quite the adrenal rush that the neighbourhood collections bring :-). The cupboards looking amazing. Can't wait to see how it end up blogging that knob!! (:-)). Ps do you have a shop? Thanks for always leaving such lovely comments over at mine xoxo

  13. On payday I buy some fresh florist blooms, gets me through the fortnight! Yours are lovely and have made me smile too! I can't wait to see the kitchen!!!!!! xx

  14. My goodness, you and the other DIY/interiors bloggers I read make me feel sooooo lazy! You have such energy and patience and perseverance, I could never be bothered with all that. Which is why our house is a dump, but there you go...
    I love some fresh flowers, still admiring the bunch I got given at school, they are a very simple pleasure (and can be cheap - you spent HOW much, Kylie?! Though they are beautiful.) And your little crane is very elegant, not tacky at all.
    Now - get back to the painting, love! xxxxxx

  15. I'm not a flower buyer, but am tempted to pop in to one of the local florists at the moment. the garden here is pretty bare and I love a vase of flowers or two around the house.
    love the new knobs, well chosen. x

  16. Lovely flowers Kylie - and as 'they' say "you are worth it" : )

  17. I quite often buy myself flowers whilst at the supermarket, I love fresh flowers in the house :)

  18. Love your crane (not at all tacky) and your flowers, Well worth shelling out for though for the cheery-up factor.
    I painted umpteen replacement kitchen cupboard doors with 3 coats of eggshell once, so I know your pain.

  19. Nicely done. Love that bouquet. We have an outdoor marketing on Saturday and I have been known to FREQUENTLY buy flowers. Am I a naughty girl... and I love using the Irish Bells. They usually have them whenever their season is. I admire your do-it-yourself project. I honestly don't have the patience and make QUITE a mess. Too fast... So until I save up, NOTHING gets done. NOTHING.

  20. I think it is win win...you are keeping those lovely little florist in business and they are calming your soul......what a pain with the paint. xxxx

  21. It was money well spent then, if you're still getting enjoyment from them four days on. Much better than booze which is what I buy to cheer myself up. Your renos will be over before you know it.xx

  22. I had a phase of withdrawal after all the hospital and home visits last year. I became dependant on fresh and fabulous flowers and kept sneaking them into the car when I thought no one was looking. I developed quite the extravagant habit then it just stopped. Thanks for reminding me to resume! You've also given me the yen to paint a chair again. WHere'd that come from?

  23. You and I MUST be twins...of the universe anyway....I also splurged and bought myself $50 worth of flowers this week. I adore fresh flowers inside, they do something to me on a spiritual level. The prompt was a flower arranging tutorial I pinned and I just had to try it out. My justification for buying them as far as Craig is concerned....it was our anniversary. Yehp! Many ways to a justification....

  24. Oh I adore the knob the of choice. Fabulous taste Miss Kylie. I am a flower buyer. We have a beautiful florist across the road from the kids school that I like to visit when my roses aren't blooming.