Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Picked locally"...

while walking the dog.

(in other words, I've been doing a bit of friendly neighbourhood pruning again!)

(I think?)

Please note, I didn't pilfer these from private gardens, they are council plantings - free for the picking (in my opinion. Yours?) As I said to Anth (as he walked away from me nonchalantly - pretending not to know me, and refusing to sully his hands with with what he called my criminal activities) "we pay our rates, we're entitled!"

Anyway "pruning is necessary for optimum plant growth and flower yeild" It says so here, at Agwest, and they know their stuff.

(believe me if I could buy them close to home in their natural state, I would. The Banksias at our local florist have all had the misfortune of being stuck in buckets of dye. If I wanted purple/hot pink flowers I'd buy Irises or Gerbera's or something!)

The Brown Pot, Margaret Preston, 1940.

I love this painting. Image and more here

I hope you are having a nice weekend, it's a bit chilly here in Perth today x


  1. that is a fantastic painting. i'm not familiar with banksia's, though the name rings a bell-they look like hairbrushes to me! and a happy weekend to you too lovely x

  2. Your little steal looking rather good in your new pottery. I grew up with Banksia's around in SA but I remember them to be more orange in colour (maybe that's just me getting old!). They alwaysade me think of hair curlers, don't ask why?! Who on their right mind would want to dye them?? I always have the same discussion withy doh about local council flower supplies, so make sure to enjoy them!! Like the brown pot pic xoxo

  3. I think it's okay as long as you don't tell anyone ;) (Can't believe I'm making punctuation faces - comes to us all in the end!)
    Cool painting!

  4. I don´t even know, that this plant exist...
    But I love your pottery and your second(?) credenza.
    Wish you a nice weekend. By the way, I always pic some flowers on my ways, too and my whole family became this face full of shame ;-)

  5. Those are the coolest flowers I've ever seen. Like Ria, I didn't even know they existed. The painting is cool too. I totally mortified my daughter when she was a teenager by picking flowers (through the fence) at author Anne Rice's house in New Orleans, and I have my eye on some iris in a vacant lot for sale across the street. I'm absolutely sure they need 2 a.m. some night. :)

  6. You do have an incredible eye for the most unusual things. It would never have occurred to me to helpfully prune these plants as cut flowers. You are as conscientious as you are stylish.

    My mother used to do this all the time, but she was less fussy about the distinction between private and public territory. I know that walk Anth did well, as I practised it a few times myself! xxx

  7. That's so striking Kylie! Really love that. And the vase is perfect for it.

    And how civic-minded of you to help out with keeping the local flora well-groomed. They should be paying you! ;)

  8. Bold pilfering, nothing discrete about a handful of banksias! I just noticed one in our garden, this is only our second winter here, and it's quite hidden. They flower when there is not much else out, and I love how our native tui birds feed on them. We had quite a big one at our last place. They must be quite hardy if they can grow over the ditch (not sure which variety we have, it's quite a yellow flower) as I don't think your chilly can compete with ours! S:)

  9. Oh..hubby and I love pruning our neighbourhood! That vase youve chosen is lovely.

  10. i LOVE these, both naturally dry (?) and painted!
    to me they look just SO exotic!
    anthony's reaction being so recognizable. don't tell him.

  11. I always see sprigs of foliage and pretty flowers while walking but am not game enough to pick them.
    The banksias are stunning, and will last for weeks still looking great.

  12. Is that what they are! I saw them growing close to the opera house in Sydney harbour and had no idea what they were. I think May Gibbs used them in some of her book illustrations?

  13. I did my own spot of roadside banksia pilfering this week. Too hard to resist!

    Yours look lovely in that vase.


  14. Fine with me. They are stunning. And I was just admiring another Margaret Preston painting in the art gallery myself today. Spooky.

  15. Public pruning is a civic duty, isn't it? Nothing to worry about - and don't they look grand in your pot? Lovely painting too. xxx

  16. Nice Banksia! ...nice new blog! xx

  17. lovely arrangement of your free flowers! of course they are
    'yours' if your rates are paid up.
    Lovely Margaret Preston, one I'd not seen before. I love her artworks.

  18. In my opinion the council-planted bits are there for everyone's enjoyment and it's not such a bad thing that some of them have ended up in a lovely vase chez Kylie! The point of planting them in the first place is for them to be admired :-)

    Jem xXx

  19. Hi Kylie, sorry I haven't been around for a while. Your posts always make me smile, I can just see Anth pretending not to know you while pruning the natives, he.

    Happy belated anniversary, not sure if I sent wishes already or not. I have been having a little break.

    Hope you are all well, Tam x

  20. OOOH! AAAH! I like your new look. Is it new? Am I behind the times?

    I love your flowers. I love your colouring choices. I love your taste in art. Dammit. I love you.

  21. Very cool! And Respect. You're a true citizen to prune the municipal gardens! xx

  22. Those plants!! Wow!! On a similar note, I got "caught" today taking pictures of a neighbor's mimosa! I wasn't doing anything wrong, and I was really at the edge of the road and not on his property, but I felt so criminal! LOL.